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Third Street is a street in Galesburg. It runs east-west, and marks the 900 block south.

The street runs from its western end at Avenue B to its eastern end at Day Street. Third Street has a gap between Broad Street and Kellogg Street where it would cross the Burlington Northern Santa Fe mainline track. In fact, it does cross the tracks using the Third Street Overpass, but the overpass terminates at Fourth Street on its eastern end.

West of Broad Street it is called West Third Street, and east of Broad Street it is called East Third Street.


Third Street is primarily residential, with some industrial at its western end. It is primarily known to Knox students as the street leading to the Third Street Overpass.

Third Street Overpass[edit]

The Third Street Overpass is an automobile and pedestrian bridge crossing the Burlington Northern Santa Fe mainline track, near the northern edge of the Galesburg railyards. It begins on West Third Street and ends on East Fourth Street. It is the main path for student pilgrimages to the Carl Sandburg Birthplace. At night, especially in the fog, it is serene and perhaps a little eerie, with a near-constant rumbling of trains passing below. Many students like to stop and smoke there.