Brent Jackson

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Brent Jackson is the coolest and richest kid in school. When he enters a room, everyone swoons and gets weak in the knees. Though someone of such caliber cannot achieve that level of success without making a few enemies. Brent Jackson is wanted by the Horny Police as well as hated by those who used the power of friendship to vanquish him. Though it is impossible to kill Brent Jackson, for he is too cool for death. It was a mere two weeks before he rose again to take revenge on those who dared to oppose him. If you ever have the pleasure or displeasure of meeting the famed Brent Jackson, you must remain calm. Distract him with some slam poetry or by asking him about his political opinions on the Weed market. If you do not employ these tactics, a close encounter with the possibly demonic Brent Jackson could be fatal. There are no known ways to permanently defeat him, but until that fated day come about, it is imperative that he remains distracted or trapped within the mortal coil whom he has claimed as his own. There have been attempts to banish legendary bad boy of campus, Brent Jackson, back to Limbo, his home plain of existence, though as long as he has ties to Knox Campus it is nye impossible to exercise this otherworldly being. Nobody knows how and when the slick Brent Jackson will make an appearance, whether a rite must be invoked force his presence, or if it is just the will of Brent Jackson to appear when any apparent unsexyness is going on.