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The first apartment on the left when one enters the Yellows apartment building.

Has long been home to Improv Club members and was the unofficial improv house for the 2013-2014 school year.

Was where Trevor Marshall became T-Spillz and where the first annual "CaseyFace" Scavenger Hunt was judged.

Has a couch where people can crash that is considered by some to be the most comfortable couch.

Previous and Current Improv-Related "Residents" of Yellows 1[edit]

- Katy Sutcliffe
- Amy Miller
- Casey Samoore
- Isaac Miller
- Mark farrell
- Ryan Cuscaden
- John Budding
- Katie Greve

"In Yellows 1, the problems don't fix"[edit]

Whether or not this quote, coined by Carly Berinstein, is entirely true, it can at least be supported by some evidence:

The Coffee Table: "It has character." The coffee table in Yellows 1 is a long, wooden affair. It was a normal, useful table until it was broken when John Budding tickled Mark farrell and he fell on it. At this point, one set of legs separated from the table and caused it to suddenly become an inclined plane whenever it was bumped. The table was used many times from 2011-2013, despite its tendency to suddenly spill everything when bumped. In the Spring of 2013, when it was being determined whether or not Yellows 1 should get a new coffee table, Casey Samoore fought for the table's survival and argued that it could not be thrown out. Because of this (and lack of funds), the coffee table was not thrown out. In the Summer of 2013, John Budding claimed that he had found a way to make the table more sturdy by placing the legs a certain way, which may have contributed to the table's continued usefulness during this time. In September 2013 Katie Greve taped the legs on with duct tape, which may or may not continue to hold.

The Black Mold: In 2012, it was speculated that there may be black mold growing in the bathroom. Many problems have been attributed to this, including Isaac Miller's sleepiness, the residents' occasional loss of funniness (this is not a frequent occurrence), the smells of Yellows 1, Katie Greve's sinus infections, fuzziness of the brain, general mind control, and a theory that there is no Yellows 1 at all, just an illusory apartment created by the black mold as it grows inside the brains of the "residents".

The Bathroom Ceiling: The Yellows 1 bathroom ceiling began caving in during the Summer of 2012. In November of 2013, the ceiling leaked a large amount of water and the Lord of the Land was called in. The ceiling was "fixed", closing the gaping hole. The ceiling then proceeded to leak again several days later and continues to collapse as of 11/25/13.

The Front Door: The front door of the apartment does not latch. To keep the door closed it must be locked. The bathroom door, however, latches as of November 2013.

The Sun Room: The Sun Room is made of many windows and is very cold. Brr. Space heaters are currently at work to help this problem fix.

The Chairs: There are many chairs in Yellows 1, none of which match. Many of them should probably be put out of their misery. These chairs include a spinning armchair that is not actually attached to its base (Katie Greve and John Budding like this one), an orange chair with one arm rest missing, a wooden chair that shows no damage but could be rotting from the inside, a wooden chair that was losing pieces of its back until it was put out of its misery in early 2013, and a couple of stools, which are actually in really good condition. So to speak, though, most of the chairs in Yellows 1 are on their "last legs".

The Fake Drawer: In 2012, Nick Sheridan visited Yellows 1 and had many a tickle fight with Casey Samoore. At one point during the night, Nick was heard in the kitchen saying "I done goofed". Upon inspection, it was found that, thinking the drawer below the sink was the place in which the Yellows 1 silverware was kept, he had pulled upon the drawer below the sink. Alas, the drawer below the sink was not a drawer at all. The "decorative" "drawer" was pulled out of its place and exposed for the lie that it was. This problem has since been "fixed".

The Stuff: There is a lot of stuff that is in the Yellows 1 apartment that does not actually belong to its current residents. As of the end of 2013, Katie Greve, John Budding, and Ryan Cuscaden are still trying to determine what is and what is not actually theirs. (Much of the stuff is suspected to belong to Isaac Miller, especially everything in the second hall closet.)