Dyke Night

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The number of out lesbian students grows each year and because lesbians have a need to hang out with other lesbians, Dyke Night was created. It originated with getting a bunch of lesbians who knew each other together (including a couple out faculty members) to watch and discuss the new season of the L Word. It expanded to include all lesbians on campus that the group vaguely knew. It is, of course, awkward at first because not everyone knows each other. However, it is the most fun and the best way to connect with other Knox lesbians. Dyke Nights started in the winter of 2006 at the Berrien Estate west of campus. However, with the graduation of Katie Fronczak the house is no longer part of the Knox community, nor is the Showtime. Thus, Dyke Night has temporarily ceased to exist.

The original attendees included: Katie Fronczak, Rachael Goodman-Williams, Kari LeFevere, Courtney Meaker, Maddi Ettlin, Haley Gallagher, Mercedes Klein, and members of the faculty.