Big Johns Silver Dollar Saloon

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Big John's on a Saturday Night.

Located conveniently next to La Mesa on Main St, just east of Academy St, Big John's Silver Dollar Saloon is known for its karaoke stage and dance floor.

Notable events[edit]

During the course of Alan Yi's 21st birthday at the Silver Dollar, a very shy and dorky late 30s/early 40s local man took the stage and, in a timid voice, asked the audience if they liked disco. Soon thereafter, he embarked on the stunning tour de force that is the Bee Gees "Tragedy." At times, it was unclear whether or not the voice heard over the speakers was indeed that of the man or if it instead belonged to a prepubescent girl. Truly a stunning experience, and the best falsetto I've heard.


(309) 343-9241 240 W Main St Galesburg, IL

<googlemap lat="40.94532" lon="-90.372612" type="map" zoom="16"> 40.947517, -90.374902, 240 W Main St Galesburg, IL </googlemap>