362 South Academy

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Located behind Umbeck Science-Mathematics Center, 362 is a 3 bedroom house usually available through the Housing Lottery. It consists of three floors:

  • The basement, featuring murals by ABLE. Contains a stash of career center signs. Poorly heated, but optimal for questionable activities.
  • The first floor. There is a small kitchen with a fridge/freezer, sink, washing machine and dryer, microwave, stove/oven, and several cupboards and shelves. The washer and dryer are $1.25 per load. The kitchen has a door that leads to the back porch and another door that leads to the basement. The basement stairs also have a door to the back of the house. The dining room has one full wall of built-in shelves, and a large doorway connecting it to the living room, making one large and open living space. These rooms are equipped with the basic dorm suite furniture. A small closet under the stairs has hooks for coats.
  • The second floor has three bedrooms: a single, double, and triple. The single is incredibly small: it has room for a bed, dresser underneath the bed, and desk. A single window is directly above the front door. A wardrobe is included in the room, but if actually put inside the room makes the door impossible to open. The double has a small closet and is located at the front of the house, next to the single. The triple occupies the full length of the back of the house and also has a closet. The bathroom notably features a bathtub.

The house is air conditioned and cleaned regularly by campus staff. All of the floors are at a noticeable slant, and there are holes in the floor that are hidden by the carpet. Recycling is never picked up from this house. There are no close neighbors and campus safety may or may not remember it exists.