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Short lived but very beloved house. Most notably known for setting the first fire alarm off on Flunk Day (2021) simply because Adri Perrucci burned donuts in the house.

You can still find the remnants from Harry Potter House, if you look hard enough you'll find the mirror of Erased.

Most of the time you can find members hanging out in the common, but on most weekends in the Spring there will be a barbeque. These typically begin mid-afternoon and usually end with smores and a movie. It's pretty chill.

Puzzle Maniacs, Grace doesn't let any puzzle under 1000 pieces and over 2000 in the house. There is always a puzzle on the kitchen table, unless Adri is planning to cook.

There's always too much ice cream in the fridge.

Season 1 (2020/2021)[edit]

There was a pillow fight where Dakota had her arm fractured by Adri, it was an accident (so they say), nonetheless a trip to the hospital was necessary.

Polar Bear TV was a great addition to the house. Matt found him for sale at the Goodwill for ~40$. Adri originally discouraged the purchase, but Grace made sure Matt went through with it. It was a Hallmark movie after this. The newly adopted TV would later have its own hats and would be used to play Mario Party at 2am.

Had many barbeques to celebrate birthday parties. Including the famous pinata hung from the tree in the grassy area outside.

Created the most horrid concoction for a non-alcoholic drinking game (starbucks cold brew, soy sauce, orange juice, ketchup, and probably more)

Close to winter break upstairs residents heard a weird jingling noise at ~3am prompting a "hey who the fuck is making those noises" text to the groupchat. When the text was answered that morning it was suspected that maybe the ghost of 270 had returned and things were about to get interesting. This prompted a quick search for the noise which included an attic search (which also prompted the attic complaint), nothing was found. Yet a week later "Santa" had brought all of us a squishmallow, our favorite bag of chips, and our favorite soda. (Thankyou Matt)

Season 2 (2021/2022)[edit]

Complained about the attic being a fire hazard and not even a week later Knox sent people to lock it up... WITH 2 DEADBOLTS!! Because of course fire can't exist of you can't see it.

In our lord and saviors year of 2022 the fire alarm went off 5 times in one weekend (3 of which were between 12 am and 4am) and if you ask about the event you'll see the houses members eyes tear up; it was a hard weekend for everyone.

Currently has Halloween decoration on the front because no one wants to go out and take them down.

  • these decorations have been up SINCE HALLOWEEN. They've become sun bleached, and the cobwebbs have gotten all tangled.

Once collected a tire, but was stolen by campus safety (honor board violation?).

Still cant get into basement :(

The Vampire Knight Incident[edit]

Fall of 2021 Adri, Grace, Amy, Miranda, and Dakota were watching Anime when it was discovered Dakota did not actually know the true plot of Vampire Knight. Now if you dont know Vampire Knight is, its an anime from 2008 based off the manga with the same name with a very questionable plot. Subsequently to say the big plot twist is that the Main Female ends up with one of the Main Males who also ends up to be her brother. DAKOTA DID NOT KNOW THIS. So throughout the night we watched the anime till the big twist and Dakota was broken. She was distraught, nothing could save her. To this day she has not gotten over this and if you mention it she will run away.



Once Miranda brought a whole bunch of Pokemon figurines from home to give out and among(us) them was our beloved Quagsire. A game started by Adri, Quagsire is hidden throughout the house and when you find him, you hide him again. His first hiding place was in the freezer. Whoever has Quagsire in the last hiding place is the overall winner.

Current Hider:

  • Adri


A game introduced by Adri that has slowly become one game of BIG BROTHER. You are always being watched and you are only safe in the house. The game started off pretty fun, but has slowly devolved into, "Do I interact with this person, or do I spot them" which has created some controversy in the house

The real surveillance state was the friends we made along the way- Dakota

Current Scoreboard (5/5/22)

  • Ben (20
  • Amy (15)
  • Adri and Izzy (10)

Members of Anime House[edit]


  • Adri
  • Izzy
  • Amy
  • Grace
  • Juan
  • Miles
  • Matt
  • Dakota
  • Miranda

(Where did Juan go? He left us for Beta) (Matt had to graduate I guess...).

PBTV-lost but never forgotten </3


  • Adri
  • Izzy
  • Amy
  • Grace
  • Ben
  • Miles
  • Kendra
  • Dakota
  • Miranda

(It didn't change much).

Where's Anime House for 2023? Currently dissolved because Dean McLean took our house for Culinary and tried to put us in the quads :/

Notable Areas[edit]

Manga and Anime wall[edit]

  • On the white walls in the common area

Y'know how shutterfly does that thing where you get 200 free pictures and you just pay for shipping, well this is just that on a wall. Currently not upkept, they fell off over winter break and people have been to busy to fix it. Determined to have it up for last part of term though.

Simp Wall[edit]

  • Next to the closet in the front hall

Anime is a very important part of our culture (Ryota Mitarai from DangoBango), and so is the Simp wall. Every character house members have ever simped for is on this will. Currently also not up, because we couldn't bear to leave them up over winter break and risk the embarrassment of staff having to remove this if we couldnt come back on time due to Covid-19)

Update this has changed and it is up again a list of characters that are up is coming soon.

Meme Wall[edit]

  • Up the front stairs and straight ahead.

Any wonky shot from an anime, or fanmade meme goes on this wall.