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Hi. I'm Jake Hebert ('05), and this is my user page.

At Knox[edit]

Sigma Nu[edit]

Jake was a member of Sigma Nu. He served as House Manager, IFC Representative, and Alumni Relations Chairman.

As an Alumni, Jake serves as the Chapter Advisor.

Theatre Credits[edit]

Jake was a Theatre Major.

Acting Credits[edit]


  • Lighting Designer, Spring 2004 Formal Dance Concert (anyone remember the name?)
  • Scenic Designer, Eastern Standard
  • Lighting Designer, Spring 2005 Formal Dance Concert (see above...)



Life After Knox[edit]

Jake's job is to scan documents for a re-insurance company. So, he has lots of time in front of the computer for the Wikifire.

His professional Theatre credits:

On The Wikifire[edit]

He is an excellent addition to this site, and understands the goal it looks to achieve Tfooq 14:42, 9 May 2007 (CDT)

Jake's not much of a writer, so he mostly likes to clean up and organize other people's contributions to the WikiFire.