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Faces was the best way to stalk people before Facebook came along. The online version (requires login) remains, while the printed version has slipped quietly into the past.

If you ever want to find out someone's ID number, just check the filename of their picture in the online version. This is particularly useful during housing lottery, when housing numbers are posted according to ID number.

Faces Games[edit]

Many people played games with the pictures in the physical book. This activity was often accompanied by the consumption of alcohol. A few of these games include:

  • Who's Kissing Who: This was played by choosing a person in Faces, closing the book, and seeing whose picture was directly opposite him/her.
  • Hot or Not?: This game was a favorite of all. It was played by picking people at random (usually done by closing your eyes, opening to a page, and pointing at person) and deciding whether (s)he is "hot" or "not." It was best played out of the book, rather than online.
  • Who's Homelier Than This Guy: one of the meaner Faces games. The first player starts at the beginning of Faces, and finds a particularly homely person, then passes to the next player, who finds a person homelier than the last homely person. They repeat until they can't stand the fact that they're playing such an awful game.