Cherry Street Bar and Grill

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The former host of Jazz Night, now they have karaoke. Cheryoke thursdays are confirmed best day of the week. Shut down for 2 seconds in 2020 but Galesburg would never let it die! Decent food and good specials. If you see a student working there chances are they're a TKE or a friend of one. (get the rumbuckets)

Knox Student Employees[edit]

Health Risks[edit]

Former employee Jake Hebert recommends staying away from any meat products at Cherry Street, especially wings, pizza toppings, and prime rib (the hamburgers are safe). While working there, Jake frequently had to throw out spoiled pizza toppings and prime rib from the same batch as some that had just been served to a customer. Also, their wing sauce sits out, unrefrigerated all the time.

He maintains, however, that their Vegetarian Pizza is the best pizza in Galesburg, and is safe to eat.

Contrary to popular belief, mud is not safe for vegetarians.


Cherry Street was owned by Steve Dredge in the mid '90s.

At that time, draft Bud and Miller Lite cost $1.50.

The bar/restaurant changed ownership in the late '90s to its current owner.

The building was a boarding house at one time. The third floor is rumored to be haunted by a former resident.

Former Cherry Street Employees/ Knox Alumni[edit]

(in no particular order)

  • Ben Rhodes
  • Monica Berlin
  • Amy Tropp
  • Rachel Erekson
  • Erin Leidigh
  • Nate Hayes
  • Charles Guthrie
  • Adam Robinson
  • Dave Lowry
  • Jen Anderson
  • Elena Rakochy
  • Mike Lorenz
  • Chris Tuckey