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Fred Hord has been a professor of Black Studies at Knox from 1988 to the present. He is currently the chair of the Black Studies Program. Hord has taught courses including Introduction to Black Studies and Introduction to African Studies.

Association for Black Cultural Centers[edit]

Hord founded the Association for Black Cultural Centers in 1987 and now serves as the organization's executive director. While the ABCC was headquartered at Knox for some time, it is now located at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina.


Some confusion exists as to whether Dr. Hord is currently at Knox. While he is listed as a faculty member on the Knox website, he is also affiliated with NC State in some capacity (according to the ABCC). Anyone who can provide further information as to Dr. Hord's whereabouts is urged to come forward.

Dr. Hord has returned to Knox!

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