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TKE crest
The TKE house from South Street
The south side of the TKE house. Photo by Andy Fitz.

Tau Kappa Epsilon (ΤΚΕ or Teke) was founded January 10th, 1899 at Illinois Wesleyan University. It is the largest social fraternity in the United States with 274 active chapters and over and has reached over 250,000 lifetime members. TKE’s mission is to aid men in their mental, moral, and development for life. TKE contributes to the advancement of society through the personal growth of it's members and service to others.[1].

The Delta Chapter[edit]

The TKE Delta chapter of Knox College was founded in 1912 and is the fourth oldest TKE chapter. The Delta chapter is often called the "Bastard chapter" among other TKE chapters for breaking the geographical triangle the first three TKE chapters created, which holds great symbolic meaning to the fraternity. The chapter is also home of the world's oldest TKE house, and one of the oldest fraternity houses in the world. During the 2011-2012 school year the Delta TEKES of Knox will be celebrating their 100th anniversary. The TEKES of Knox College pride themselves on having a closer relationship among brothers than any other fraternity on campus. In recent years TKE has had the distinction of having the most international student members, becoming one of the most diverse houses on campus. TKE also holds a very high level of leadership in Student Senate, holding four executive positions and seven total positions in Senate during the 2014-2015 year, and three and six in the next year respectively. Every Fall TEKES young and old from the Delta chapter come together for homecoming and take part in an annual pig roast. Each Spring TKE hosts a spring homecoming, where alumni and particularly recent graduates come back for a weekend to regale newly activated members with tales of (alleged) debauchery.


Annual TKE parties include: Lucid, Notorious T.K.E., High Society, Graffiti and Red Carnation Ball


Prytanis (President)[edit]

<properties> Yuta Aoshima=2016-2017 Giovanne Jaimes=2014-2015 Nick Tolman=2013-2014 Nick Tolman=2012-2013 Zach Paluch=2011-2012 Dan Hintz=2010-2011 Dan Pers=2008-2009 Pat Dodge=2007-2008 Louis Munoz=2006-2007 Mike Truchon=2006 Joe Haney=2005-2006 Aaron Kimball=2004-2005 Mike Boettcher=2003-2004 </properties>

Epiprytanis (Vice-President)[edit]

<properties> Ganesh Uppulapu=2015-2016 Nyanwin=2014-2015 Erik Stephenson=2013-2014 Olaloye Oyedotun=2012-2013 Andrew Kunsak=2011-2012 Zach Paluch=2010-2011 Zack Lazar=2007-2008 Patrick Herlihey=2006-2007 Jake Marcet=2005-2006 Drew Parsons=2004-2005 Aaron Kimball=2003-2004 </properties>

Grammateus (Secretary)[edit]

<properties> David Levy=2015-2016 Josh Voravong=2013-2014 Ed Allen=2012-2013 Alex Kamins=2011-2012 Oscar Jimenez=2010-2011 Bobby Shternberg=2009=2010 David Footle=2007-2008 Matt Bauman=2006-2007 Michael Caplan=2005-2006 Clark Smith=2004-2005 Drew Parsons=2003-2004 </properties>

Crysophylos (Treasurer)[edit]

<properties> Max Wallace=2016-2017 Max Wallace=2015-2016 Rahil Savani=2014-2015 Ed Allen=2013-2014 Robert Porter=2012-2013 Bobby Shternberg=2011-2012 Bobby Shternberg=2010-2011 Dan Pers=2007-2008 Mike Marshall=2006-2007 Mike Marshall=2005-2006 Prateek Bansal=2004-2005 John Franklin=2003-2004 </properties>

Histor (Historian)[edit]

<properties> McCade Tomzack=2020-2021 Josh Kuntz=2015-2016 Jonathan Grant=2014-2015 Arturo Rossi=2013-2014 Robert Chico=2012-2013 Jose Bedoya=2011-2012 Chris Legge=2010-2011 Tim Yee=2007-2008 Alex Argyelan=2007-2008 Pat Dodge=2006-2007 Clark Smith=2005-2006 Gorby=2004-2005 Michael Caplan=2003-2004 </properties>

Hypophetes (Chaplain)[edit]

<properties> David Levy=2016-2017 Carl Voss=2015-2016 Eric Stefenson=2014-2015 Jonathan Vardon=2012-2013 Oscar Jimenez=2011-2012 Robert Porter=2010-2011 David Gilmer=2007-2008 Josh Jackson=2006-2007 Miles Eberle=2005-2006 Michael Caplan=2004-2005 Andrew Caplan=2003-2004 </properties>

Pylortes (Sergent-at-Arms)[edit]

<properties> Mihn Le=2015-2016 Marco Protic=2015-2016 Pawel Rakowski=2014-2015 Alan Tempia=2013-2014 Robert Durgin=2012-2013 Robert Porter=2011-2012 Jose Bedoya=2010-2011 David Footle=[2009-2010]] Adam Soto=2007-2008 Brian Normile=2007-2008 Josh Franklin=2006-2007 Josh Jackson=2005-2006 Joe Haney=2004-2005 Mason Boomershine=2003-2004 </properties>

Hegemon (Pledge Educator)[edit]

<properties> Ganesh Uppalapu=2016-2017 David Valencia=2015-2016 Nick Tolman=2014-2015 Giovanni Jaimes=2013-2014 Zach Paluch=2012-2013 James Wagner=2011-2012 David Fundakowski=2010-2011 David Gilmer=2009-2010 Andres Boyer=2007-2008 Larry Mancini=2006-2007 Andrew Caplan=2005-2006 Neil Gonzales=2004-2005 Matt Kimble=2003-2004 </properties>


TKE Chapter Room
The Rack
TKE Chapter Room
The Rack
The Green Room
The Quad
The Foyer
The Studio
The Waterloo
Basement Kitchen
The Treehouse


TKE brother Patrick Herlihey is cited in a Student Senate meeting 6 March 2007 hinting to the fact that in high rains the TKE house will flood: "I’d like to charge safety and services with finding a way to get rid of all water runoff or at least redirect all the water from TKE to FIJI."