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Brian Zhang, also known as "BZ", was somehow once the social chairman of Sigma Nu. He was known for throwing tons of parties and enjoys watching drunk people wandering around the house while he laughs at them.

A Chinese from Alabama[edit]

BZ was an exchange student in Alabama in year 2003, and lived with a rich family in Huntsville.

Campus Involvement[edit]

Co-president of Chinese club Social Chairman, Sigma Nu Delta Theta

Birthday Incident[edit]

On March 26, 2007, BZ was sent to hospital after excessive drinking. He got a hospital shirt for 2400 dollars and still keeps it. Ya, it was also his 21st birthday, supplies!


BZ drives a 1999 silver Mitsubishi Eclipse with Ferrari seatcovers. He swears to run the Japanese car into a building once he'd get money to get a non-Japanese car one day. A follow up: He just got a 2008 Eclipse - Japanese!

Living in the Closet[edit]

BZ currently lives in the Chamba Chamber, aka, a closet. He painted the entire closet red to symbolize China, and hangs a red flag as the door. Just imagine.