Clubs That Might Be Cults

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There is speculation that many clubs on campus are very cult like, so this page is to document their cult-like activities.

Clubs that are definitely cults[edit]

Clubs we believe are truly cult like


Improv has games that only "members" of improv can know. They also apparently have their own Facebook messenger group chat. Very cult like 9/10.

Classics Club[edit]

Classics Club has no rule on human sacrifice and many members know dead languages. They practice rituals of past times. One of, if not the most cult like club on campus. 11/10

Ultimate Frisbee[edit]

Ultimate Frisbee is very terrifying. Once you join you can never leave. 10/10.

Clubs that are maybe cults[edit]

Super Smash Brothers Club seems slightly cult like. They are the shadow government of the senate as we all know, but they seem too caught up with playing video games to be much of a cult. But they do own a house on campus, so they can't be ruled out. 5/10

Anime Club also seems a little cult like. They mostly seem like a big friend group if anything. But they do own a house on campus, so we can't say they are not a cult. 6/10

Harry Potter Club seems like they might not be super culty, but they have rules against human sacrifice. 4/10

Tea Club sits around and drinks tea. Suspicious. 5/10.

Clubs that are not cults[edit]

Student Senate. -1/10