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Easily the coolest club on campus. After all, it involves a lot of pretty wicked swordplay. Fencing club has been around since at least the late 1800s, as evidenced by mentions and photos in Knox's yearbook, The Gale, though interested has waxed and waned over the years. The club has hosted intercollegiate tournaments with Augustana College and Iowa State University, as well as smaller intramural mini-tournaments. Practice is typically held twice a week, with the club president and other experienced members acting as coaches. The team meets on Saturdays to bout.

Recent History[edit]

In Fall Term 2002, the club was initially led by Sady Wooten. Then, halfway through the term, she handed the leadership over to (then) Freshman, Suzy Morgan. Suzy remained president of the club from 2002 to Fall 2005, with help from vice-president Liz Jones. Thereafter, the presidency was turned over to Mark Munoz, who led the club for the 2005-2006 school year. Being quite the scalawag, Mark Munoz ran off to foreign parts unknown, leaving Brittany Leggans to mope over lost fencing foils.

As of Fall Term 2007, Brittany Leggans running the team, but has passed off all teaching duties to Nolan Bryant and Max Tegethoff.

As of Spring Term 2017, the current president is August Anderson and the Vice President is Mitchell Sullens.