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The Friars formed around 1920 as a male response to Mortar Board, which was for female students only. Today, the Friars are students, mostly seniors, who wake up the campus at 6 a.m. on Flunk Day.


The Friars were supposed to be the most capable males students of that year. However, from its conception, the group was accused of only selecting Greek males. After a few years of being elected by the student body, the Friars began to elect the next year's members themselves. After years, all the Friars did was elect the next year's group.

Flunk Day[edit]

Today, the Friars wake up the campus at 6 a.m. Flunk Day. Before this year, they were taken to Lake Storey by the Flunk Day planners to get drunk. They would be brought back and released into the campus to yell and whistle and drink more.

It was announced, however, that the 2007 Friars will not be taken out to drink beforehand. Instead, they will be notified 15 minutes before the start of the events.