Edward Fortyhands

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A portmanteau of Edward Scissorhands and Forty (the moniker for a forty ounce malt alcoholic beverage) Edward Fortyhands requires that two forties be fastened (usually with duct or masking tape) to the participants hands and are drunk before the bottles can be removed. It is the equivalent of drinking slightly more than 6 1/2 beers. It often ends with projectile vomit.

The challenge of Edward Fortyhands lies in drinking the malt liquor before you need to urinate. You have two bottles taped to your hands and no one is going to help you with your fly or wipe you. Forget it.

Females usually don't play Edward Fortyhands, probably because it's not classy in the least. They have, however, been observed playing a similar game by the name of Amy Winehands.