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You can't drink all day unless you start at 7:00 AM at Duffy's. --slogan printed on a T-Shirt

The self-proclaimed "home of the poor and unknown," Duffy's is a bar known for extremely cheap beer (in 2001, a glass of Old Style cost .65, with pitchers selling for $3.50), old-school country/western music on the jukebox, and video slot machines that promised pixelated nudity in lieu of an actual payout.

Bring cash. They don't accept cards. However, they now have a ATM. As of 2010 a glass of Old Style is one dollar and Old Style pitchers are three dollars for the small and five for the large. Mixed drinks run between two fifty and three dollars.

Drink all day, drink all night. A slice of Americana. This bar is the crown jewel of Cherry Street. It is an authentic, genuine, no frills Midwestern rural as fuck bar. Many locals and Knox students go to the Duffs throughout the week, though interaction is minimal between the two groups. The jukebox is updated nearly every week (maybe more frequently) with the top hits and even lesser known music (The Black Lips!). The prices are cheap, the atmosphere is honest, and the people are tight! No other bar or pub compares in price. On Flunk Day, the locals buy students drinks.


<googlemap lat="40.947338" lon="-90.370038" type="map" zoom="17"> 40.946795, -90.369812, Duffy's </googlemap>