Flunk Day 2004

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The email[edit]

From: xromano@knox.edu

Date: Wednesday, April 28, 2004 5:45:51 AM Subject: Be Afraid Knox Students...be VERY afraid...

Because it is FLUNK DAY 2004!

Welcome to Flunk Day 2004...one of the grandest traditions on our College on the Prairie. Head to you mailboxes...check the schedule...get some breakfast...and Flunk on!

Ultimately, Flunk Day is a celebration of our distinctive community...have fun...be safe...and take care of one another. If we have a mantra for the day it is a simple one...SAFETY FIRST!

So...enjoy, relax, ride the bull, and take advantage of this Spring Carnival know as Flunk Day. Folks have worked very hard to provide you with music, activities, and even good weather...not too bad!

There you have it, Knox College... FLUNK ON and welcome to Flunk Day 2004!


Xavier Romano