BIOL 210

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At the beginning of BIOL 210, which is a requirement for the biology major and a pre-requisite for being allowed to take any of the interesting upper-level courses, they tell you that this class is going to be fun.

It is a LIE. This class is NOT fun. First off, it is a stats class in disguise. Don't let them trick you. THIS IS A STATS CLASS. You will be doing stats until the END of your DAYS. Second off, they make you grow plants for experiments (or bacteria, if you take it in the winter), and you have approximately less than two weeks to do each experiment. What in god's name can be learned from a plant in two weeks? They hardly have time to sprout! And it's not like these things haven't been done before. The only thing you have the time or knowledge to do are experiments like, "Do plants grow better in the dark or the light?" Small pre-schoolers know plants don't grow in the dark. Now you, too, as a college student paying upwards of forty thousand a year, can discover that plants don't grow in the dark.

...however, it is kind of helpful.