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I am going to launch a redesign of the front page (found at Redesign:Main Page) for tomorrow, when I will be sending out an all-campus e-mail about the site. I am writing on all the editors' talk pages so I can get their thoughts and changes. Check it out and make changes as you see fit. Let me know if it is good or bad.Tfooq 19:11, 13 May 2007 (CDT)


yeah, could you? thanks, man.


Our First Vandal[edit]

To: all sysops. - The Wiki Fire has had a coming of age today. It had it's first big vandal. An anonymous user started deleting content and drawing penises on pages and things like that. Brian Camozzi caught it and alerted me. He and Andy Fitz worked to fix the problems and all changes have been rolled back. As sysops, you all have the privilege to ban users and IPs. The problem is that Knox only has a handful of IPs, so we cannot really ban IPs like other wikis can. However, if vandalism is in progress, you can ban that IP to see if the user gets bored and goes away. Just remember to unblock it after a half hour or something. Anyway, the site is entering puberty, so be on the look out for irrational emotional outbursts.Tfooq 22:59, 18 May 2007 (CDT)


so, i figured out that bots do not get on the recent changes list ... oops. haha

I removed your bot status. I don't know why I made us that. Kind of strange. I guess i want going to figure out what it did, and i guess I just did.

anyway, that's why you ain't no bot no more. This way I can watch you ... hahaha. Tfooq 02:51, 22 May 2007 (CDT)

Katelyn's to do's[edit]

Hey Dumpy Baby, So I discovered thewikifire and I believe all of the following subjects to be article worthy so get writing!!!! Mass Matt, breakfast night, townies, the taco hideout, the mini fridge, r.i.p. the domestic violence house, true reality house, dumpy babies, drive through smoke shop, big gay conf., brian cason's green gas card, bladu, clogs and flip flops, heat lamps, the wilson house, gators, gwst majors, streaking the bowl, and the dessert cubby in the caf. Just some ideas! P.S. - way to be awesome doll!