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Lets be fair here, The Beta Theta Pi Fraternity is friendly, courteous, and has so much alumni money that the school doesn't want to touch them. They literally went and helped out a TKE who yelled at some fijis out of his window and nobody did anything. There ARE some bad individuals, like every single fraternity on campus, who are members of that organization.. but as a group they are quite a cornerstone on Knox Campus.

Their house is located across from TKE and near the library. Stereotypically they are known as the jock frat because many Betas play football and some other sports. This stereotype is often but not universally true, as evidenced by their president Jackson Faulkner, who neither plays football nor lives up to their stereotype. They can often be found on their porch grilling, drinking, and inflicting their musical taste on those nearby. The Xi Chapter of Beta Theta Pi is the first fraternity to exist on the Knox College campus, and it is also the first fraternity established in Illinois.

At 9:00 on the evening of the eighth day of the eighth month of the year 1839, eight earnest young men, all students at Miami University, held the first meeting of Beta Theta Pi in the Hall of the Union Literary Society, an upper room in the old college building (known as "Old Main.") The eight founders in the order in which their names appear in the minutes were: John Reily Knox, 1839 Samuel Taylor Marshall, 1840 David Linton, 1839 James George Smith, 1840 Charles Henry Hardin, 1841 John Holt Duncan, 1840 Michael Clarkson Ryan, 1839 Thomas Boston Gordon, 1840 "of ever honored memory"