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This is a page where users can suggest and discuss new ideas for The Wiki Fire. With your help, the site will never get stale.

Versions in other languages

It is easily possible for The Wiki Fire to be in other languages than just English.


Is a great way for students to practice their foreign languages or foreign language students to get an escape from English.


Would be very difficult to police for libel or other harmful statements.

Collaborative literary magazine

It could be an entertaining, interesting and possibly educational experience to try to work on writing a piece of literature in a collaborative setting. This could exist in parallel to the encyclopedia. For examples of this already in work, see.

Not all features in this literary magazine would have to be written in a collaborative setting. There could be a live workshop in which someone posts a piece they are working on, and other students read and comment on it. the only problem is that anything released on this site becomes available through a Creative Commons license. That should not really be a problem, though.