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The daily newspaper of Galesburg, IL.[1] Tom Martin, the paper's editor-in-chief, teaches a class at Knox every year, and publishes the best of his students' work in the Register-Mail so they can use the articles for clips when they're trying to find jobs or internships.


The Register-Mail, formerly owned by Copley, was purchased by GateHouse Media, Inc., the company that owns The Paper and the Peoria Journal-Star, April 11, 2007. This is a strong blow to Galesburg free media, as GateHouse has a strong history of gutting paper staffs and overworking their printing presses. It also removes what competition there might have been between The Paper and the Register-Mail.

Publisher steps down[edit]

Don Cooper has stepped down as publisher of The Register-Mail, reportedly surprising staff with the announcement.

New Web site[edit]

They have a snazzy new Web site, but for some reason they moved to was a great domain name. I mean, who uses hyphens in a URL? That was awesome.

The new Web site is easier on the eyes, and they are going to focus more on multimedia, especially video.


The new site seems to have lost the online archive that they had going. This will make citations on The Wiki Fire difficult until they get it back up.


  1. The Register-Mail the daily newspaper of Galesburg, IL.