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Zine Club! was started in 2007-08 as a resource club for students to make their own zines, providing support, materials, and knowledge for publication. Zine Club! hosts workshops and works with other groups to make community zines such as the Off Knox Artsplosion zine, "Off Art". Zine Club! also maintains the Galesburg Illinois Zine LIbrary located in the Seymour Library. If you would like to submit a zine or have questions for Zine Club! you can email them at knoxzineclub@gmail.com

Zine Club has gone in and out of being a thing but it is back lately, and the new president of Zine Club is Carolyn Dussault, '16. She's the coolest and Zine club still rules. Hopefully future students will continue Zine Club!'s legacy!

ZIne Club! in the news http://www.theknoxstudent.com/newsroom/mosaic/building-zine-library/

(and yes, it is spelled with an exclamation point, we're just that excited about our zines.)