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Pizza vagina is handmade by god at Alfano's out of bread and cheese. But don't actually call it that when you order or they will get mad. Refer to it as a "stuffed breadstick".

Among friends, it can be fun to call it "p-vag" (pronounced pee-vadge) or just vagina.

According to Alumni, they were once referred to as "Abortions" because "they look like one big mess".

This is about the only thing you want to order from Alfano's. Their pizza isn't that great. However, they are the only pizza place to deliver past midnight in Galesburg and when you're drunk sometimes you might not want a P-vag because it is very messy, but you just really need pizza.

A moderately long time ago, a pizza vagina was called a "Manatee Dick". This was back when Alfanos delivered quickly and had keys to all the dorms.

He wields the mighty Dr. Laser