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The official Knox Web site can be found at

Knox maintains a sprawling website containing a large variety of information and resources about the school. The pages have been added over the years, apparently, with little obvious integration. Attempts have been made to impose a clean organization structure, most notably on the set of pages in close proximity to the main page. These attempts have been more or less akin to paving over a bog: the organizational structure includes only some pages, leaving a murky, nebulous multitude of difficult-to-access information, including very useful or interesting pages, below. Most navigators of the web page will at some point fall through the cracks of the prospective-student-centered scheme, which will be rather disorienting. Manypages are incomplete, redundant, or out of date, and there is no sitemap. The search engine feature is often not particularly effective

On 3 June 2007, the link to Clinton's commencement address on the Knox website opened into Obama's address from 2 years ago. Was this a fluke or a planned conspiracy?

Interesting but obscure pages from the website[edit]