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Graham is too sexy for his shirt, too sexy for his shirt, so sexy it hurts.

[edit] Mess

Graham is incredibly messy. His room is ridiculous and it is hard to walk. His roommate Tom Fucoloro still thinks he's really great, though. So does his sort-of ex-girlfriend Brianna Whitney. He is also currently married to Courtney Meaker, but they're breaking up while he's abroad. Now that he's back though, he's hoping he can rekindle things.

Recent reports, however, indicate that Graham is in the process of cleaning his room, and was temporarily diverted from the task by editing The Wiki Fire.

His room is also in a notably better state than the living room of his apartment, which is messy through no fault of his own.

[edit] Hospitality

When Maddi Weiland visited Knox as a prospective student in March of 2005, she spent all her time with Graham. Activities included walking up every flight of twisty stairs in Seymour Library and climbing out the Seymour 2 bathroom to walk around on the roof and spy on the parents eating their special dinner, which was probably in the Lincoln Room.

According to Maddi, his room was pretty messy then, too.

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