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516 South West Street is the large, red-brick house across the street from Four-Name. As old as it is, it's actually in good shape and is decidedly nicer than a lot of the housing on campus. Many of the rooms have ceiling fans, and they have wardrobes instead of built-in closets.

516 was a fraternity house until the 1970s, when the fraternity disbanded due to lack of members. The fraternity in question, Alpha Delta Epsilon, was the fraternity that Roger Taylor was a part of, leading one to believe that he actually lived in 516, though this fact is not commonly known around campus. ADE itself had an interesting past, having originally been Phi Sigma Kappa: the members of the Knox chapter left the national fraternity in 1951 after it forbade the them to pledge a black student, leading them to form ADE. Without a strong base, however, ADE was short-lived.

These days, other benefits of living in an old frat house include urinals. Since there are no men living in 516 as of the 2010-2011 school year, they do not get much use, but prove helpful when someone's male friend with bad aim comes to visit.

516 also has a short-ceilinged, somewhat creepy basement that smells a bit musty, and is home to a dingy kitchen and washer and dryer; the dryer, oddly enough, looks ancient, leading one to wonder if Roger Taylor used that dryer. But probably not. The basement also has a paneled room, the door to which is locked as of the 2010-2011 school year. Rumor has it that Craig Southern didn't appreciate the "activities" that were going on in there in years past (read: sex).

Last but not least, 516 is home to the most vile fire alarm noise on campus. You have to hear it to believe it. If you are a resident, you can probably attest to this.