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Started on a chaotic Friday night in the middle of the great thunderstorm of 2019, a female, only known as "La Gata" was appointed as President by God himself. It has been said that the first meeting of this club resulted in at LEAST the death of five freshman students (including Isabella who hadn't even moved in yet). Over the course of the first term, FIGHT CLUB has been notorious for starting late nights brawls at the Loading Dock located by the Quads. Seeing smashed beer bottles in this area is common, but FIGHT CLUB has since banned beer bottle usage in fights.

Galesburg PD hates FIGHT CLUB only because it is the only force that could possibly defeat them. La Gata holds club meetings on Friday nights in the basement of Neifert/Sherwin and as she once said "You can't get in? There's a key under the potted plant outside. Remember your mouthguard, we don't have Dental."


La Gata: Current President and Founder. Will yell at you if you don't wrap your hands properly.

HALLWAY : Vice President and Right Hand Man to La Gata. As you can sense, HALLWAY makes sure that no one that ISN'T supposed to be in FIGHT CLUB gets INTO FIGHT CLUB. It's been rumored that to get past HALLWAY, you have to beat her in an all-out battle. HALLWAY allows you one weapon in this "Entrance Exam" but it is to be noted that HALLWAY has stated, "I myself don't need a weapon". After the first meeting in 2019 however, Glocks have been banned as the optional Entrance Exam Weapon. [Refer to five deaths above]

green queen : Treasurer

Cotton Ball :

BIG PAPA : Accountant