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Hey, Brian. I really appreciate you looking out for the site like that. For future reference, the easiest way to roll changes back is to go to the recent changes page, look at the first change the user made to a page, and click "last". This will take you to a screen that compares the user's first change with the one before it (the one we most likely want to keep). Click edit on the page you want, then save the page. This will remove all changes that took place after that point. I am making you a sysop right now, which will give you the privilege to block users. We cannot block on-campus IPs forever because the school only has a handful of them which we all share. However, in a situation like that, it is totally cool to block the IP for like a half hour or something. Hopefully the user will get bored of trying to get in and go away. As a sysop, you can also protect certain pages and edit pages that have been protected by others. You can also delete pages and images. So, yeah. Thanks again, buddy. I'll tell you about my theories on the senate "cheating" later.Tfooq 22:37, 18 May 2007 (CDT)

class pages[edit]

did you write all those pages yourself (excluding the parts in quotes, of course)? They are pretty good. We should come up with some standards for these pages, though. For example, people will want to talk shit about a course if they are mad about it, and we need to be careful there. At the same time, Knox has a bunch of really shitty classes and they should be called out before they do more educational harm ... I'll start a thread on the code of ethics talk. Tfooq 14:13, 23 June 2007 (CDT)

Sample Courses Template[edit]

Here's the rough draft course template. It follows the format I've used, with a couple of minor exceptions (the text listing format, for instance). It's probably best to comment on it at The_Wiki_Fire_talk:Code_of_Ethics#Pages_about_courses, where the rest of the discussion is.

NOTE: Template has been moved to production at Template: Course Pages

Hey you put "m" for comments on your edit to flunk day truth. What does that mean? Also, do you know what happened to the flier with Satan in it? People gotta know the truth. Flunk Day is one of the Great Deceiver's lies.

You mean like the bolded "m" to the left of the article name on the Recent Changes listing? That just means it's a minor edit. Also, I never saw the Satan poster. Camozzi 10:34, 3 May 2008 (CDT)