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Fuck that picture, I want see the table of contents. It can be found below.


Preparing Yourself for the Final Flunk[edit]

Flunkitup.jpg Screen shot.png

Any good Flunk Day celebration is well-prepared. Keep these tips in mind when you work yourself up watching for suspicious food trucks and random carnival rides!

1. Go buy your booze now. The worst thing that could happen is to be caught off guard with nothing to set your morning off right!

2. Check the Wiki Fire often. Post the conspicuous looking shit you see around campus/town and don't be a dick.

3. E-mail, bother, and/or harass the known Flunk Day planners/accomplices: Jil Gates, Deb Southern, Jack Moore, Regina Rosenbrock, Kaitlyn Duling. Watch Jack at all hours of the day. He is the Lord of the Flunk. See where he goes, write it down here!

4. Dig the damn mudpit already! <--as a former Conger/Neal resident, I can tell you it will take MUCH longer and be MUCH harder than you think! Have extra shovels hidden in your rooms, because anything left in the suite can be confiscated. Lookouts are a must, have them positioned by West street, on the other side of the Center for Intercultural Life, as well as someone in Neal or Conger 3 for better long-range visibility. Dig a little bit every night because it is seriously SO FUCKING HARD to dig a hole in the ground! <--- also, if campus safety happens to catch you digging, do not run into your building still wearing your muddy shoes because they will follow your muddy footprints and find you in the basement

Enlist the help of Sigma Chi. DO it.

5. Don't be fooled by lawn mowing or the quality of the weather. They mow the lawn nearly every other day in the Spring and there have been many not-so-sunny days of Flunk.

6. If you don't get all the Xavier and Raptor jokes, see the Flunk Day 2009 page[1].

7. Talk to new people. Share Flunk Day hints, clues, and stories. Sharing is caring, especially in the season of Flunk.

8. Believe everything you see, hear, and read in this wonderful and mysterious time of year. It's all true. We promise.

9. Don't be a total scrooge about the scares. It's a natural part of spring term at Knox. I mean, the seniors had to wake up even earlier than you AND run around.

Is it Flunk Day yet?[edit]

We already told you not to bother with the lawn mowers, but what SHOULD you look for in finding clues? Here are some helpful clues!

Admissions Ask an admissions student worker to note days on the calendar where no visits are scheduled. These days are few and far between - and good hints.

Calendar Events For those who check the Events Calender daily (as all Flunk Day enthusiasts should) be sure to notice any changes that occur in the schedule from week to week. This is a tricky way to find clues, but the most committed investigators will double check other schools' sports schedules and compare them with ours, call to check dates and times, and watch for days with no events listed!

Note that the calendar is not bound by the honor code; some events may be made up. Additionally, even though a sports event may be scheduled, Flunk Days have occurred when the softball team has had a game, or the golf team has had a tournament.

Helmut and the Cafeteria Staff Watch for him heading into or out of work at odd hours - that has set off the Flunk Day alarm in the past!

Ask student employees about surprise food shipments.

And if you happen to be sharing a doobie with a dining services staff member, don't be afraid to take advantage of the situation and just ask. "So, uh, do you know when it is?"


If you see lights on in the Mailroom at an unreasonable hour, it could be the big day. Find a friend who works in the Mailroom and have them keep an eye out for suspicious deliveries or pick-ups!

Parking Lots, Community Sightings

Get out and procrastinate on all your work by driving around for a few hours a night and check out the local scenery. Notice any large trailer trucks, or carnival rides parked in the WalMart parking lot? Post them here. Pics or GTFO.

Flunk Day Planners

They're stone walls. If you are best friends, roommates, or just sleeping with one of them, ask questions. Pay attention to body language. Bug the shit out of them. Bring the results to your friends at the WikiFire. Known Planners: Jack Moore-tallest man on campus. senior. Regina Rosenbrock: blonde Kappa. junior. Kaitlyn Duling: Hot. Dark hair. junior.

Plus one secret one!!!! Probably a senior, doesn't need to be on Union Board. <--How do we know there's a secret one if it's secret?

Rumors and Scares

We can just come right out and say that last year the underclassmen were assholes. Sorry, but we are NOT sorry, and if you live in Post or the Quads (or the vicinity) you will be woken up for a scare or two. Don't whine about it, we've all been scared once or twice, too. Wake up, question whether today is that magical day, do a shot or two, and go back to bed if it isn't.

Believe everything. Live every day like it's Flunk Day.


Pre-Flunk Hunt 2012[edit]

Xavier was spotted at several different points this summer by several different anonymous sources. Hopping off a boxcar with several drifters, each holding one of his four-footer (or so) bongs, he was said to have torn his shirt off each time while roaring, "FLUUUUUUUNK!"

Xavier is clearly behind all this unseasonably warm weather we've been having. Flunk Day will be earlier than ever this year as a result!!!

The weeks of April 23-27 and April 30- May 4 are the weeks of pre-enrollment but this does not necessarily mean that flunk day will not be in those two weeks. These weeks are the most common weeks for flunk day historically.

So, the theme of Flunk Day is The Final Flunk, right. Because the end of the world is supposed to happen in this year of 2012. Wouldn't it be just so clever, then, if this year marked the end of Flunk Day as well? As in, no Flunk Day? As in, the rumors that Flunk Day doesn't exist finally come true? THIS COULD BE HUGE. Also, everyone knows Teresa Amott DOESN'T LIKE FLUNK DAY!

At 2:24 on March 28, J-Pow predicted Flunk Day would be May 9. That's economics. <-- Furthermore, the Art Dept. is having their once-a-term field trip to the Art Institute of Chicago. So many students will already be excused from classes. Would this not be perfect timing?

Cody Dailey is currently finalizing his Flunk Day prediction. This could be HUGE. This actually means next to nothing at all.

Where is the "official email" for Flunk season? --An email regarding "policies and rules" was sent out on April 18 last year.

At 11:53 on April 4, the official Flunk Day email is sent out. Obviously Flunk Day is TOMORROW! --> It was a particularly classy Flunk Day e-mail and included pictures and bullet points. Maybe they think if they illustrate Flunk Day they can convince us it already happened?

                     -----> early flunk day email + summer in march = EARLIEST FLUNK DAY IN HISTORY. 

READ THIS: Admitted Student Days are April 13 and April 20. Flunk day fucks up campus and thus will not happen before all of the precious prospies come to visit.

Any clue who the planners are this year? <--- Jack Moore, Regina Rosenbrock, Kaitlyn Duling, and a SUPER SECRET FLUNK DAY PLANNER! FIND OUT WHO IT IS!!!! <--Totally and completely false


April 5th[edit]

Flunk day shirts are here. Union Board is selling them AFTER Flunk Day because Flunk Day is tomorrow!

Jack Moore seen being really tall <---THIS COULD BE HUGE! <---Rumor: Jack Moore is "huge." <---MMhmm. CONFIRMED.

Debbie Southern heard chatting with Jil Gates before Flunk Day email was sent out about how it would "catch them off guard."

Spotted: JPow walking across the gizmo patio saying how he's "ready for flunk day".

It isn't even April 5th yet guys... <---FLUNK DAY HAS NO BOUNDARIES, rookie mistake. Wait, so you can see into the future?

Today is Wednesday, but it's almost over, which means it's almost Thursday. Therefore, it's almost Friday. So Flunk Day will be tomorrow.

looks like he's taking a break from hunting vampires... ABE IS IN THE HOUSE!!! <--- This could be HUGE!! can someone confirm?! <---I have visual confirmation!! <--- Pics or it didn't happen.

April 6th[edit]

Students saw a clown in a car, driving through Illinois. Obviously, Flunk Day is tomorrow.

April 8th[edit]

11:54pm seniors are seen leaving Hamblin, exclaiming "we need to get our stash PRONTO!"

April 9th[edit]

Two people seen digging in the mud pitt!!! Somebody please confirm this!!! <---CONFIRMED. Ladies and gents, start your flunk engines. VROOM VROOM

April 10th[edit]

There's a baseball game on the schedule for 6:30 PM. Our field doesn't have lights. Interesting.

The game is at Galesburg High School, they have lights CONFIRMED.

All this talk of people digging the mud pit is false. Get on that, quads.

Planners seen entering Old Main and exiting one hour later...Flunk?! <----you waited them out?

Just heard Regina and Kaitlyn planning a booze run- flunky flunk tomorrow, definitely. <--False. Junior planners can't drink on Flunk Day

7:56 PM -- Helmut was hanging around the caf a little late tonight...just spotted him leaving!

Rumors are running around that tomorrow could be the big day...could it be? A flunk day this early? Remember, the Safety e-mail hasn't gone out yet. But you'd better get your stashes ready...


Helmut is back on campus!!! The Mudpit has to happen! <-- 8:55 p.m. <---pics or it didn't happen

Obama tells the tale of the flunk >>> http://i.imgur.com/NFcyC.jpg

9:21p.m. observed Kathleen Drake and Jill Gates on the corner of West and South St. Both looked tired. one yelled, "See you in a few hours!" Get your Flunk On!!! <---They probably were leaving R.A. class is SMC.

9:38 p.m. overheard one of the library workers: "No, don't worry about it, we can do it tomorrow. Wait no...I'll do it on Thursday *laughs*"

9:49 PM: Regina Rosenbrock says tomorrow is Flunk Day, she's not doing her homework but instead kickin' it with her awesome suitemates.

9:53pm: there has already been an preliminary text from an unknown number sent to a selection of seniors that simply says "I hope you're FINALLY done with all of your homework...we wouldn't want you to FLUNK out of Knox during your last term!"

Rick Santorum dropped out of the race so he could make it to Flunk Day!

BREAKING NEWS: Maddie Davis, secret Flunk Day planner?! <-----Evidence?? From Galesburg, knows Knox well, works in the mailroom, lives with Rachel Hautzinger a UB member...NEED I SAY MORE?!

Any updates on the MUDPIT!? <---- the mud pit is dryer than a desert <-- Still no mudpit at 11:00pm

Carrie and Rachel spotted digging the mudpit with red solo cups in their hands! <---Can you confirm?? <---Carrie didn't even help with the mudpit last year and she lived in Neal. Tomorrow MUST be Flunk day <---False, she watched for campus safety and screamed obscenities out the window.

11:08 PM Maddie Davis is hammered right now <---- THIS COULD BE HUGE!<----- THIS COULD BE ANY DAY OF THE WEEK! <---God damnit.

11:11pm Kaitlyn Duling spotted leaving her house headed towards campus. Dressed too nice for it to be Flunk Day tomorrow. <-----Kaitlyn always dresses pretty nice, to be fair. <--- I was wearing a suit earlier tonight, does that mean no flunk tomorrow? I think NO CORRELATION! <-- Confirmed! She was wearing a dress but had a bag, perhaps with extra clothes. These planners will go to all lengths to trick everyone

11:15pm Papers covering the mail room windows means no evidence for Flunk Day Foolery <---pics? they haven't covered the windows in years past [2]

11:20pm: back from a Quickie run, and the guy at the counter said he predicts Flunk Day will be a Wednesday this year


11:37 p.m. Rachel Hautzinger cannot be contacted <--- SHE IS NOT IN HER APARTMENT! <-- CONFIRMED!

11:38 p.m. Participants in the Aerial Dance company classes just received an e-mail saying tomorrow's class has been CANCELLED - there is NO reason to do that!!! - unless it's Flunk Day!!! <--- Can you confirm this? <--Yes, I'm in it, I'm taking the MW class and I just got it. It's from Jen Smith and she organized the thing. <--- CONFIRMED! THIS COULD BE HUGE! <-- Screenshot the email?

11:45pm Lights on at Jil Gate's apartment <--- CONFIRMED FROM INSIDE <--planners could just be hanging out there trying to trick us <-- she shuts down parties at 10 p.m. ON WEEKENDS, do you really think she'd be up this late on a weeknight just for kicks? <-- she would stay up for the sake of FLUNK!

11:48 p I SAW SANTA. Isn't he in the carnival? FLUNK DAY!

11:55 Mud pit update?

11:56 Daniel Beers just sent out a revised schedule and tomorrow isn't on it... <--- I received no email. I SEE THROUGH YOUR SENIOR SCHEMING <-- I got an email and I'm in his PS 321! There is indeed no Wednesday on the schedule! <-- THIS COULD BE HUGE!


April 11th[edit]

Proof:Media:FlunkDay2012isonApril11th.jpeg <-- CONFIRMED

Faculty meeting scheduled for April 11th was canceled! <-- CONFIRMED! NO MEETING!

Helmut seen talking to caf ladies suspiciously during lunch.. could he be scheming for flunk? <-- DINOSAUR CUP, I FILL YOU UP, LET'S HAVE A PARTY. TODAY IS FLUNK DAY.

Flunk day shirts have arrived. They're gray and will be on sale April 11th for $10 <--- JUST IN TIME FOR FLUNK DAY!

This is the second day of the Almost There Fair, which all graduating seniors must attend to get their cap and gown, etc. Thus Flunk Day would not be on this day because that would mess up graduation for a good number of students, who were planning to go buy their stuff on the 11th. No Flunk Day. <---Why not reschedule? An early Flunk is a good flunk. <--- When picking up my gown the guy next to Kathleen Drake complained about what a hassle it is that Knox can't commit to their original schedule and now he has to change his.... FLUNK DAY IS TODAY!

Underwear dance party in the quads tomorrow <---- CONFIRMED!

Did a ride-along for my journalism class today. The officer told me he was asked to come in early tomorrow, along with half of the early shift! there is no events in town. unless it's flunk day!

11:20 PM Saw people walking into the room, but when i got there mailroom doors were covered! Proof? Here you go: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhbN0GHsO54&feature=youtu.be

12:44 AM } Ran into the seniors on a Walmart run - So we stacked up the rest... of the fridge. Ppl it's happening and Seymour is ready! <--Freshman think people care about their stash. Flunk day is obviously tomorrow.Mystache.png

12:40 AM Saw someone running into exec with a hoodie on, hood up. They looked in a hurry. It was kind of sketchy. Did anyone else see this? <--- CONFIRMED! Saw this sketchy ass person! <---- DOUBLE CONFIRMED! I saw them too! What the flunk?!

12:55 AM Students at the Quickie witnessed the installation of an ADDITIONAL liquor shelf behind the counter. This is probably to hold the giant shipment of booze they got in today because they know tomorrow is FLUNK DAYY!!! <--- confirmed! I was only there to get a Diet Coke but decided to get another fifth of tequila, just in case!

Jack Moore is awake after midnight on a week-day.. he's never up and active this late. this could be HUGE

1:05 AM Jack Moore seen passing Longden with Duling, laughing about something. After seeing the panicked but excited look on my face as I locked the windows, they laughed again and ran off.

1:11 AM Just spotted a Campus Safety officer patrolling the area by the quads to check the mudpit area. <--- any mudpit action?

1:15 AM Jack Moore and Kaitlyn Duling seen walking quickly North across campus. After Kaitlyn departs (location unknown) Jack seen sprinting to his car and driving West.

1:19 Paper removed from mail room windows. Flunk day is totally today! https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-wx6Vd5dfaAk/T4Uh_QoesxI/AAAAAAAAAOw/R0TFAYTwFHY/s533/12+-+1 https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-jHb3DayKXzs/T4Uh_e-Zc0I/AAAAAAAAAO8/sXeL5_Haljc/s533/12+-+2

Are the lights normally on in the caf at night? <--- Can anyone confirm this? <--- confirmed kitchen but not main caf lights are on!

That Alakazam performer is here tomorrow afternoon - what if his act is part of the flunk schedule?! <--- THIS COULD BE HUGE.

Breaking news: KONY releasing some of his child soldiers for Flunk Day. KONY 2012!

1:55AM Watcha guys doin... NOT DIGGING THE MUDPIT, now dig my minions, digggg


[[3]] <--- when is jil gates awake at 2am? NEVER. IT'S FLUNK DAY.

2:10 AM Sketchy car hovering outside seymour dock and then circling campus. Also, gizmo/caf workers leaving kitchen. Closing up gizmo, or prepping for Flunk day?

Half-assed scare at 6 AM. Today is not Flunk Day!

April 12th[edit]

Stephanie Meyer author of Twilight is supposed to be in town signing books. Flunkpocalypse coincidence? I think not! <--- where is she signing books at?

12:06 AM - Mudpit ain't happening. Someone should poop on Conger/Neal!!! Neal 3 or Conger 1, especially. <--- Stop (being a dick) singling out suites in Neal and Conger, it is ALL of Conger and Neal's responsibility to dig the mud pit

1:56 AM - Regina answers a text message. WHY IS SHE AWAKE???? Answer: Vodka. Analysis: Flunk Day.

9:45 AM - Trucks innocently delivering food to Cafe; however, food today sucked. Anaylsis : Flunk Day.

April 13th[edit]

Could the flunkopalypse be coming on Friday the 13th?!?! Prospies are supposed to be here but it could just be the most bad ass open house of all time. They won't Flunk on a Friday

Student workers in admissions have reportedly still not received their work schedules for the open house today. Could admissions be in on the hoax? <-- Tour guides still don't have their schedules for Friday. Is this normal?

The 13th and the 20th are listed as admitted students days, but the calendar is suspicious. If you click on the 13th, it sends you to a page to "register" to come to campus, but only has the 20th listed as an option. (http://www.knox.edu/prebuilt/forms/admittedstudentdays2.asp) Conversely, on the 20th, there is nothing indicating you have to register. They haven't had Flunk Day on Friday before, but maybe Friday the 13th is too good to pass up? <-- False. Flunk Day HAS been on a Friday before. Friday the 13th Flunkpocalypse...Could it get any better than that?

^There is most certainly an admitted students day on the 13th. I have a friend from home who is checking out Knox that day. No way would the campus be Flunked up for parents of admitted students.

April 15th[edit]

Holy crap! Suspicious caf activity! Helmut is there cooking and none of the students were allowed to do food preparation! <---Can we get confirmation of Helmut's car on campus? <- Fishy caf activity confirmed, cannot confirm on Helmut's car.

Helmut or no Helmut, the Paul Greenberg "Four Fish" lecture is tomorrow. Seems like way too big of name and event to coincide with Flunk Day...? <--- My professor was pretty pissed that they don't even know when Flunk Day is and that they had to "submit" dates back in winter term to "not hold Flunk day"... I am guessing Greenberg wasn't finalized by then... OR is this a cover up event.. I heard they did those before! <---Dear freshman, you are correct, but this is Paul Greenberg. The amount of work put in to get him here was astronomical. Flunk Day is tomorrow...but it is not tomorrow. <-- Ever heard of misdirection? Paul Greenberg will be here Wednesday.

Spotted: Kaitlyn and Regina scurrying towards campus <- Confirmed! away from Tompkins, where Jil Gates AND Jack live. Flunk day tomorrow????

Can we get an update on the mud pit??

I don't think Greenberg is really coming to campus- Jil Gates and Cindy could not give details of his talk meaning they never saw a contract- every club leader knows those 2 review every contract on campus. Flunk Day is tomorrow!!!!

http://www.fourfish.org/speaking.html <--- He doesn't have another speaking event for a week. He could easily be rescheduled for Tuesday or Wednesday and stay in a hotel until then. <--- why is the time on the website still TBD?? It's tomorrow, shouldn't that be specified? <-------It says 5pm on Knox's events calendar. <-- They never put false information on the events calendar.<---You're a freshman

Lights on in the caf! Flunk Day is tomorrow! <--- can you confirm? this could be HUGE <-- PICTURES?? <---- PICTURES OR GTFO. <--see the Flunk Day twitter. Pics are up, but I would like to note that the caf's lights are never ALL the way out. They always keep a few on. So this may NOT be huge. <-- Are these the lights that are normally on, though? <-- don't you think this is a fairly valid prank for the planners to pull on us?

Saw Jil Gates get out of a car, grab something fairly large from the driver's window and race into her apartment. Flunk day is tomorrow.

ATTN CONGER/NEAL: please use all of this shitty, rainy weather to make some headway on the flunkin' mud pit!

April 16th[edit]

1:53 a.m. I was supposed to be emailed by Sunday night if my boss needed me to come into work on Monday...and yet I have received no such email. Flunk?

1:56 a.m. This page is not nearly as active as it should be. No Flunk. <-- or is it so obviously inactive that YES Flunk?!?

2:04 a.m. Some interesting photos posted to the Flunk Day Twitter account... https://twitter.com/#!/FlunkDay

3:28 a.m. No activity on this page or on the Flunk Day Twitter in over an hour. Suspicions quelled.

4:00 a.m. Mailroom lights and bookstore lights still on, as well as mail room windows covered. Kitchen lights in caf and oak room kitchen are on. Mudpit is fresh and muddy WITH fresh mudtracks from shoes. THIS COULD BE HUGE

4:45 a.m. SPOTTED campus safety in the caf talking to one of the seymour maintenance guys.

5:45 am. Scare or Flunk?

Campus Grounds workers are mowing the lawns!!! THIS COULD BE HUGE!

Spotted in Old Main, Monday morning 8:30 - Helmut and a bunch of other people at Dean Southern's office, meeting. <---who was the "bunch" of people? <--- Couldn't see it properly. Helmut was blocking the ways.

Conger/Neal get digging on the Mudpit! Use your hands like spades, if you have too.

OVERHEARD: Kyle Szuta in the computer center "looking forward to Tuesday at home". Random vacation day, or flunk day miracle?

Quickie owner asked if I was ready for flunk day. IT MUST BE TOMORROW!

72 degrees and sunny tomorrow? PERFECT

On Monday afternoon, the Chicago Knox Club sent an invite to alumni for "Flunk Day -- Whenever that is! 4:00 to 8:00 p.m." at Moonshine in Wicker Park. "Whenever" must be thinly-veiled code for tomorrow.

Sue Hulett sent out a Flunk Day contingency email to at least one of her classes this afternoon. <----screen shot or it didn't happen <--- here's the text, in Sue's signature haphazard style and random capitalization:

"IF FLUNK Day is Tuesday the 17th-- THEN Quiz on Thursday the 19th and whole schedule moves down one day.

IF FLUNK DAY IS MONDAY the 16th be ready for QUIZ on Tuesday the 17th -- Class will start at 11am & I will lecture for 50 minutes and then give you the quiz.

Ideas on General Systems Theory (GST) paper which is due on 4/24 at this point. If FD is Monday the 23rd. CLASS on the 24th will be from 10:40-11:40 and PAPER DUE BY 9am on the 25th. Cheers, Sue" <--- there is also a cat cartoon but I chose not to include that. <-- Why.

Mixed up my weeks and went in to see Teresa Amott, but her secretary said she was traveling. Butttt I saw a light on in her office and heard movement in there. Flunk Day? haha butt < IT COULD BE HUGE

Mysterious special Flunk Day opportunity to be presented at Union Board meeting.<---Is this the 'mystery flunk day performance' event on facebook?? <-- Would they really post this the day before Flunk Day?

5:25pm. Two helicopters seen flying over the Quads. FLUNK DAY TOMORROW <--- CONFIRMED!

6:17 pm Senate dining services meeting canceled for tonight....committee leader is a planner...THIS COULD BE HUGE<---CONFIRMED

6:20 pm. No cookies in the caf tonight. There are ALWAYS cookies. Flunk day is tomorrow. <--- Any confirmation? Sadly, this could be HUUUUGE! <--- Actually, whenever they have the panellet sweet potato bar things, there are no cookies (source--I've worked in the bakery).<----nobody actually likes teh sweet potato bars- saving the good stuff for tomorrow?!

Kaitlyn and Regina seen at Walmart stocking up on supplies for the big day. Flunk is upon us. <-- Junior planners can't drink on Flunk Day. They have to drive the gators and be sober. They're messing with us.<--- CONFIRMED. They're flunking with us. <---Who says the supplies were alcohol? You can't see what they're buying in the picture. Maybe it's other stuff for the flunk <-- the picture circulating is for sure from the alcohol aisle in walmart<-- no it's not, you can see flowers in a cooler which means it's the front aisle by the produce. BOOM. <-- Produce is essential for Flunk Day.

7:01 PM - the Knox-Monmouth baseball game was rescheduled from Saturday to the 17th, but the 17th is Scots Day at Monmouth - their version of Flunk Day! Would they really agree to schedule a baseball game on the day of their own spring carnival?<----the game is not on their schedule. The schedule states they will play at Knox on the 21st <--- CONFIRMED! Monmouth has no games scheduled tomorrow!<--- The Monmouth game is a rescheduled game from the previous weekend. If people paid attention to the sports teams, maybe they would know this shit<----CONFIRMED, care more people...Also, it is encouraged to treat tomorrow as flunk day and come drunkenly support your student athletes --Monmouth is still scheduled to play tomorrow. <---CONFIRMED <-- They are playing even though it is their carnival? Seems fishy.<---It's a conference game, it needs to be played and weekends are booked. <-- it would have been scheduled after Flunk Day was finalized, so it may just conflict. <---Monmouth player has confirmed that in fact they are being forced to play on Scots Day.<--- I think we can all agree that baseball/softball means nothing to the campus excepting relevant parents and teammates; Meaning, el dia de flunk could be tomorrow.<--- Confirmed!

7:45pm - seven very different Knox seniors spotted at Hyvee Wine and Spirits stocking up on all things Flunk <-- CONFIRMED.

They haven't mowed in a few days. Waiting until after Flunk Day to fix the lawn for the prospies? <---It's definitely Flunk day tomorrow!<---for sures -- They mowed the lawn today<---in prep for flunk?

9:19pm - John Schlaf spotted at the Campus Safety office?!?! <---uh he works there? <-- Does he always work this late?

Jil Gates picked up four giant boxes from the mail room today.<----------She has a P.O. box off campus for Flunk day.

9:29pm - I just had an OUT OF BODY experience in which the spirit of Lincoln contacted me HIMSELF to inform me that TOMORROW IS FLUNK DAY!<-- Confirmed.

9:40pm - Just asked Siri if Flunk Day was tomorrow and SHE SAID YESSSSSSSS

9:40 pm- Regina spotted running in and out of the Union Board office <--- like, several times in a row or over a period of a few hours?

9:44pm - Kathleen Drake leaves Senate Finance Committee early. Flunk day preparations? THIS COULD BE RIDONKULOUSLY HUGE!!!

9:44pm- I AM DRINKING A BEER. Flunk day? I think YES!<---THIS KID <-- Which Kid?

9:45pm- Seniors and Faculty members seen buying their Flunk Day stash at Hy fee Liquor

9:56pm-Jil Gates blinds are completely shut. Lights are on.<----Always---> After some investigation, JG BF was seen drinking something in the apartment. Definitely Flunk Day.

I CANNOT UNDERSTAND WHY NO ONE IS DIGGING THE MOTHERFLUNKING MUD PIT!!!! It seriously takes forever, so get on that shit, Conger/Neal!!! OR ANYONE WITH A SHOVEL AND THE TINIEST HINT OF FLUNK SPIRIT! <---- don't leave muddy footprints and get caught (i won't name names)!!



10:15pm Hamblin RA locks apartment door. <--- this never happens. Tomorrow is Flunk Day.<-------- pics or it didn't happen!

10:19 Regina spotted leaving her suite with a large backpack! This could be huge! <-- HUGE BACKPACK?

10:20pm - a group of six(?) random seniors seen inspecting the mud pit and getting dirt? whaaaaat <---That's cause Conger/Neal is slacking and the Seniors have to step up to the plate. C'MON CONGER/NEAL!!! <-- SOMEONE HAD BETTER DIG THIS PIT!

10:25pm - large group of seniors seen in front of the Stucco apartments (across from the Quickie), home to a notorious group of Flunk enthusiasts. Possible scheme hatchery for tomorrow?

10:28pm Haley Beeson does not answer her phone. 2 TIMES IN A ROW! FLUNK DAY IS TOMORROW <-- 4 times! <-- 12 TIMES!

11:04 pm Regina and Kaitlyn with milkshakes. Why? And where's Jack Moore?

11:20 pm Three seniors spotted tending the mud pit with household items. Items identified as tupperware, mop and recycling bin.

11:21 pm One of the three seniors identified as Julia Shenkar. Entirely impossible. It must be flunk day.

11:25 p.m. Campus Safety spotted guarding the mud pit. Not entirely relevant to Flunk suspicions, but pretty funny.

11:35 pm Sigma Chi is on fire. First asteroid of the final flunk? <---confirmed

11:39pm - Lots of student traffic at the Quickie. All exiting with tall brown bags. Quickie stashes, therefore FLUNK.

Everybody, get your shit together. When posting on the WikiFire about a day being Flunk Day, you post in the section devoted to that day. All of this should be under April 17th. Stop being idiots. Even my freshman friend understood this. We go to Knox. Use your brain. <-- It doesn't make sense to post things happening at 5PM on the 16th under the 17th. Students at Knox should be able to figure out how to scroll up. <-- dunno, people are posting in both and im confused <----MASS HYSTERIA!? apocolyptic zoombie brain? ARE YOU ALREADY DRUNK?


"Good Day,

I will be out of the office Tuesday April 17th. I return to campus Wednesday April 18th and will respond to emails when then.

If you need immediate assistance, please contact campus security at 309.341.7979.

Thank you. Have a wonderful day and better tomorrow.

Keep the Joy!!!

Jil Gates" <---- confirm with a screenshot or it isn't true

http://tinypic.com/r/121e3ut/5 <----HERE

12:02 am: Our illicit cat is causing a ruckus. SHE knows it's Flunk Day.

12:13 Just Spotted at Walmart! Group of seniors leaving with shovels and other flunk day supplies!

Has anyone seen any actual suspicious activity? Flunk preparations do not necessitate Flunk Day.

The windows in the mailroom were covered. <--- pics or it didn't happen.

A girl who graduated last year who works at the Landmark says Roger and Ann Taylor were in for dinner tonight!

April 17th[edit]

12 am-- Trash bags covering the windows in the mail room. WENT NUTS.

Sherwood Kiraly is not teaching a class today <--- OBVIOUSLY FLUNK DAY!

Zumba is cancelled for tomorrow. Clearly it will be Flunk Day!

this would be the perfect day to have flunk day!!! just enough time to get cleaned up before admitted students day on the 20th and have campus looking nice for installation week.

Henry, caf worker, claims the food order will arrive on the 16th. They wouldn't want the food to spoil, would they? <---Has the food shipment arrived? <-- Can anyone confirm? This could be HUGE

Overheard two caf workers saying "Tuesday is going to be awful." Preparations for the delicious breakfast bar already??!!<---You know a freshman wrote this because breakfast is the worst meal of Flunk Day, and never a bar. <---I wish it was a bar<--Helmet is trying to kill us by giving us only orange juice and tiny bagels to soak up the booze.<---I believe they are pronounce BAGels.

Ryan Stoens seen taking Extra Protein its gotta on this day. <-----CONFIRMED...THIS COULD BE HUGE, He usually lays off the stuff during season so there must be a special occasion...FLUNK?<---- poor guy is an addict.<__ should put that stuff to work on the mud pit! <---rumor has it he may have helped for about 15 minutes last year, hes done his part <- Clearly some baseball guys <----Clearly somebody has a hatred for the baseball team, which I personally do not see. I mean have you guys seen them in those baseball pants?? Clearly going to be FLUNK<-- bunch of freshman nicknames clearly dont know crap about what theyre talkinabout!! <---Damn freshmen baseball players, Make a play sparrow...pussy <---- Who is Ryan Stoens? Quit talking about randos. This isn't the Baseball Wiki-Its the Flunk Day wiki Losers.<---Shut up Lahti, give us Hoff back <----CONFIRMED...we miss him...also good creative name<-- AGREED/ Double CONFIRMED THIS IS BIIIIIIG!!! <----------------- LOL! oops. well shit. also he has not been with me all day and you can have him anytime you want. besides the point.<-- We shall take him THAN! <-- he is all yours!

Seniors seen stocking up at Wal-Mart on bottles, glitter and ALCOHOL!!! It is not too early for Flunk Day!!! IT IS TOMORROW. <------Confirmed. Saw them 2. But where's this mudpit?? <----- AGREED. DIG THE GOD DAMN MUDPIT<---Also agreed. Stupid ass people and their lack of digging. Show a little respect for classic video games. (yes, clutch Dig Dug reference)<------------Knox folks spotted at Hy-Vee Liquor. Stocking up for some flunkage? <---CONFIRMED!!<-- heard there is a mulcher on its way mudpit is about TO BE DOMINATED!!!!!<---If by mulcher you mean Kelly Ricketts, then yes the mud pit is about to be dominated.

Overheard Coach Eisele, a.k.a. the Athletic Director, saying that there was no way that the students would expect Flunk Day tomorrow because of the "rescheduled" baseball game. Was also told that later on in the day he laughed maniacally and twirled an imaginary mustache.<----Mustache CONFIRMED!!

Lukas Shaw "if it is flunk day tomorrow, words will not even begin to describe my rage" Its gotta be flunk day tomorrow just to piss him off! THIS IS BIG! HE IS BIG!<------ CONFIRMED! HAVE YOU SEEN THAT GUY? HE'S HUGE!!

The only real thing on the calendar is a flute recital. The Flunk will definitely not be put on hold for a flute recital.

Matt Barry seen walking around with an empty red gasoline can full of dollar bills and change and ordering extra hot hamburgers? TOMORROW IS FLUNK DAY! W1 Anna Casey seen sending text messages with her brain. Calling together her android friar army, perhaps? Guys, this is it.<------- Confirmed. Anna Casey is a boss I've see her move boulders and betas with her wit.

SNU brothers are mixing dark chocolate sizzurp on their porch. The Wonka theme was last year, bros.

A GIANT black cat jumped through the window <--- IT WAS HUGE

Just had two seniors abruptly sign off facebook chat on me. Either i'm a total loser or there's flunk in the air... <--- Confirmed, seniors are acting strange and disappearing. Very suspicious. <--- CONFIRMED!!! 1:51 AM - same here! my roommate is a senior.. not back in the room, he abruptly left earlier.

2:00 AM Jonothan Bass is going to Mcdonald's < ---- CONFIRMED

Here's some conspiracy for you all. The date -> 4/17/12 -> 4+17=21 -> 21/12 -> 12/21 is the day the world is supposed to end. Think about it.

2:30 AM Tomorrow is flunk day, therefore today cannot be the big day.

2:40 AM WHERE ARE THE SENIORS PEOPLE <---- planning a scare <---- CONFIRMED

3:41 AM any activity around mailroom or caf?

6:03 AM: Girls with pans outside Williston! But no email yet, and there probably won't be. Still pretty great.


MOST LEGIT SCARE EVER. Good job guys. I was checkin my email. <-- CONFIRMED

6:30 AM: Drum circle of seniors in the quads. Poor guys, I think they thought it was Flunk Day ;)

I hope that scare knocked some sense in to Conger-Neal. GROW SOME BALLS AND WORK ON THE DAMN MUDPIT TONIGHT! Sincerely, a concerned senior. <--- CONFIRMED. Some scarers made sure to throw what mud was there at Conger-Neal. Make it happen!

April 18th[edit]

Jillian Staley is a LIAR! The most IMPORTANT AND FUN thing Conger-Neal residents can do in the season leading up to Flunk Day is to dig the mudpit! You wanted to live there. Take responsibility for your actions!!

The Flunk Day food shipment is supposedly scheduled to arrive on Monday, which would give Wednesday a high probability of being el dia de flunk.

Today is most definitely Flunk Day. A townie walking their dog said they heard word of it. Monmouth's (not as good) equivalent of flunk day was the 17th. Think about it. <--CONFIRMED

Maintenance is going HAM on the lawn care. Today's gotta be the day

Confirmed, the food shipment arrived in Tuesday April 17th. Today is still a possibility <-- Who is confirming this? How do you know it is food for Flunk?<---I will not reveal her/his name but they are a distinguished member of the caf staff. <--- If this is actually true, it's sort of ironic that while we were doing the scare this morning, the Flunk Day feast was being delivered. Too bad no one interrogated the truck driver.

The wiki has gone silent. Exactly what the planners want. <--- I was just on my way over to start some things..

Tomorrow does seem pretty unlikely, but perhaps we just aren't digging deep enough for clues! Start hunting y'all!

Campus safety was definitely out patrolling A LOT today... preparations for tomorrow?<---Not only is Campus Safety out but the baseball team swept Monmouth today, tomorrow must be Flunk<---campus safety circled the mudpit in their mules a few time today <--- RIGHT BECAUSE NOTHING SCREAMS 'IT'S FLUNK DAY' LIKE CAMPUS SAFETY DRIVING IN CIRCLES <--- CONFIRMED.

Shut the front door, we beat Monmouth at a sport? IT'S THE APOCALYPSE TOMORROW IS FLUNK DAY BEGIN DRINKING NOW! <---Confirmed, they will lose two more times this weekend also

Call Me Maybe = Best Flunk Day Song Ever <---CONFIRMED, maybe Carley Rae Jepsen will be the performer? <- no, but STILL a better love story than twilight. <--CONFIRMED

9:03 PM Caf workers seen leaving the caf via the loading dock, isn't that a bit later than they usually leave? <--- No, the last shift ends at 9. <- OMG LOL CAF WORKERS DOING WHAT THEY NORMALLY DO. MUST BE FLUNK DAY.

9:30 PM A flock of velociraptors is seen circling the campus. <-- VELOCIRAPTORS ARE RELATED TO CHICKENS. ENOUGH SAID.

9:55 PM ADMITTED STUDENTS DAY IS A LIE! <-- Proof? <-- it isn't a lie, there is an admitted students day. the cake, however, IS a lie.

ATTN EVERYONE: Wednesday, April 18, is Conan O'Brien's birthday. IT MUST BE FLUNK DAY. TEAM COCO 4 FLUNK! <-- Flunk yeah!

10:48 PM I just saw Xavier outside of Old Main with a 4-foot bong!! It's tomorrow! <---Confirmed, this could be huge.

11:25 PM unlikely to have flunk day tomorrow, too many community service activities going on... <-- FALSE. Flunk Day IS community service! <--proof?

12:10AM Jack Moore seen driving his car and dropping off Vincent Rug at his house near the quads! Vincent Rug= SECRET FLUNK DAY PLANNER!= Jack and Vince working of potential Flunk for TOMORROW. . . Or near FUTURE <-hopefully not tomorrow, it's supposed to be ~50-55 degrees and thunderstorm all day. bawk bawk.

12:19 AM Heard some strange noises from Seymour loading dock. <-THIS ISN'T UNUSUAL. <-BETA <-- CONFIRMED, NOISES WERE FROM BETAS

12:58 AM Beta? noises continue. that or velociraptors. maybe both. I really don't want to know at this point. hopefully they don't see their shadow or there'll be 4 more weeks of flunk day waiting!

4:20 am campus safety taking a nap in founders! must be resting up so he can get his flunk on in a couple hours?

April 19th[edit]

ZERO EVENTS ON THE CALENDAR: [4] <--- False: That is the performance of an Honors Project as well as the middle of Greek Week. <--- easiest Greek Week event ever!!!! It MUST be Flunk Day!!!<---It doesn't matter when Greek Week is, Flunk day has no limitations! Flunk Day is April 19th<---This could be HUGE!<---That's what she said. <- CONFIRMED. SHE DID IN FACT SAY THAT.

20th is admitted student day -- Amott won't want a Flunked up campus for Friday. <----- Campus is pretty good at cleaning up. Other than the mudpit [which is permanently scarred into the quads. That is, IF IT GETS BUILT], there are few remnants of Flunk Day the day after flunk. <-- broken beer bottles, mud everywhere, hungover students, garbage, messed up lawn, vomit, broken walls/windows/toilets, etc... sooo easy to clean up @_@. your logic is not at all sound. <- CONFIRMED. LOGIC NOT SOUND. NO FLUNK DAY UNTIL AFTER ADMITTED STUDENTS DAY

Jil Gates was reportedly off campus, all day on Tuesday, April 17th. Could she be meeting with Flunk Day services? Be prepared to Flunk!!

2:30 PM Regina and Kaitlyn spotted in te campus life office. <-maybe because it's their job. derp. ex: OMG LOLZ CAMPUS SAFETY SPOTTED AT CAMPUS SAFETY!!!!! WHATEVER SHALL WE DO??!??

5:03 PM: Jil Gates and Kaitlyn were in the Campus Life office with the main office closed- secret Flunk plans in the works.... FLUNK DAY IS TOMORROW!!! <- FALSE.

8:33 PM: Kaitlyn has a meeting at 9. FLUNK DAY IS TOMORROW. (Or possibly Monday?) <- CONFIRMED, FLUNK DAY IS MONDAY. Or maybe tomorrow... a prospie last week said they thought about coming to the admitted students day on Friday, so I'm pretty sure there legitimately is one. In that case it definitely WON'T be the 19th or 20th

I work in the kitchen and one of the freezers I usually get food out of was locked today. This freezer is never locked! IT'S FLUNCK DAY FOOD! <- the fact that it's in the *freezer* supports the argument that "flunck" day is next Monday.

Maintenance worker said he was looking forward to his "F-word" holiday either Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday of next week. It's happening.

Liz Oatney seen on the Gizmo patio....MUST be flunk day on Monday.

April 20th[edit]

Email sent at 6.21 this morning: "MYTH: The Final Flunk cannot happen on a Friday

FACT: The Final Flunk can happen at any time on any day; yet those who predict the final flunk are all in agreement that it has to be a weekday."

Is Jill Gates trying to throw us off!?! By so obviously hinting that it will be a Friday, will students assume that it is too clear to actually be a Friday? And therefore, making a Friday Final Flunk Extravaganza a MEGA SURPRISE?!

This also could apply to April 27th.

This is an admitted students day. There is no way Flunk Day will be today or Thursday. <--- It would be kind of funny for the admitted students to see campus all FLUNKed up, don't you think? Poor tourguides. "On our right you see students vomiting in the mudpit...."

It's a good thing Flunk Day wasn't today. People would have died.

April 23rd[edit]

Get your specs on youngins cuz Flunk Day’s a comin! We’ve survived both Admitted Student Days and now it’s time to gear up for el Dia de Flunk. All signs point to THIS WEEK being optimal Flunk territory: we’ve kicked out the prospies and next week is right before Teresa Amott’s big day (don’t wanna flunk up campus right before all the alums get here). SO! It’s time to start seriously scouting for FLUNK DAY CLUES:

Any suspicious activity around campus, and I mean any! Nothing is too innocuous to avoid notice and the immediate update of the WikiFire.

Are the seniors acting weird? Keep an eye on those guys; they’ll try to throw you for a loop!

What’s happening around Seymour Union? Lights on at odd hours, movement in the mailroom, strange comings and goings? REPORT ALL TO THE WIKIFIRE!

If you have a car, take it for a spin during the wee hours of the morning. A big indicator this year will be the “mystery performance” of incalculable size. The bigger the show, the harder it is to hide! Look signs of impending ROCK.

FINALLY, never take your eyes of those illustrious Flunk Day Planners! They know all…and they may let something slip. Be vigilant and may the odds be ever in your favor!

I work in the kitchen, and my supervisor told me that Flunk Day was going to be this week! <- CONFIRMED <- FLUNK DAY IS MONDAY

definitely flunk day.


John Spittell moved a midterm from this week to next week... granted it was supposed to take place on Friday, but still. He KNOWS flunk day will be this week, and Monday is the most probable day for the flunkage. <-CONFIRMED. DEFINITELY FLUNK DAY. <--- Our greek midterm was moved back to the end of the week when it was supposed to be tomorrow too. Our professor told us it was specifically because the huge probability for flunk day being in the next day or two.


Jack Moore and Regina are both in Chicago this weekend on "personal" vacations. Very suspicious <-- not really, because they're both from Chicago. #idiot<---S my D. Freshmen<-- confirmed that Jack went home, but Regina is cozy in her suite. <--Definitely Flunk Day tomorrow. Last year the planners went "out of town" right before flunk day. <--CONFIRMED!

Flunk day probably won't be on a Monday- it has been on a Monday for the past two years.<-- THEY'RE STATISTICALLY INDEPENDENT!

Last year, Flunk Day was the Monday after Senate Finance Committee did next year's club budgets all weekend. Finance Committee is doing budgets this weekend. Flunk?

Conger/Neal you NEED to dig the mudpit tonight. No excuses. That includes you Abe Eastman. <--- mudpit is dug? <-- have everyone in your suite donate a few bucks and go to Walmart and buy a few bags of topsoil. THIS IS ESSENTIAL. The mudpit will not be successful unless there is extra "mud" added to it. <--- enlist the help of Sigma Chi! They are SUPER helpful. <--- Actually, just enlist the help of Joe Rogers. The rest of them are lazy fucks. <--- CONFIRMED

According to a trusted source (a professor), Flunk day will be either today or tomorrow. <---Professors are always a trustworthy source of flunk day information <--- Not. <---Professors don't know when flunk day is...except for Jon Wagner, the secret is hidden behind his impenetrable eyelids.

I work at the Gizmo and Linda thinks it might be Monday! <-- CONFIRMED! Linda knows EVERYTHING <-- DOUBLE CONFIRMED!

Kaitlyn is at Red Robin drinking margaritas. Flunk Day must be Monday!!!

Hey nerds, the mud pit is bigger than it was last year. Slow your roll. <-- THIS IS HUGE!

P.S. We know the mudpit is the only good part about flunk day.

Where are the planners?! Jack? Regina? Kaitlyn? updates people, updates. --> Regina seen walking to the Kappa house at approx. 9 pm

absolutely ZERO events on the calendar... el dia de flunk? <-- There are 0 events for the next 3 days. Can't rule out Tuesday and Wednesday for this piece of evidence.

Vince Rug seen filling up water balloons in his kitchen.<--Confirmed.<--He is also a suspected secret flunk day planner.

Gizmo workers were overheard saying that the Flunk Day food shipment hasn't even arrived yet. <---false. Multiple sources have confirmed the presence of the nutritious flunk day food

This entire section of the page just vanished from the Wiki Fire for five minutes. Perhaps the planners trying to cover something up? THIS COULD BE HUGE. <----- CONFIRMED!! suspicious for sure

NOW THERE ARE TWO! <---- CONFIRMED!!! That's double the chances! <-- flunk day is on april 23 for sure <- THIS COULD BE HUGE<---Now there are 23 copies of "April 23rd"...FLUNK DAY!!!!

ALL THE DATES ARE APRIL 23! Scare or clue?

ASHLEY IS HOSTING A PROSPECTIVE STUDENT TONIGHT IN THE ADMISSION'S SUITE......SORRY BUT IT CANNOT BE FLUNK DAY! <---Actually prospective students have been here on past flunk days. THE FLUNK IS STILL ON!!!!<----well that would sure suck for the admission's host.....<--Yeah can anyone confirm if this has happened before?<<<<< Ashley and all others hosting prospies were sent an email and text to bring their prospies to the admissions office before "engaging" in FLUNK activities. THIS COULD BE HUGE<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<CONFIRMED<---- Proof? Pics or it didn't happen

Current moon phase- Waxing Crescent: http://www.calculatorcat.com/moon_phases/phasenow.php TOMORROW IS FLUNK DAY <---THIS COULD BE HUGE!!!

8:25pm: large rv (tour bus??) seen leaving hyvee parking lot and getting on the freeway toward moline...could it be our mystery performer checkin out the burg before heading to their hotel?? <--- Confirmed! A roadie was seen chasing after the bus shouting "wait for me guys!" He also may or may not have been dressed up as Doctor Doom.

Kaitlyn Duling"casually" stopping by Regina's room. Last minute Flunk planning?<-----pics or it didn't happen.

Squirrels heard conversing about Flunk Day preparations and training their young about alcohol awareness. Little known fact: Squirrels are sent a memo with the date of Flunk Day.

8:30pm - Kaitlyn Duling seen purchasing multiple treats in the c-store, including 2 bags of cheese popcorn, trolli gummy worms, ben and jerry's ice cream, altoids, trident gum, and a banana. Flunk treats? I think YES.<-- CONFIRMED. IT LOOKED DELICIOUS. <--- She also had blisters on her feet. Probably from running around planning for tomorrow... <-- Does she need any band-aids?

8:30pm: silver car pulled over by SMC.. Could this be fulfulling Flunk day prophesy? <---PROPHESY FULFILLED! OUR DESTINY CANNOT BE REVERSED! FLUUUNK DAAAAAY!!!!

8:50 pm: Helmut seen hurrying into Seymour. <--- The end is near.. <-- Can anyone confirm? Where is his car?<---He drives a red Mazda Miata.

8:54 pm: Founders is a buzz with Flunk Fever!!

8:59 pm: "2012" is on FX. Pre-Final Flunk celebration? <---- Inception is on HBO could this be a flunk within a flunk. prepare your totem.

9:01 pm: ☯ k®♎∆§µ∆w♬ ☯ ︻╦╤─ ‏

9:03- NONE of the seniors are doing their homework, if Facebook is any indication. FLUNK DAAAY<---that's a symptom of being a senior

ALOCHOL <--Typo. Must be drunk already. Flunk Day is tomorrow! <--- I MEANT WHAT I SAID. AL-O-CHOL.

No admitted students are signed up for visits in Monday. They are a lot on scheduled Wednesday and they are legitimate. <-- FALSE. There are 3 students for Monday, 1 for Tuesday, and 8 for Wednesday. <-- I guess admitted students are going to see inebriated college students, then. <--- FALSE. There are NO ADMITTED STUDENTS LEFT. <-- There are visitors almost every day of the week year-round, whether they are admitted students coming back to audition or meet with professors, or high school juniors getting ahead on their college search. <-- IT IS THE FINAL FLUNK. NO ONE WILL BE LEFT. <---- SO WISEEEEEE

9:43- The C-store is pretty much out of Coke, but there are tons of cartons of eggs.

9:47 - IT IS TOMORROW HOLY FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <--care to share why? <--- CARE TO HAVE FAITH? <---Because the more exclamation points you use, the more likely it becomes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <--- False. More exclamations points means that there it is most likely someone planning a scare <----- YOURE A SCARE! <--"Multiple exclamation marks are a sure sign of a diseased mind"-Terry Pratchett

- Terry Pratchett.


9:58 - BARRED OWL. Two conversing <---- CONFIRMED.

10:00pm I can't reveal more details, because it has the potential to get me and my co-workers/bosses in trouble, but there have been some very mysterious goings-on in the Admissions Office.<--- PROOF?!?

10:01 - Jim Mountjoy left for town. First time in two weeks. FLUNK DAY. <-- A past Greek Oaks person confirmed that the Professors leave Green Oaks for Flunk Day.

10:11 - Too many exclamation marks on the WikiFire. FLUNK DAY!

maybe flunk day is just the end of the world

Kaitlyn Duling just took her vitamins. Gearing up for the big day tomorrow?

10:08pm- Suspected friar seen hurrying to her apartment carrying a large bag of alcohol. Friars are getting ready! THE END IS NEAR!

10:05 PM Andrei Papancea was on the phone with Kaitlyn, hung up and whispered to Amanda G that tomorrow is Flunk Day

10:13- Emily Young seen eating Pizza Rolls in bed. <--THIS COULD BE HUGE. <--CONFIRMED SHE'S STILL EATING THEM!!!!!!!!

10:14 Rob Smith just sent an email attachment with the readings for WEDNESDAY....he usually passes them out in class which would be tomorrow.....THIS COULD BE HUGE

Get your shit together Knox, no more stupid posts about people that don't matter. <-- EVERYONE MATTERS TO SOMEONE. <-- How can you be mean to Emily Young??? She's so wonderful!

People gettin' mean on the Wikifire. WHY CANT WE JUST ALL GET ALONG?! FOR THE FLUNK?! INTERROBANG?! <- the end is near, sometimes people need to be mean. <-- There's never any excuse for being mean

" I just wish we could all get along like we used to in middle school. I wish that I could bake a cake made out of rainbows and smiles, and we'd all eat it and be happy" <---THE POSTER DOESN'T EVEN GO HERE <-CONFIRMED. POSTER GOES TO MONMOUTH.

I'm sick and don't want to do my homework FLUNK DAY IS MONDAY!

Lights on in the Union Board office..... <-- Pictures? <-- FEAST YER EYES http://i.imgur.com/vUPcb.jpg

10:28 Betas seen on the porch, bagging windows and making loud noises... its flunk day tomorrow <--That is just Beta being Beta. Don't panic.<<<<<< Sources show that betas know the night before because one of the betas have family connections to administration and the school. It has happened the past 2 years that the betas party the night before but keep it quiet so they can be drunk rowdy assholes all day.<<<<<<CONFIRMED.<<<<<Cale Dahm, Senior at beta, says "What the flunk is that smell?" [IMG]http://i39.tinypic.com/eb5yxg.jpg[/IMG]<<<< AND TWO BETAS LIKE IT! THIS COULD BE HUGE!

10:42 Multiple seniors seen at Walmart stocking up on various supplies

10:45 Laundry room in Williston almost empty, save for one running dryer. Clean clothes soon to be soiled by the mud pit? <---This could be HUGE!!!!!! Break out your flunk day stash boys and girls, its flunking time!

10:53 Just finished a 15 page assignment due tomorrow. It's DEFINITELY flunk day. Bring on the shots.


           -As seen from the outside the caf (note the lights above the buffet -- these aren't usually on) http://i.imgur.com/HwkbV.jpg
           -As seen from outside the oak room: http://i.imgur.com/S9DSt.jpg
           -As seen from between the doors to the Lincoln Room: http://i.imgur.com/r0YwD.jpg         <---CONFIRMED! THEY ARE SO ON! THIS IS HUGE!

11:00pm STAGE LEFT (on the lawn) http://i.imgur.com/Ycf1i.jpg <--- Holy shit, this picture sucks.

11:00pm DOORS TO MAIL ROOM STILL OPEN (they are usually closed by now) http://i.imgur.com/bR1x1.jpg <---And the papers are off the windows!!Are they trying to throw us off the scent?

11:22 PM LIZ WOODYARD AND CHRIS JOHNSON ARE OVER 9000% SURE ITS FLUNK DAY<------FLUNK LIASON TO ALUMNI<---------CONFIRMED <-neither of them are drinking tonight because they think it's flunk day tomorrow. I don't know what further proof anyone needs. <- CONFIRMED. <- DOUBLE CONFIRMED

Remember that glittery red face stuff they had in a box in the gallery? Pre-Flunk gift. They want us sparkly as hell for the big day! <--- false. it was from Galesburg HS's Prom. <-- But why share if it's not in support of Flunk Day festivities?

11:35pm 2 fratboys just walked by our window and saying they can't wait for flunk day.. are they in the know? That's...I don't even.

11:30 Kaitlyn Duling updated her timeline photo to a FLUNK DAY PICTURE!<-- CONFIRMED! Is she telling us something or is it tomfoolery? <--- DOUBLE CONFIRMED http://i.imgur.com/Annra.jpg <----CONFIRMEDx3 Kaitlyn loves tomfoolery <------ THIS COULD BE HUGE

11:41 My mom claims that she hasn't gotten any emails. I told her to stop trolling. http://postimage.org/image/sibdm55aj/

Straight off of Facebook: "Charlotte Garvin and 24 other friends changed their profile pictures." - Definitely Flunk day! <--- who cares she's a sophomore

Speculating that the seniors are trolling us. This is happening way to early... <--- AGREED! We'll all be horribly let down when it isn't flunk day!

11:44 The Union Board office lights are still on.. and its a Sunday night.. Flunk Day tomorrow?

11:47 Conger-Neal kids filling up trashcan with water for mudpit <--Pics? isnt it a little early? <--- It's never too early to start on the mudpit, it should have been done weeks ago!

At 10:59 pm Gregg Lewis sent an email to his voice student saying he was moving studio class tomorrow to friday. He said he would only move the class for FLUNK DAY. <-- And for the mandatory rehearsals for his out-of-town gig. Gregg doesn't know when Flunk Day is, and if he did, he probably wouldn't even realize he had a studio class scheduled for the same day.

11:45 pm: Just checked all the campus parking lots (and I mean ALL OF THE PARKINGZ) and there was no sign of Helmut's convertible. <----two years ago he was dropped off and his car was not on campus <--- I searched also. I suspect he was dropped off.

11:50pm: Kaitlyn Duling: If you can make Flunk Day not tomorrow, I will personally buy you band aids for your feet. I will find the same ones Bieber puts on his fingers. http://www.vulture.com/2010/09/justin_bieber_wears_band_aids.html <----Kaitlyn does love Bieber. Possible mystery flunk performer!? <--- I really hope it's not Bieber, I'd rather jump into shark-infested waters during a feeding frenzy

12:03 AM: The mail server is down! Clearly a conspiracy to indicate they are preparing the flunk day email...<--CONFIRMED <-- DOUBLE CONFIRMED <--No one reads Steve Hall's emails. <--CONFIRMED <--- BUT WE DIDN'T GET A WARNING ABOUT SYSTEM MAINTENANCE! HE ALWAYS SENDS THOSE! <--Check it out, email migration started at midnight.


12:29 AM: XKCD updated and it's about the end of the world. Obviously, tomorrow's Flunk Day: http://xkcd.com/1046/

12:33 AM: Seniors holding mystery meeting at Cherry Street tonight? Can someone confirm? <--- Confirmed that they're fucking with us! Cherry Street is closed! <---- LOL! Now the Seniors know how much it sucks to fuck with the underclassmen!

12:35am: Seniors are aware !!! TOMORROW (or today) IS NOT FLUNK DAY! <---- planning a scare DOES NOT mean that they KNOW flunk day is not tomorrow. they don't find out this early <----- They planned a scare last year on the real Flunk Day. That doesn't matter.

12:43 AM: Gizmo calendar next to the register reads FLUNK DAY! This is clearly a sign that it's Flunk Day. <--- Pics or it didn't happen. <-- http://imgur.com/55377 Had to take it close because crappy phone camera. This could be HUGE <-- CONFIRMED

12:49 AM: I'm 12 and what is this? <--- What is this I don't even

1:06 AM: There's something on the calendar about little kids coming to campus to learn languages. Can anyone confirm if this is real? <-- yes they do it in GDH every Monday

1:20 AM: 40 seniors were pranked (?) into thinking that they were friars. Phone number is based in North Carolina and the only two people that are from NC are Clarke Cuthbert (no longer going to Knox) and Krista Nordgren, both seniors. <---Can't forget Rachel L.!

1:57am-Rumor is the friar emails just went out!! Can someone confirm this? <---Server is up, but emails are probably a hoax. THIS COULD BE HUGE.

1:59 am: Silly Bands are on all of Seymour 3A's doors IT IS FUCKING FLUNK DAY<--What's a silly band and what does this mean??? <<-- Pictures, man, PICTURES! We crave sensible evidence! <----- Photo on 2012-04-23 at 02.14.jpg ON ALL OF 3A's door knobs but not 3B WHYYYY???

2:26 AM: It's Clint Davis's birthday today! Clearly this is a conspiracy and it has to be Flunk Day in honor of the coolest guy on campus. Happy Birthday Clint!

2:34 AM: Server is down again.

2:49am- There seems to be some activity around Tompkins apartments. Doesn't Jil live there? <- CONFIRMED!

3:12 AM- Javier and Teresa were spotted by the train tracks hitting Javier's four-footer. THIS COULD BE HUGE.

4:36 AM: Everyone has gone to sleep, seemingly giving up speculating about a monday flunkpocalypse. I am left alone, cold, and procrastinating to hold out against all odds. This could be huge. <-------- You're never alone in the hunt for the Flunk.

5:12 AM: HELMUT IS HERE! Just saw him walking towards seymour as i walked out to go back to post. <--Does he normally got to breakfast?

6:06 AM: No email, not flunk day.

April 24th[edit]

Everything disappeared because the final flunk is April 23rd, there is no April 24th. The world will end after the final flunk!!! So line up the shots, break into your stash, jump in the mud pit and flunking have a flunking fun flunk day!!!

No promise that the 23rd is flunk day but if it isn't we will have to wait until at least Wednesday as there are home softball games on Tuesday. Confirmation on opponents schedule: http://www.mac.edu/athletics/softball/scores.asp <-- Athletic events can be fake. And even if this one isn't, Flunk Day has flunked up athletic events in the past. <--- Flunk Day has occurred on days where there have been away sporting events, not any home ones though. And this ISN'T fake. That was the point in showing the opponents schedule, MacMurray would not put it on their website if it were not actually going to occur. <-- Unless they don't know it's not going to occur...<-- Why isn't MacMurray softball on the Knox events calendar? Suspicious...

Zumba is cancelled!

Forrest thinks Flunk Day is today. Forrest always knows. <-- Hippie Forrest? He thought yesterday was flunk day.

9:20am DINING SERVICES RECEIVING FOOD SHIPMENT RIGHT NOW. <-- I thought they already received the Flunk food? <---- the caf gets a food shipment every weekday. irrelevant

9:30am What do the Flunk Day shirts look like this year? <--- Sad and grey, like the fact that they didn't do student-designed shirts again. <-- Have you seen the 2010 shirts? Horrible! <--- Sad? who are you kidding- in four years this is the ONLY shirt I WANT to buy and have bought! and it is not typical for a student-designed contest... last year was the only hear I heard of it.

10:07am Dean Breitborde cancels Tuesday's Curriculum Committee meeting, very rare. <-- http://i40.tinypic.com/2yyo9xk.png <--re-post with the to and from, the image looks sketchy. < -- first of all, go fuck yourself. Sketchy? incorrect: http://i40.tinypic.com/15yewdx.jpg Some people are great flunktectives, you aren't. <---Looks damn credible. The Final Flunk is upon us. Didn't Larry clear his whole schedule for flunk day last year??? This could be important... anyone have a meeting cancelled with him later in the day??

12:20pm Grab n Go staff worker says we'll be anticipating Flunk Day for a couple of weeks yet. Trying to throw us off the scent?<--Who, Marla? She's totally flunking with you.<-- No I heard that Helmut hinted to her that it won't be in April. But he could be lying.

Tuesday (this day) is the Bradley Girl Talk trip. Buses have been reserved. Students have paid for tix. doesn't bode well for flunkage.<---Could be a hoax to throw people off. Not much advertising for this event. The buses could be used for friars... <-- does flunk day have an official end time? If students are not supposed to leave for girl talk until after dinner, they could just have a really long day. <-- Flunk Day is from 6:30am to 11:00pm. Technically. <-- I have staunchly believed that this Girl Talk excursion has been fake since the day we received that email. Yes, students paid for tickets...but that money can easily be refunded. They only sold tickets for two days, from 5:30-7:30. Usually when Union Board tables they at least try to do some lunch hours. The whole thing seems sketchy as flunk...and since it's a Union Board activity, they can EASILY cancel it. And I'm pretty sure that people wouldn't be upset about missing out on this in order to celebrate Flunk Day. < -- It is also really weird that the trip is not on Union Board's facebook events page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Knox-College-Union-Board/233752620674?sk=events

    • It is a known fact that Jil Gates is friends with the Bradley director-- The concert is a cover up as the receptionist for Bradley had no idea that Knox was coming to the concert!!! --- PROOF?? This could be huge. <-- Tickets to the Girl Talk concert are sold to the public through Ticketmaster, so of course the receptionist had no idea what you were talking about. <-- If they were sold through Ticketmaster, it is possible that they were never purchased at all.

74 Degrees and party cloudy. Sounds like some good flunking weather.

Regina sent out the work schedule for Flunk Day. Proof that it could be reallllllly soon! <-- THIS COULD BE HUGE!!

Received a text from a friend and Flunk observer in DeKalb at NIU: "I just saw a truck pulling some carnival equipment and I think it is going to Galesburg for The Final Flunk. Nevermind if it was going the wrong way, it's probably to confuse everyone." THIS COULD BE HUGE. <-- Ha.

4:53pm: Saw Jil Gates walking from downtown area. Dressed in Grey and Black- looked sketchy... must have been on a FLUNK DAY mission... what else brings her out of her office before 6pm! Last minute errands for FLUNK DAY!!!!

Lance Factor cancelled wednesday's Environmental Ethics course because he knows we'll all be too hungover to come to class. Monica Berlin also cancelled her evening class tomorrow for a mysterious play that her son is in at school that she knew nothing about, except that the theme is "Individuality." Strange how so many professors are cancelling classes...<-- also Monica never cancels class...and what kind of parent doesn't know anything about their son's play? And wouldn't she have known for a while and could have told her class earlier in the term? <---what kind of play is on a Tuesday night? <---Gabe Raley emailed ANSO 103 to lighten the work load...MORE TIME 2 FLUNK.

Sketchy things observed by seniors during the scare this morning:
(Also, These are true. These things happened. I would not shit you. But whether or not they predict Flunk Day as tomorrow remains to be seen.)
1. Craig Southern was in his office at 5:50am...not quite normal, right? Regardless of if lottery numbers are stressing him out, why would he show up to work two hours early? Answer: getting extra work done because he knows that Tuesday is Flunk Day.
2. As we ran by the first-year side of Post and continued back towards Hamblin/Exec, a custodial worker yelled at us "You guys have the wrong day! It's tomorrow!"
3. Jack Moore was absent, yet he participated in the previous Epic Scare. According to several sources, he got 12 hours of sleep last night, from 10pm to 10am. Why? Preparation for Flunk of course! <-----------Or, he does this every night, because he is a huge blower lame. <----nah, he's just HUGE.

10:17 PM Just spotted Xavier at America's Best Value with a four foot bong!!!!! <----confirmed!! THIS COULD BE HUGE! <--- QUADRUPLE CONFIRMED...ONCE FOR EACH FOOT OF HIS BONG!

it's too calm here <--probably because everyone was so disappointed this morning that no one wants to get their hopes up. also it's only 10:34

HAM! for flunk day! <---- and SNACKS!! <-- ???

11:16 PM C'mon people, is no one else here? Let's not get disheartened. Anything seem suspicious? ANYWHERE? <--- The fact that there is nothing suspicious is suspicious! < -- Suspected calm before the storm.

Did anyone think that maybe all the action last night was a distraction? that all the pre-FLUNK action was done last night in an attempt to throw us off. and tonight the inactivity is to make us unaware of FLUNK DAY tomorrow. they want us to be discouraged by getting our hopes high for April 23 when the actual FLUNK is April 24.. <-- THIS COULD BE HUGE!

Campus Safety sent TKS the Campus Safety Log today instead of Tuesday. Katy Sutcliffe has written it for three years and says that has NEVER ONCE HAPPENED. Flunk Day must be tomorrow so they had to write it today!

Debbie Southern just emailed me to make an appointment for tomorrow. Possible evidence against flunk day? Possibly just flunking with us?<--- why is debbie southern still awake?<--staying up late for the Flunk? THIS COULD BE HUGE<---Dibbie is sick. No appointments tomorrow. 'Lawl. This could also be huge.'

12:56 AM Alum, Carlyse Owens, living in Chicago area, feeling the Flunk. Must be Flunk Day

12:57 AM Lights on in Mailroom <-- Pics or it didn't happen.<--Can anyone confirm? <----Confirmed! But no lights behind the boxes. <--- Saw some weird-looking things in mailboxes, could have just been unchecked spam mail, could be something more?

2:00 AM- It smells bad outside. Flunk Funk?

4:34 AM- Caf and Dining Service lights are on. Several workers have been spotted. Lots of movement. Preparing Flunk breakfast? #ithinkso <------ Can anyone confirm? <--- Confirmed! Working in the Rodge Lodge and I hear lots of movement upstairs. Also #hashtagsaredumb

4:0? AM- Senior Alex L heard singing down the stairs of the Yellows. Friar?

5:28 AM group of frosts gathering by the Townhouses <----- CAN ANYONE CONFIRM? CAUSE THIS COULD BE FREAKING HUGE.


6:04 Not today folks, nope.

April 25th[edit]

Too bad Flunk Day wasn't Monday... now it won't even be a surprise. Union Board Fail. I am disappoint. <- seconded. <- everyone's always disappointed in Union Board <- CONFIRMED <- DOUBLE CONFIRMED <-THIS COULD BE HUGE <- THIS IS ALREADY HUGE <- THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID <- UNION BOARD STILL SUCKS <- CONFIRMED

John Spittell and Daniel Beers both think Flunk Day is Wednesday. Done deal. <-- Beers is my boy.

Zazen meditation is the only event on the calendar. Is it Flunk or is it foolery?

They added a photo exhibit to the schedule, but it's at the Civic Art Center. Trying to throw us off the scent of Flunk?

Sam Martone's official prediction says sam martone sucks. So he obviously does <--CONFIRMED <-- DOUBLE CONFIRMED <--THIS COULD BE HUGE <- TRIPLE CONFIRMED.

This is definitely the day of flunk just going on a whim here

If this isn't the sanctioned date of Flunk Day, the school should revolt and flunk anyways. No more scares. GIVE US THE FINAL FLUNK! <--CONFIRMED <--DOUBLE CONFIRMED <-- TRIPLE CONFIRMED. We need to make sure the whole school knows!

Debbie Southern cancelled an important weekly meeting because the 25th is Secretary's Day... A lame cover-up if you ask me.

Today is Flunk Day. Yep.

The suspected musical guest is Gym Class Heroes. On their tour they are in Macomb on the 23rd and then in NY on the 28th. Why the break? FLUNK DAY OF COURSE. <--- Bands take breaks on tour for any variety of reasons. There are also gaps like this in their schedule for May, too. <--- We all know bands always have gaps in their tour schedules. Clearly the original poster doesn't mean they're taking a break FOR flunk day, just that there's always the option that they can be here... <-- It has been reported on the Facebook page today that Gym Class is too expensive... http://www.facebook.com/events/413379372024883/ who could it be???

There are fifteen prospies coming Wednesday, so today is probably notttt the day. 5 of them are due to stay overnight also. <--- prove it. FLUUUNK DAY BETCHES! <--- Admissions has been known to make-up prospects to visit on flunk day so this is just more evidence that this IS flunk day <----Prospies can be here on flunk day. <-------- ALSO, three different people working with admissions have told me three different numbers of prospies for Wednesday. Sketchy? <---- Proof for Prospies on flunk day: I stayed overnight on Flunk Day last year.

It's going to be rainy as fuck. Indoor flunks? Flunk in the rain? <--- they always set a rain date for Flunk Day, so if it's pouring out, Flunk Day will be postponed and we would be none the wiser... <--Ummm I thought the company they used was from like Florida or some coast, I'm sure once the date is chosen after a certain time, whether rain or shine they can't turn back on it. SO FLUNK THE RAIN! It will only make for a better mudpit!<---- It's not going to be "rainy as fuck." Learn how much 30-40% chance actually means. <-- It means the weatherpeople don't got their shit straight. <---Before you get angry maybe you should check the forecast again idiot

Williston's janitor Gary said in passing that today's the day. Someone needs to find out what he knows!

It is today if it is indeed this week. :) hi <--The campus life calendar is not trustworthy.

All Day: Beta's seen being idiots, everyday. Flunk day doesnt matter when your always awesome <---CONFIRMED <-----you're* <---Bad grammar doesn't matter when they're just proving their point about being idiots. <----Exactly why I pointed it out.

There are only two online assignments lined up for phys 167, when there are normally enough to cover at least a week and a half. Schulz must be preparing to cover Wednesday's material on Friday! <-- This MUST be the case. The Physics department knows all!

Craig Southern sent out an email earlier today in which he said all housing applications are to be picked up Wednesday (April 25th) and filled out and returned the next day. Would he tell people to pick up housing applications on flunk day?<----Those who are going to apply for a single better be on their shit. <----why would he know/care? <-- He also just sent out an e-mail saying that the forms are due on Thursday at 4PM, but he did not say anything about Wednesday.<--- Yeah he did, "all applications will be available beginning tomorrow (Wednesday) in the Campus Life Office."

Flunk Day is ruining my life.

HAM! on flunk day!

10:30am Helmut has dining services staff member Denise prepare the cucumber sauce for tomorrow's gyro bar this morning. Sign of no flunk?

11:40am theyre mowing the lawns <-- they mowed the lawns yesterday! double mow since they won't be able to mow around the moon bounce and dance party tomorrow.

Prophetic dream that flunk day was tomorrow. Also, in dream, Jil Gates was going around saying "why do you assume that flunk day has to only last for one day?" My dreams have been proven true 25% of the time. <-- THIS COULD BE HUGE!

3:27 p.m. George with the really long hair who graduated last year spotted on campus! He must BE BACK FOR FLUNK DAY! Alumni always know! <-- He has been back for about a week. SNU was doing a thing. <-he came back for SNU's activation

3:10pm important chem 399 ACS speaker rescheduled to speak next Wednesday. <---I'm in chem 399 too, can you back this up?

3:50 p.m. A group of ol dmen, maybe Alumni, walking towards CFA. Overheard one ask, "Well? Is it going to be Flunk Day tomorrow?" Another, looking like he had authority, said, "No. It's not." They were all dressed in suits. one carried a roller briefcase. Another was wearing a bowler hat. <-there was only one set of footprints in the sand. when asked why, Jesus responded "sand people ride single file to hide their numbers"

4:10 p.m. Helmut just left campus in his red convertible. I work in the caf, so I know he usually works until 6-7ish. Getting ready for an early morning?

4:09 pm Kathleen Drake sent an email to Williston about damages on Flunk Day. WHY WAIT UNTIL NOW?

5:10 pm Jack Moore and Kaitlyn Duling exiting Jil Gates's apartment. Last minute flunk planning?


The Quickie man thinks wednesday is the day!!

5:19 PM: JPow cancels his fifth period microeconomics class because he's "going out of town tomorrow". Going out of town, or getting started early for THE FINAL FLUNK?! <--- NO. He's definitely not getting ready for an early flunk. Trust me. <- Jpow does not think tomorrow is flunk day.

6:20pm: I went to buy gin at the Quickie and this was my conversation with the Quickie guy:
Quickie Guy: "Only one more day!"
Me: "Do you think it's tomorrow?"
QG: "It's always tomorrow."
Me: "Yeah, you're right..."
QG: "But no I think it's tomorrow. I just have a feeling."
BAM. Quickie Guy has a feeling. Start drinking. -->> ALREADY STARTED.

6:30 PM Seniors seen purchasing flunk day materials at Hyvee and Walmart. Let the games begin. <- a problem we won't be having <-liz?

7:01 PM around 10-11 hours from now, we shall all be flunking.

7:08 PM Josh Balk texted Lexi Vernon saying that EMT class was canceled for tonight because he was "stuck on a call." Obviously, he just wants a good night's sleep before he's extra busy ambulancing people from the Final Flunk.

7:12 PM Seniors are preparing Jello shots for the final flunk. <--- Don't seniors do this on a daily basis? <--- Speaking as a senior, yes. Every day. Jello shots.

Approx. 6 PM: Saw Teresa Amott walking around with the man in the bowler hat and the man with the rolling suitcase. They were carrying four-foot bongs. <<--CONFIRMED

A student in Professor Fowler's class said that he knows tomorrow is Flunk Day because he can PREDICT THE FUTURE. <---Seems legit. <-- THE LEGITIMACY OF THIS KNOWLEDGE IS OUT OF ANYONE'S CONTROL!!!!! LEGIT FLUNK NOW AND FOREVER!!! WE WILL RISE TO SEE A NEW FUTURE OF FLUNK AND FRIVOLITY!!! FOREVER AND EVER UNTIL DOOMSDAY DO WE PART! <-----Fowler is always legit. And always very very good looking! I say we believe him!

Approx. 7:30 p.m. Jack Moore spotted wearing Flunk Day shirt in caf. FLUNK DAY IS TOMORROW GUYS.

THIS IS BIG!!! earlier today two students drove past a large, ELECTRIC PURPLE TOUR BUS on MAIN STREET. Our musical guest?!?!?!?!?!?!? <-----only logical guess is then PRINCE. <--- pics or it didn't happen. <--- I don't have a smart phone, SORRY but you're just going to have to trust a fellow knoxer.

Suspected Musical Guest: Rebecca Black. <- Confirmed by Craig Southern <-- This is only ok if she performs the Flunk Day version of "Friday". <----everyone would puke up their alcohol consumption of the day

Earlier today a unusual moving truck was spotted parked near the HyVee http://thewikifire.org/images/3/39/Truck.jpg <--legit. ,<-- CONFIRMED SAW THAT TRUCK LAST NIGHT DRIVING CIRCLES AROUND TOWN.

8:18 PM Flunking Flunk should just Flunk.

Flunk Day is coming. The Starks are always right eventually. <-----CONFIRMED

8:30 Former Flunk Day Planers spotted flying into Peoria.

Today, Nancy Eberhardt told her ANSO 326 class to be "awake and cheery and ready for a great class discussion" on Thursday. Suspicious? I think Yes.

8:40pm hyvee wine and spirits worker says he has seen a lot of knox customers today and damn do we drink a lot, way to keep it classy <-you were clearly there as well, so flunk off. <-- Cool flunk spirit, bro. ^^ o are you just upset that you cant legally buy booze yet? sucks to suck. <--We stimulate the Galesburg economy with our purchases of vodka and gummy bears.

9:04 PM Jill Gates' door closes fairly hard....Flunk Day?

9:12 PM- Forgot to post this earlier. Three unmarked white vans circled campus several times this morning around second period. These were NOT the vans that are normally passing the school to carry train workers to the yard. Vendors checking out the space for tomorrow? The FBI? Javier's vans full of bongs? <--The FBI has black SUVs. Don't you watch Criminal Minds <--- they had Indiana plates. Gotta look at that shit. There was also a softball game going on.


9:20pm - my Danielle Fatkin class for tomorrow was cancelled 'due to illness'... COULD THAT BE COVERUP FOR FLUNK? ---> No, professors don't know when it is Flunk-->And anyway if they did know, there would be no reason to cancel class. Logic, people. Use it. <-- I know that. It's called hype. Stop spoilers. <--- CONFIRMED. DANIELLE FATKIN IS THE FLUNK DAY QUEEN! <---- Whoever confirmed this is an idiot!!! <---- CONFIRMED <--- DOUBLE CONFIRMED <---You're an idiot. I'LL BE FLUNKING LONG BEFORE YOU EVEN KNOW WHO YOU ARE. <--- Dude, she always cancels class.

The Senate Exec debates are tomorrow, would they really cancel that for Flunk Day?.....I think yes! =D <--- Depending on when they sent it in, it won't matter <--- very unclear response! IT IS FLUNK DAY TOMORROW!!! <--- Already have back-up plans on Facebook page, asshole! <-- I was being genuine.

My friend said she's planning to finger herself tomorrow, would she really plan to masturbate if tomorrow was FLUNK DAY???? <-- Who wouldn't masturbate on Flunk Day. <--- Everyone who gets laid.

Helmut seen driving around Galesburg near HyVee. What would he be doing at 9:30 on a Tuesday night if it wasn't flunk day?! <--Confirmed! <--- Pics or it didn't happen!

9:34pm- Jil Gates apartment lights are off. They are never off. Definitely Flunk Day. <-- isn't she at the Girl Talk thing? <--- SUPPOSEDLY. that's what she said today. but who really knows? is anyone's friends there? can they confirm Jil's presence????

9:51pm-Seniors seen being sketchy by Hamblin/Tompkins. <--- What else is new?<--Even if tomorrow's not Flunk Day, logic says there'll be a scare, so of course seniors are sketch.

The baseball coaches were having a private meeting after the games today and a player overheard them saying it was flunk day tomorrow.<-- Wait, would they know? <--- BASEBALL COACHES KNOW ALL! START DRINKING!!!

Someone said that a fire marshal said it was flunk day on wednesday. <--- I overheard my sister talking to a friend who heard her uncle tell his brother-in-law that Jesus talked to Ghandi about Flunk Day 2012, Ghandi told Jesus that it was on May 25th. <--- emergency services are told nothing of impending Flunkitude. I've tried getting info from the paramedics I do ride-alongs with, but they had none to give, and were not happy about it.

945 pm jack Moore seen driving away from campus. Last seen heading north on academy <--Seniors in pursuit. Will report back.

10:10 pm Jack Moore seen walking with a group of seniors on West Street towards Post

10:15 pm - Went to the 4th stall in Seymour 3 and found shit in the bowl in the shape of an "F." Gotta be Flunk Day. Thanks for the heads up, Alphie!

10:20pm Miss Maggie is in the kitchen. Is she making vegan flunk day breakfast treats for her Mu Mu sisters? <--Confirmed! Tomorrow is flunk day! <-- Miz Maggie save me somadat vegan fixins! Guuuuurl dont forget the pot butter!

Beautiful late night story telling....FLUNK DAY. How much more proof do you need?

10:15 The Quickie man told me that at this time, (I had arrived 15 minutes later) a large group of "Outsiders" had come into the quickie, along with a lot of vehicle traffic during the day. This could be huge.

10:30pm Caf lady seen pushing half-empty garbage can with empty bags in it from Seymour to the loading dock <-- also mail room doors closed and paper only on one window.. ---> pics??

10:52pm seen a long ass-white truck driving towards where there is hotels at. Could this be flunk day stuff? I think so! <--- What does ass-white look like? Is it kind of like an eggshell white? <- CONFIRMED

11:04pm - just got pulled over by the cops. apparently failed to signal?! As the cop comes back with the ticket : "Why all the liquor in the back. Are a Knox kid?" Me: "Yes" Cop: "Oh, I didn't know they were telling you guys when flunk day is" Me: "They don't! But everyone thinks it is tomorrow!" Cop: "Ha ha ha, guess they are right. They told us in our shift meeting to expect drunk students in the morning hours" ....Since this i love the cops (at least until they bust us the next time.) <---- Can you confirm? I just texted someone on GPD who heard nothing about this....doubtful!

11:11pm http://i.imgur.com/uwb2y.jpg

11:31pm I smelled outside. It smelled like Flunk Day.

11:32pm Just FYI, Blink 182 has a purple tour bus http://images.travelpod.com/tw_slides/ta00/a59/198/we-slept-next-to-44s-tour-bus-blink-182-riegelwood.jpg They are also a group, have had a song in the billboard top 100, and they don't have to be in Oklahoma until May 10th!!!!!!! FLUNK DAY BREAK?!?!?! <---If we really cant afford Gym Class, this is not even remotely close to possible, that being said, it would be awesome <---coming from arguably THE biggest blink fan on campus, there is no way its them. They're in rehearsal for a short european stint and Bamboozle. I follow all members on twitter and they're all rehearsing in Los Angeles california as of today. that said, I would go into a coma if they played here.

Guys, clearly they got Swedish rock band Europe to play for us. Final Flunk needs Final Countdown.

11:38pm Activity spotted in campus life! VIDEO PROOF: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHg5SJYRHA0 <---- CONFIRMED

11:39 PM OH LOOK AT ME I CAN POST A POEM TOO, LOOK AT HOW ARTISTIC I AM. REFRIGERATOR. --> pics or it didn't happen!!!!!!!!!!!! <- proof <- James? <-that gif is awesome <- CONFIRMED

11:45pm Prospie in the admissions suite<----LIAR!!!!!! <---- PROSPIES BEING HERE DON'T MATTER. STOP CARING ABOUT THE PROSPIES

11:49pm- THE WORDEN SEEN NAKED THRU WINDOW MUST BE FLUNK DAY! (changing... yes i watch... im from asain house.)

11:50pm: Kaitlyn just showed up in Regina's suite unexpectedly! <---- FALSE, they don't even go here.

11:55pm: Sienna is talking to herself in founders. <----CONFIRMED, SO LOUD.

12:01am-There are A LOT of vehicles in the Holiday Inn Express Parking lot for a Tuesday night in Galesburg. Including a truck carrying a large pulley system. Flunk Day Equipment. Yes. <---- Can anyone confirm? Pics? <---I can confirm. Was also at the Comfort Inn?, or another galesburg hotel (checked many), there earlier, three trailers attached to trucks and vans. In the back of one of the trucks was what i believe was a large air compressor, perfect for inflatables

12:03 a.m. Helm's Deep has fallen, and it did it with weird subtitles. FLUNK DAY IS TOMORROW.<------False Helm's Deep never falls. Unless you see trees moving around campus, not sure what this has to do with Flunk Day.

12:11 a.m. - The math problems to edit the wikifire are getting harder. Trying to inhibit communication? FLUNK. --> It's because we're all already drunk --> CONFRIRMED


12:21 Saw the Knox Fox partying with the Betas. It's so Flunk Day. 12:24 Tom Axtell is acting like Robert De Niro. DEFINITELY Flunk Day. <----CONFIRMED! THIS COULD BE HUGE.

12:23 am.: Kaitlin Duling and Regina seen LEAVING A SUITE TOGETHER while WEARING BACKPACKS.

12:23 am: Got a text from a friend: "Way suspicious semi in a dark corner of the menards lot. Unmarked." (they're going back for pics)

12:43 a.m. Lights on in the mail room, but not behind the boxes. Nothing covering the windows. <---- Try at like 4 or 5 AM. That's when they actually stuff mailboxes. <--- not true, Neil told me he had to spend the night in the mailroom once because if he left at 2AM, students would know it was flunk day.

I'm flunking tomorrow, I guess today, regardless of whether it is flunk day or not. Just saying.

12:47 a.m.: Jill Gates seen entering Campus Life Office! Why else would she do so unless tomorrow is El Dia de Flunk?? <--- To throw us off maybe. But this COULD be HUGE!!! Any confirmations? <---- i'm sure this is true, but i'm sure they just got back from the girl talk concert.

1:02 am: Another text: "We nearly definitively found flunk day. Lots of trucks and vans with equipment and out of state license plates at holiday inn express. Have pics" (awaiting pics)<--It's been a half an hour.

1:05 am: Andy Glass is [5]

Miss Congeniality got it right. Stan Fields: Miss Rhode Island, please describe your idea of a perfect date. Cheryl "Rhode Island": That's a tough one. I'd have to say April 25th. Because it's not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket.

1:18 am: I haven't had sex since November 22, tomorrow please be flunk day so I can get laid by some drunk girl! <-- and the award for sleaziest comment on the Wiki Fire goes to... <--- To the loser who can't get laid: I pity you. <--- November 22 is my birthday!!! But yeah this post... < As a girl who's not yet had her first kiss, let alone get laid, you, sir, are pathetic. <-- What happened to consent v. rape?? <--- The fact that I need to get girls drunk to get laid isn't pathetic, it's called game #winning <--- Actually it's called being a dick. Congratulations on being a man-slut. <-- CONFIRMED! <-- Hey, original poster. If you get girls drunk to have sex with them, you are a rapist. The girls cannot give consent when they are inebriated, and you are taking advantage of that.

1:27 Helmut spotted walking down Cherry Street with Roger Taylor and Jesus. THIS COULD BE HUGE! <---False, they were just on their way to Cherry Street Restaurant to break up a barfight between Doctor Doom and a gang of velociraptors. NOT a Flunk Day sign.

1:19am lights in the mail room are on, nothing in mailboxes as of yet kitchen lights are on but no movement. Suspicious grey sedan pulled up next to seymour. 4 people got out and went to the mail room, 3 minutes late 2 people get back in the car and leave. Something smell flunky?

^That picture is fucking huge <--- CONFIRMED!!!

1:48 AM Activity heard, but not seen, outside Jill Gates' apartment.

1:49 AM William Shatner seen leaving Jill Gates' apartment with a false beard and a stovepipe hat. Celebrity Lincoln impersonator? <--- Was Takei dressed as Mary Todd? <-- ALL OF THIS. WANT.

2:02 am inside sources tell me that Los Lonely Boys are the mystery performers <--- they have to be in Denver by tomorrow night (the 26th). I doubt their flunkiness bro.<------ pokerface.jpg

2:12 am Suspicious white vehicle parked with lights on outside Seymour loading dock. Engine on, looks to be a four door car. <--------------------------HUGE,

2:16 am Two female passengers in black, one carrying a bag, exit white vehicle and get into another car parked on the sidewalk. White car pulls away <------------------THIS COULD BE.

No updates?!? C'mon guys!

3:08 am Can't get a hold of a lot of seniors ... are they conspiring? Sleeping to prep for flunk day awesomeness?

3:32 am The campus is eerily quiet.

3:45 am - Asked a security guard if it was Flunk day and he said, "Between you and me, nope. Not today." Could be messing with me but I don't think its Flunk Day. Poop.

4:10 am - New Video Found on Youtube! Official Flunk Day Song 2012! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpOwiz_Uj18&context=C42f3887ADvjVQa1PpcFMW2EZLo604zdtchMfNdtl7KxfKHWXvudw= <------------ CONFIRMED <------ this could be HUGE!!!!!! <------- ITS TODAY FOR SURE!

4:50 am - Caf is open super early... interesting.

Friars seen gathering <--- That's vague and unhelpful. Where?

5:50 AM weak scare followed by a flunk fail. it's going to be a long day...<---confirmed.

Jil Gates, you should probably expect an angry mob of drunk seniors after senior meeting outside your apartment tonight. <-- And everyone else. <-- oh c'mon you guys!! like they knew everyone would put all their hope into today being flunk day. they planned it months ago. it is no one's fault. just part of the hype. part of the flunk. this is what we have been waiting for ALL YEAR. so deal. quite your whinning please and spanks you. <-- normal hype is fine, but this year the hype became too intense too quickly for the actual day to be this late. instead of being excited and anticipating the day, people are just angry and disappointed when it isn't.

It looks like this Flunk Day

*Puts on sunglasses*

Failed the test

Even Gilbert thought it should have been today. This year is insane.

11:52 am Why the fuck is it not Flunk Day?? #anticlimactic #tiredasfuck


‘Twas the night before Flunk Day, when all throughout Knox Not a creature was sleeping, not even the Fox. The Wiki and Facebook both opened with care, In the hopes that Flunk Day news would soon be there.

The friars were nestled all snug in their beds, While visions of mud pits danced in their heads. And Roommate with booze, and I with my stash, Were all buckled in for the crazy ol’ bash.

When out in the Quads there arose such a clatter, I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter. Away to the window I flew in a flash, Where someone there shouted, “Get off of your ass!”

The sun on the top of newly-made mud Gave excitement and awe to first years and their buds. When, what to my wandering eyes should appear, But a big group of seniors, with a whole lot of cheer!

With a check of my inbox, to see what they say, I knew in a moment it must be Flunk Day! More rapid than eagles, the friars they came, They whistled and shouted, and called out by name:

“Now Conger! Now Neal! Now Elder and Four Name! Oh, Post! On, Furrow! Sherwin, don’t dare be lame! To the pit filled with mud! To the lawn of Old Main! Now drink away! Drink away! Let’s all go insane!!!”

So much effort given there that it has to be Flunk Day

Since we're going with poetry...

Stopping By Campus on a Flunkin' Evening

Which campus flunks, I think I know. The clues might be in Galesburg though; we'd miss the signs, at any rate, if only Knox is where we go.

My roommate thinks it really great to stop his work and stay up late. Between the drinks I wonder why the darkened campus lies in wait.

I give my email one more try to see if there is some reply. The only other message stunk: "It might be Friday." What a lie.

All Knox is ready, pumped and drunk. But we have rumors to debunk, and hours to go before we flunk, and hours to go before we flunk.

April 26th #nope[edit]

Are the softball games real? I don't see them on Robert Morris's schedule... http://www.robertmorris.edu/athletics/womenssoftball/schedule/

The previous link is to the schedule for Robert Morris's Chicago campus' team...This is to the Springfield campus confirming the softball games...http://www.robertmorris.edu/athletics/womenssoftball/springfield/schedule/

Creepily overheard Kaitlyn making an appointment with Helmut for Thursday whilst in line at the Oak Room. Unless this is a red herring, could it mean Flunk Day won't be this day? <--- isn't she the senate dinning chair?

I liked "The Night Before Flunk Day" so much that I saved it just in case it got taken off the Wikifire. Whoever wrote it rocks.

Math homework due date moved from Thursday to Friday. Obviously this is not, as our professor claims, so that he has time to teach us the Laplace Transform, but rather because it is Flunk Day tomorrow.

12:22 pm Flunk day will not be today, we got pre-enrollment continuing, a home softball double header, the English department award thing, and Bruce Polay is at the Orpheum tonight. Looks like it will be Friday!<--the next English awards aren't announced until May 7th, the Howard Wilson things is just a call for submissions. If an event is at the Orpheum, flunk wouldn't mess it up! <--- Confirmed! Flunk waits for no human!<--Bruce & Friends is on Friday...and he told us today in class that we'd have to go whether it's Flunk Day or not. <--- regardless, this will still not be flunk day, senior day for the softball team I'm pretty sure and I would sure hope that they wouldn't do that to the Seniors. <- no offense but I doubt senior softball day has any bearing on whether or not it's flunk day (I don't think it is though) <- confirmed <--- Ok, if they do that to the softball players I am personally going to rebel and not drink on flunk day, that's right. If you're not at an athlete you have no clue what it means to play one of your last home games. I'm not sure if the AD (Chad Eisele) has any say at all, but I'm sure he would do whatever he could to make it so that a team would not have to play their Senior day games on Flunk day. It is disrespectful to the Seniors, the team as a whole, the coaches, the manager(s) and the athletic trainers and staff. <--- no offense or anything but we are a D-3 school. I doubt they plan flunk day around a game that is maybe planned 6 month in advance, maybe. <---they would. 'flunk day dates were picked in february. that softball game was scheduled at the beginning of the year (September)." that game is important to the seniors bro. it is their last home game EVER.

Has the food shipment really come in? I don't think anyone real knows or can someone prove it has?

1:35 pm Professor Du cancels Friday class. She claims she is taking her other class on a field trip to Chicago, but clearly she just doesn't want to deal with students who have post-Flunk Day hangovers. <---CONFIRMED! Though I'm in that class going to Chicago...in fact I'm driving... <-- She's my advisor and actually is going on that field trip

No Flunk day yet = cruel and unusual punishment <--- Flunk day occurs more often in May than it does in April

5:59 PM not going to happen. just calling it now.

6:10 PM Interviewing Helmut for a newspaper article at 2PM tomorrow. Pretty sure he wouldn't have scheduled that if it were Flunk Day.

10:56 PM Just heard the ghost of Abraham Lincoln proclaim in the hallways of lower post that today will be flunk day! <-- CONFIRMED! Ghost Lincoln has proclaimed it!

Hey flunk planners: http://30.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m0yi0vxTQ01qkgyzto1_500.png

For the record: -- from students that work closely with president Amott's office -- Teresa has never said she hates Flunk Day. We don't know where that rumor comes from, but it's BS. Of course it stresses her out, her first Flunk, but that's all. Furthermore she has little to do with when Flunk Day is and will not demand it to be after her installation. She has expressed at a faculty meeting (with many student witnesses) that she is not particularly fond of all the fuss around her installation. So that should not be used as an argument. However, the events planned for after her installation are much more an indication of Flunk Day not happening that week... That being said... FLUNK ON COWBOYS! <-YEE-HAW <-CONFIRMED-HAW <-does this leave hope for the 26th??!? <--- I think more so for the 27th, the 30th or the 1st <--- While Amott may be okay with it happening whenever, there is NO way administration will allow that. They know what to expect from Flunk Day... I say it is happening the 26th, 27th, or not until after her installation. < Amott is head of the administration... So yeah I don't think it'll be too shortly before, but she won't care if she is installed yet or not

Lights are on in the mail room and the doors are closed. <--- Was anyone inside? Did you see movement? <---No. It's too early for them to be stuffing the boxes. Made that mistake two years ago

Jack Moore is at senior meeting. Getting primed for tomorrow?

Spain study abroad students had their Flunk Day TODAY!! Will ours be tomorrow?

Flunk Day: a Haiku

fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

please be tomorrow

Caf ladies seen in the caf. What could they be doing at 12:02AM? It must be the final flunk. <---I WANT PROOF. PICS OR DIDN'T HAPPEN <---Smells like a lie <---Smells like flunk spirit <--- Or they ran out of something in the gizmo and needed to go to the caf fridges/freezers to get it.

So everybody is giving up? Come on!!! It could be the day! Campus safety is driving around more than usual- I've seen them 3 times since I left my dorm an hour ago. They see me rollin', they hatin'...tryna catch me flunkin dirty.

1:18 am- people heard running around near williston/ fiji yelling FLUNNNKKKK DAAYYYYY

1:28am: Heard rumors that Flunk Day's not going to be until May. =\

5:49 am: All quiet. Time to finish studying for that exam. . .

April 27th[edit]

If FlunkFood was delivered Monday, April 16th, this would be the last day to serve fresh food. <--- since when does the caf serve us fresh food? <--- Helmut does a very good job with the resources that he has

Last year Lincoln Fest was Friday and Saturday. This year it's only Saturday. Why did they not plan for another two-day event? the did!! A Friday Flunk Day with a super awesome musical group is kicking off the weekend festivities!

I know Flunk Day is never on a Friday.. but we have had two emails from Jill about it being on a Friday..<--obviously she is trolling. <--- How do you know? Xavier used to do the same thing. ---False! Tony Gant retold tales of the single Friday Flunk he's experienced. Apparently students looked just as awful on Monday as the usual post-flunk day. But it HAS happened. <-- Please, God, no... Let it not be on this Friday. Not this one.<----Oh god yes let it be friday!

this is my guess. I doubt they'd do Monday or Tuesday (even if they have "enough days" to clean up before Teresa's thing)... if not it will be like the last week of term. gross.

It is called 'The Final Flunk' for a reason right?... Final chance to make it a Friday, Final as in right before final exams, just final... <--- THE PERFECT PLAN. Make it on a Friday, prove that we will all just get fucked up all weekend, cancel flunk forever when the school is destroyed. THIS COULD BE HUGE(LY DISAPPOINTING). <-- CONFIRMED

I just made an appointment with Jil for tomorrow afternoon. I don't think it will be tomorrow, guys. <--- Insignificant meetings can be rescheduled. <-- I told her I could meet this afternoon, Friday, or next Monday. She chose Friday. I really don't think she would choose to schedule a meeting then if she would just need to reschedule it later. <-- She schedule an appointment with me last year on Flunk day... don't put too much weight into the meeting.

The Pool is closed tonight and tomorrow, why? FLUNK DAY

Regina was spotted this afternoon with a few others loading large suspicious covered boxes into seymour. Tomorrow will be flunk day. <----The quickie also received a shipment of alcohol today this could be it. <-- The Quckie will receive alcohol shipments as long as there are Knox students to drink it, read: always, plus right now all the seniors are unemployed and depressed and drinking even more than usual. <---That may be true but that in conjunction with other flunkish goings ons could point to flunk day.

5:27 PM flunk day e-mails have me confused... to flunk or not to flunk?!?? <- always flunk <- flunk fridays <- everyone flunks on friday <- so FLUNK FRIDAY?!?!?!?? <-- People would die.

5:51 PM there are installation events EVERY DAY next week, so if it's going to be within the next week AT ALL, this would be the day <--- The installation events don't start until May 3. Do your research.

6:07 PM There are a bunch of trucks at that hotel again, they're all white... sign??

6:51 I babysit for my professor and they canceled babysitting for tomorrow. perhaps the kiddos are sick with flunk fever???!

7:55 PM had to ask the caf ladies a question, walked into the kitchen and surprised them I guess, was immediately hurried out of one area because I wasn't supposed to see some things they were doing... flunk food?!?? <----Confirmed, ive tasted some of our food, I dont want to know what they do to some of it


8:43 PM I stopped giving a fuck. <-which is what the planners want, if you stop caring it's more of a surprise <---but it wouldn't be flunk day without the thrill of the hunt and the anticipation. Flunk day has to be a day where its not too expected so its a surprise but only after lots of good scares and midnight trips to the mailroom. <----Hahahahaha, you say this like Flunk Day has rules.

8:49 PM caf ladies still guarding the kitchen.

9:19 PM not enough people think flunk day's tomorrow to man the wikifire. sadness.

9:35 PM I find your lack of faith disturbing <- liz? <- maybe. <- CONFIRMED <- woodyard? <- yup. <- geeky reference, that should have been obvious <- confirmed.

9:40 Ed professors saying that tomorrow is flunk day.

9:42 Jil Gates seen moving white boxes in her office!....or is she just flunking with us? <-- you guys gotta follow these things up with pics. <--- She would have seen me. Trust me I'm in Founders I seen her! <- I don't trust anyone with poor grammar <- CONFIRMED

10:01 PM Like-A-Little is down; must be Flunk Day. <- thank god (if there was one)<--Psyche! LAL is up and running. Let the passive-aggressive flirting and bitching resume.

10:21 PM all 3 of my professors think flunk day is tomorrow.

10:23 PM mailroom windows are covered BEETCHEZZZ <- they weren't covered earlier, just asked a friend who works there. <--I WANT PICTURES PLEASE <- seconded. <--just walk there and see for yourself. <-- Confirmed, I live in Seymour I just checked. <- not sure if trolling but too lazy to go check for myself. pics please? <-- Fine, for the sake of you other Flunk Day enthusiasts I will abandon my studies and take a photo. BRB. [6] <- ERROR 404. if trolling, nicely done. if an actual error, I applaud you for trying, and thank you kind sir. <-- or lady. http://thewikifire.org/images/b/b8/Photo_on_2012-04-26_at_22.50.jpg <-- Mailroom windows covered proof

10:25 PM quickie guy thinks flunk day is tomorrow, he's stocking the shelves at the moment

10:38 PM once upon a time there was this paper due... and then it was flunk day. the student lived happily ever after...

10:41 PM if it's not flunk day tomorrow, I'm blasting Nicki Minaj at 5 am from my surround sound in protest. sorry Hamblin. cue "you a stupid hoe..." (stupid of course referencing the universe for the the lack of flunk day) <- DO IT <- oh geez. <- LIZ. NO. <- no liz. <- BUT MOOOOOOM <-this would actually be entertaining, but only if a scare wakes me up first. <- deal. <-- Oh, God.

10:58 PM jil gates seen walking around campus, why u no sleep jil?!?? <---Little known fact: instead of sleeping, Jill Gates gets all her energy from slaying vampires. <- those aren't vampires those are hipster kids

no updates on the Flunk Day's twitter page...something smells flunky..

11:03 PM my pet party rock thinks it's flunk day. <-- THIS COULD BE HUGE

THERE'S AN EQUESTRIAN CLUB MEETING TOMORROW, NOT FLUNK DAY <- not important enough to matter, sorry bro<----SHIT NOT THE HORSES, CONFIRMED <-- HORSES TRUMP ALL. Know this. <- Horses are all that matters <----CONFIRMED BROHOOF

11:07 PM There's too many administrators on campus this late and too much campus safety activity for a normal quiet thursday night... something feels flunky

11:11 PM GUYS what if Human vs. Zombies (which is tomorrow) a flunk day rouse!!! emails hint at friday flunk day and zombie lincoln. and it was canceled last friday...hmm a rainy day if we all recall. but tomorrow's not! FLUNK DAY"S TOMORROW. <-- I've been thinking the same thing, but it seems too good to be true <--- Jil's e-mails also mentioned seven headless zombies/horsemen and zombie DNA in the mudpit <- magneto's hat tip to this post, flunk day's tomorrow

JIL SEEN CARRYING THE FRIAR TSHIRTS IN BOXES <---------- PICS OR IT DIDNT HAPPEN BITCH. <---how do you know why was in the boxes

http://thewikifire.org/images/b/b8/Photo_on_2012-04-26_at_22.50.jpg <-- Mailroom windows covered confirmed/proof. Deleted once after linking...

Flunk tomorrow? Then they'd only have one big cleanup to deal with after Lincoln Fest! <---shhhhh let us have this happy <----- .......what even? <- flunk day tomorrow would make it EASIER since they'd only have to clean up ONCE. flunk day tomorrow: 1 <------ I think that's what this person originally meant

11:34 PM 2 SEMIS JUST DROVE BY OLD MAIN/GDH, big unmarked white ones!!!!

Jil Gates Told us it was tomorrow all along. Beyond hinting it could be a Friday. Let's go Da Vinci Code on this. April 17th Flunk Day email quote: "SEVEN headless horsemen (or Zombies) run by your suite window." April 25th quote: "The final flunk will last SEVEN years before the peace and quiet returns." & "the SEVEN impossibly fun plagues of the Final Flunk." Okay first off didn't Egypt have 10 plagues in the old testament? Why did Jil Gates choose SEVEN then? And several times? Maybe because 7 is on her mind? Because of the 27th???? Maybe she was trying to give us a hint. BOMBSHELL.

Of course the only other number was a 5 so she could have also been trying to hint 5/7, May 7th <--- Or she might be hinting at week 7, next week <---- May 7th is installation week when all the alums and trustees will be here. there are events every night to show off the school and student's achievements, it has to be before that week.


11:45 PM- Girls screaming in Hamblin. <---Same shit as always.

12:00 am I'm tired of hearing about all the suspicious trucks, obviously it means nothing if they are seen every night (especially if you aren't even going to post pics) I"m not trying to be a debbie downer on the Flunk spirit, I personally love all the anticipation and chit-chat, but let's just calm down on the trucks a little bit <--- also, semi trucks do not make a difference. The Flunk equipment will not be in a fucking semi truck. <-- THIS

It's Friday, Friday, Gotta get down on Friday... <- flunk friday <-- Even better/worse than Friday, Hot Girls We've Got Problems Too, We're Just Like You, Except We're Hot http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__HeE6NWmDE

Woo, another scare! <-- there's not going to be another scare. 80% of why we seniors did the scares was because a part of us WISHED it was the Real Deal. We're just as disappointed as undersclassmen that it hasn't happened yet. <----THANK YOU FOR ADMITTING THIS RATHER THAN SAYING WE'RE JUST WHINING. <-- You're welcome. Also, if there had been no scares, waking up on the actual day would be much less anticlimactic. Trust me. <--- Also, stop whining. For real. We all had to go through it and it's a tradition and someday you will enjoy it. <----It isn't every year that there's a huge event like installation to deal with planning around though, so it makes everything more confusing and frustrating this year.

12:32 - What is this a flunk day group therapy session? <---THIS COULD BE HUGE < "Hi! My name is Abraham Lincoln, and I thought Flunk Day was today..." <--- "Hi Abraham!"

Tomorrow would be TOO COLD for Flunk Day. We're all gonna day. Final Flunk, bitches. <- oh no! whatever shall we do?!? <- CONFIRMED

12:45 AM FLUNK FLUNK? who's there? ACTIVITY IN THE MAIL ROOM! <--- Pics or video or it didn't happen. ;.; <- if i was a normal rich hipster kid I'd have loved to have done so, as it is, my track phone was unable to do so, so you'll just have to trust me or go take a video for me <--- Yeah, security was just taking down the newspaper on the mailroom windows.

12:56 AM just finished piecing together my flunk day ensemble, soo ready for the next few hours. also, jil gates was just walking back to her place, a bit late, huh? FLUNK DAY!!

No seniors reported missing yet...

1:08 AM student 0 was infected. from here the zombie virus will only spread (no it's not an STD, it's airborne, beware) <- my roommate must be patient 0, she's really sick

1:16 AM activity on the loading dock, flunk preparations?!? <-- Be more specific. <- maintenance-looking guys (maybe caf worker dudes, whatever) were loading boxes of stuff in from a white truck...? <-- pics or it didn't happen <-- HONOR CODE, BITCHES, YOU HAVE TO TRUST US <-- Okay but...I'll admit it: when there were scares planned, we seniors would purposely create hype on the Wikifire. Now that none of us are playing around anymore, it would take a pretty sick person to post stuff that isn't true. I think we should stop demanding pics for every little thing. <- They took down the covers in the mail room <- i mean, who WOULDN'T just believe everything they read on the internet?!? seriously... <-- I can see the loading dock from my room, there's nothing there. <- this was posted at 1:16, I doubt there still would be people there <-- one senior does not speak for the rest of us! WE WILL SCARE UNTIL THE END. <-what this guy said, but also what another post said- upperclassmen are JUST as upset when it ISN'T flunk day as the freshmen are, if not more so since we've been through this before. who said only underclassmen can honestly post on the wikifire?!? obviously every post by an upperclassmen is a troll.

1:45 AM- Police by Borzello

1:50 AM- Hushed flunk-sounding conversation overheard among seniors, they immediately departed. WHERE ARE THE SENIORS PEOPLE!? <--- Planning a scare of course. Those flunkers.

1:52 AM flunk or death, in honor of Chris Overton.

2:02 AM I got a fever, and the only cure is flunk day <- HAHAHAHAHA just woke up my roommate laughing, thanks for that :-)

2:37 PM White Loading Truck with the word VOICES just drove past tompkins.

Nope. Fun waiting with you folks though. See you after installation to flunk it up! <----Why does no one understand it can't be after the installation? The week of May 7th is installation week filled with events to show off our school to alumni and trustees. They can't have it then and they can't have it after that week because Flunk Season is over by Week 9 and 10.

You taste these tears. Taste my sad, Union Board

April 30th PREPARE TO FLUNK[edit]


TWO FLUNK DAY PLANNERS SEEN IN THE RODGE LODGE WITH LARGE COLORED PAPER SHEETS. THEY LOCKED THE DOOR TO THE ROOM IN THE BACK. THIS IS HUGE! <-- Time? Can anyone confirm? <--- CONFIRMED Jack and Kaitlyn walked out of the craft room at 9pm with posters (I was there)

Baseball game canceled, jazz performance canceled, Teresa Amott's Midwestern mud-bath: CONFIRMED.

If flunk day is this week it would be Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. There's a home baseball game on Monday (today) so that makes it unlikely (it is confirmed on Eureka's schedule) Tuesday looks pretty promising with not very many events on the calendar, and Wednesday there are more home baseball games so, again, unlikely (yes I'm aware coaches don't know when flunk day is and that the schedule is made before flunk day is planned, but the planners know what the athletic schedules are and stay away from having flunk day on the day of a home sporting event, it would likely be a very poor situation for both teams and their coaches) In other words, if Flunk Day is not on Tuesday, it looks like we will have to wait another week. <---GAMES WERE CANCELLED

Vince Rug, senior, has made this his new prediction.

Vince Rug, senior, does not know anything. <---There is a high probability that he is a secret planner. Also, he is in charge of the twitter page. <-- Second part is absolutely false, sorry 'bout it. <- seriously?!?

Red Room interviews are on the 30th. I mean, the CTL probably doesn't know when Flunk Day is, but it seems like a somewhat serious event.<---FALSE not a serious event at all, and no way was it scheduled early enough to get on the list. They'd just reschedule. <---Not serious? Don't mess with Red Room. They can send the dancing Red Room box after you. <----Laura Bush said that last year Red Room interviews had to be rescheduled because of Flunk Day. Obviously that means today IS Flunk Day!

Even though there are baseball games, the Eureka head coach is a Knox alum (he graduated in 09?) and he loovveeesss flunk day. He could totally be in on it.<---Confirmed Clarkey is pretty cool.<-----CONFIRMED Game against Eureka on Monday cancelled.<--CANCELED GAME THIS IS HUGE!

The main stage dance show has 4.5 hours worth of tech rehearsal this day and it cannot be cancelled. Better not be Flunk Day. <--- Flunk Day does not conform to the needs of mortals.. <--- Flunk Day 2009 was held during the main stage dress rehearsal. It was difficult for the dancers, but they trudged through.

Flunk Day why you gotta play hard to get? Two can play that game. Bring. It. On. http://i.imgur.com/vpsmi.gif

Flunk Day newspapers have been printed. <--- proof? <--- Does it matter? TKS doesn't know when Flunk Day is. <--- The newspapers have been printed for a month. And TKS doesn't know when Flunk Day is. <--- Obviously, since flunk day was supposed to be last wednesday. <- TKS prints the papers at the beginning of spring term so they're always ready for flunk day <-- Confirmed, we made it the first week back. But it's a really cool issue.

According to the calendar, the Stix Hooper with the Galesburg Jazz Quintet was cancelled. Because they heard it would be Flunk Day? <------ Prof. Nikki Malley has confirmed that they did NOT cancel due to flunk day. No one who planned the event knows when the day is.

IT'S FLUNK DAY TODAY OR TOMORROW. Proof: custodian lady in seymour was bored and started a conversation, casually mentioned how all the flunk day food was here except for the fruit and buns... saw her like an hour later again and she said, and I quote, "enough fruit came in this morning to fill Noah's ark," and insisted that flunk day would have to be Monday or Tuesday based on the timing of the fruit arrival and the calendar of events for the installation PREPARE TO FLUNK!!! <- confirmed by caf ladies (I work at the caf) <- DOUBLE CONFIRMED. I ASKED THE NICE CAF LADY WHO SWIPES US IN (BETTY WHITE?)<--- Carolyn, also known as the woman I want to adopt me <--I thought her name was Carlyne. <-- def carlyne. she already adopted me so i would know.

Drove back from Peoria, 4 white semi trucks were in front of me on the Galesburg exit and went to the hotel by the highway. prepare to FLUNK.


It is supposed to be stormy and cold Monday and Tuesday. Awesome.<----Don't know where you get your weather from, but personally I don't consider 70 degrees cold... http://i.imgur.com/6fb6i.jpg <- if it's rainy oh well <- confirmed

Townhouses are on fire. It's the final flunk. http://i.imgur.com/LSmz0.jpg <----- CONFIRMED, everything in Galesburg is starting to spontaneously combust. it must be the final flunk tomorrow!!

things are getting MUDDY!!

My roommate's fortune from her fortune cookie: http://i.imgur.com/NBax5.jpg FLUNK DAY!

Flunk day for the Alumni was held in Chicago on Friday April 27th. Maybe they knew already :O

1:57 PM Kaitlyn and Jack spotted walking to the Union Board office. Routine meeting...OR FLUNK????

5:45 PM: I saw Kaitlyn Duling in the caf and she was very polite to me. Flunk Day is tomorrow! <--Kaitlyn is always nice!

6:41 PM quickie guy hopes its tomorrow, but admits he doesn't know for sure.

6:48 PM Velociraptors were sighted near 74. flunk?!? <- CONFIRMED!!!! they always gather the night before flunk day. <-- I ate dinner with the head raptor, and he told me that he hopes tomorrow is Flunk Day.

6:57 PM Jil Gates spotted in her office <- confirmed

6:59 PM Midterm moved back due to strong likelihood of flunk day!!! this is it guys!!!!!!!! <- CONFIRMED <- double confirmed, thank god

7:00 PM Professor who shall not be named (seriously, they'll be mad if they found out) thinks it's flunk day tomorrow because the installation events posters suggest it is this week (and early, so tomorrow)

As a senior, we do not have a scare planned for tomorrow. Let's work together and find those FD clues tonight <-confirmed <-- And that's what Flunk Day is all about!

7:06 PM Cheryl (mail room lady now that Niel retired) spotted in the mail room!!!! <- CONFIRMED!! <- her name is Sherrill.

7:09 PM it feels like flunk day <- it felt like that in the caf too <- confirmed

7:13 PM Jil is still in her office!! FLUNK DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <- that doesn't mean it's flunk day <- why else would she CHOOSE to work on a Sunday night when she lives on campus and works 5 days a week?!? it's just too strange <- I talked to Jil a few weeks ago, and she was saying she wouldn't be around much this weekend, so this does seem suspicious. <--Why is it so weird that she's in her office? I live on campus and ostensibly only have school 5 days a week, but I definitely end up in SMC on the weekends.

7:14PM TWO TRUCKS JUST DROVE BY!!! <-pics or it didn't happen <- they drove by, sorry for not chasing them down in the rain with my camera.

7:15PM fire alarm in exec, could they be testing all the fire alarms for the big day??

7:17PM hyvee worker said they've seen several professors and a TON of knox students today. that's all the proof I needed

Last year we found out by calling the golf club to see if they had a big group reservation for the next day... anyone  feel like doing that?

7:22 PM a bunch of seniors just walked into post lobby with their purchases (alcohol), maybe friars?? <-- Friars don't know yet.

7:34PM weather looks good tomorrow!!! it's supposed to be bad the rest of the week, flunk day better be tomorrow! <- confirmed

7:39 PM a bunch of trucks were parked by the gym earlier today and two men were walking around campus, i bet they were looking at the layout of campus and the field house for setting stuff up tomorrow <- confirmed, I saw them and thought the same thing

7:44 PM caf worker leaving her shift said she was mad she wasn't going to be here tomorrow because "I like to watch you guys," i asked her what she meant and she just smiled and shook her head and left. FLUNK DAY!!!!!!

7:50PM knock knock. who's there? FLUNK DAY!

7:51 pm hey guys i'm pretty positive flunk day is tomorrow, my dad is an alum who is coming into town for the inauguration events and he got an e-mail a week ago I guess (i just found out about it now, figures) saying to come in tomorrow or wednesday because the students had a "large campus event" monday < screen cap? this could be HUGE

7:58 PM maintenance guy just said he thought flunk day was tomorrow!!! woohoo!!!!

8:01PM too many scares are planned this week, I doubt flunk day is before inauguration <- its early enough that it won't matter <- no, it isn't. events start this week <- it's DEFINITELY still early enough, flunk day tomorrow will give them time to clean up properly before her big day <- to wait till after would mean to wait till May 11th. Too close to finals

The legends say that Flunk Day is not dead. Instead, it will return to Knox in a time of dire need. So, Flunk Day is tomorrow. <- confirmed

8:21PM Midterm monday is the day we all deserve, but not the one we need right now. FLUNK DAY!!! (also, suspicious activity in seymour, but who knows it could just be normal activity. whatever)

8:27PM I NEED IT TO BE FLUNK DAY TOMORROW. THIS SHIT IS RIDICULOUS. <- generally people should not believe everything they see on the internet (especially anything "wiki"), but THIS IS SO TRUE. FLUNK DAY FLUNK DAY FLUNK DAY <-confirmed

8:30 Jill Gates spotted going back into office. She heard us talking about Flunk Day and gave us a knowing look. Caf lights are on and people are doing things inside. Bookstore lights also on. My god, this could be huge.

8:44 p.m.: I have written two sentences of a 10-page paper due tomorrow. If Flunk Day is not tomorrow, I am going to die.

8:46 pm is it flunk day yet????

8:59 pm Went on a desperate C-Store info-gathering mission. No one could confirm that Flunk Day is tomorrow. Curses. <-this also means they couldn't deny it!!

9:02 PM After all this rain the mud pit should be easy, anyone got a shovel?

9:00 pm Red sky at night, sailor's delight. When sailors delight in the midwest, it's obviously a flunk day omen. -overheard from J.O.

^^these two posts don't make sense timing-wise. THE END IS NEAR!!! <- proof the end is near

9:12 PM there's a scare planned, but I think the scare will turn into the real thing. it's like a scare within a scare... --> FLUNKCEPTION. We need to go deeper. <-that's what she said < poor girl. Anyway, who planned the scare? <- don't worry about it, just know that there is one

9:27 PM I'm almost done with all my homework. This NEVER happens. clearly tommorrow is flunk day

9:34PM MAIL ROOM ACTIVITY! (no I didn't take a stupid picture, enough people live in that building with better cameras that if one is even necessary someone can go take one) lights on and people talking. nothing in my box though (yet!)

9:45pm The song I karaoke'd to last Flunk Day came on Pandora. Sign from holy spirit of velociraptors? <- confirmed

9:50PM Regina spotted walking down to Rodge Lodge, upon questioning she said she was "looking forward to tomorrow." <--Confirmed. <--Double confirmed. <--She looked nervous and was in a hurry. Where did she need to be at 10 pm?? <-- Come on, seriously? <- nice try troll! if this were true, it wouldn't be flunk day, which is what you KNEW when you posted it, so IT MUST BE FLUNK DAY BECAUSE THIS SHIT ISN'T REAL!!

10:31 PM Asked Magic Eight Ball if it is Flunk Day tomorrow. "It is certain" was the reply. <- probably the best evidence yet <- confirmed

10:38 PM: any photos of the suspicious mailroom activity?<---- went down there took a pic there was nada going on. cross my flunking heart.

10:38 PM Regina is missing in action!

10:36pm -- FLUNK THINGS SPOTTED IN THE SHADOWS OF HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS PARKING LOT!!! WE GOTS PHOTO PROOF [7] <--- CONFIRMED! <-- HOLY FLUNK <-- I think that's for livestock <-- NO FOOL THATS FOR FLUNKIN!!!!!!! << double confirmed <-- guys, those are balls. <-- all the confrims.

10:40 pm DUDES WHERE IS JACK? We have to keep an eye on this shit.

LIL LARA saw the planners in rodge lodge craft room. FLUNK DAY!? <-- why they gon' set theyselves up in the goddamn craft room? fools.


Zak Khan, one of the Green Oaks Program Assistants, put up a facebook status about it being Flunk Day tomorrow. The Green Oaks people do their best to find out when it's Flunk Day at least the night before! Do they know something???? <--- lolz nice try they know nothing <-- Zak Kahn didn't even know anything when he was at Knox, let alone now...

10:48 p.m. Me: Is it Flunk Day tomorrow? Internet magic 8 ball: It seems unlikely. Me: Should I write my paper? Internet magic 8 ball: My sources say no. THE INTERNET IS CONFUSED. Flunk Day is tomorrow.

10:49 PM: Me: is it flunk day tomorrow. Maggie: Yeah man.<--CONFIRMED! I heard it from Miss Maggie's lips myself! <---DOUBLE CONFIRMED Miss Maggie got some big lips.<----TRIPLE CONFIRMED Did you see that cleavage at Dan Deacon DAYUMM She can drink my Arizona whenever she want!

11:03 Regina Reported missing from her suite

11:04 PM: Just spotted Jack putting his kangaroo to bed.. AN HOUR EARLIER THAN USUAL.. resting him up for flunk day?!?!?! [[8]]

11:09 PM: Charlie Gorney is good friends with Katie Wrenn who is more than good friends with Vince Rug who is probably a secret Flunk Day planner...SOMEBODY FIND CHARLIE GORNEY. < Charlie doesn't know when Flunk Day is. I just asked him. << confirmed. Charlie has no idea. < Wow, man. Really desperate, aren't you? <- Why would Charlie know? He's a sophomore. << If you ask him he'll say that he's a junior. < Blasphemy. He's an apophomore. <<<<< drunk already?

11:37 PM Myth: Flunk Day is really just a myth.

11:45PM flunk.

Get out the shovels. Dig the fucking mud pit. Somebody's gotta grow a pair and do it!!<------DO IT YOURSELF THEN AND STOP FUCKING BITCHING ABOUT IT



12:01 AM These updates are flunking stupid. Def not Flunk day tomorrow.<--- Confirmed. Updates are shitty and circlejerky. No real information provided. 2/10. Would not read again.

12:02 AM Those who are non-believers say its not flunk day. They will not survive the final flunk.

12:10 a.m. The Gizmo workers are abusing the speakers claiming it's Flunk Day. They are hurting the hearts of people writing papers.

12:16 The Rapture is coming.

12:22 Routine mail room check: no signs of activity. However, it has been confirmed that, were a student to hide in the alcove by the elevator shaft, a Flunk Day planner coming down the stairs may not see him or her. This could be huge. <---Good to know!:)<-- It's only midnight...

12:31 AM The Gizmo workers just announced that tomorrow is Flunk Day. They are delusional and know nothing. Do not be fooled. <<< OMG D'ANGELO STOP IT YOU ARE RUINING MY BUZZ

12:41 What is the status of students that are abroad?

12:45 AM if there was a god, I'd pray for flunk day.

12:48 AM Pouring rain has begun. Will it let up? Has flunk day been pushed back? Only time will tell. <--apparently there's no rain for later in the day so we might be good. but the mudpit is like watering itself right now so if this isn't taken advantage of I GIVE UP - Stop complaining about the mudpit. Have you checked it? It's fine. <--- I don't think this was a complaint about the mudpit. Whoever posted this was just saying by having rain the mudpit is taking care of itself and that it would require less work to water if it is indeed flunk day. <--yeah that's exactly what I was saying, sorry it was taken the wrong way

12:55 AM Pirates of the Caribbean almost over <--- That means the rum is about gone, can't be flunk day if the rum is gone :(<--- Or are we at World's end?!?!

1:14 AM traveling fortune teller told me today is flunk day

1:22 AM Sam Martone is losing his shit. Today must be Flunk Day. Also, Sam Martone reading about himself will only cause him to lose his shit even more, perpetuating an ego-driven cycle of shit-losing, resulting in the conclusion that Flunk Day is, indeed, today. Because Flunk Day revolves around Sam Martone, and vice-versa. <-- Sam Martone probably wrote this. Yeah?

1:42 AM Waking up to no flunk day is like waking up to a world where Katniss and Peeta aren't together. <-- That would pretty much suck, that would mean you'd be waking up to a world of reapings and hunger games, cause they didn't get together till the very end. <-see this shit Union Board??!? THIS is why flunk day HAS to be today, people are losing their minds. <-- confirmed, i have misplaced mine

1:57 a.m. We walked by those wooden doors in Seymour that close off Ferris Lounge entrance at 1:10 a.m. and they were shut and locked. THOSE DOORS ARE NOW OPEN AND THAT HALL HAS LIGHTS ON. <--- Same thing happened last week. Whatever.

1:59 a.m. Three seniors are camped out on the stairwell over the Union Board office. If anyone goes in, they'll see. <-- having to walk by them is freaking me out, they're really intense. <---I don't know who these seniors are, but I love you.

I was one of the above seniors. At 12:09 we witnessed Jack Moore walk into the UB office. We watched the office until 2:00 AM and he had still not emerged. The lights in the office remained off for the entire 2 hours. <== Could he have snuck out???? <--- no, unless there is more than one door to the office. But I'm pretty sure there isn't.

2:17 am: Let me just say, I am way better at checking the wikifire for updates than I am at doing my homework. And I'm betting I'm not alone here... <-- CONFIRMED! I have no clue how to speak chinese like i'll have to for tomorrow!

2:20AM: No flunk day mail yet. Boo. There is still hope, though!

2:24AM: Jack Moore's apartment lights are off....Is he still in the UB office?

2:25am-Some UB members are supposed to be going to bradley for a UB training session on Tuesday! Who are the UB members going? Kaitlyn, Jack Regina and Jil? <--Someone find out.

2:26 am: Any mailroom action? Anybody? http://cinemagr.am/show/5424768

2:30 a.m. Is this a normal amount of lights for the kitchen? Photo.jpg <--- Yes it's been like that every night for about a week now. Maybe longer.

2:51 a.m. White truck with "The Voice" on the side in blue font spotted driving past Fiji. Does that name mean anything to anyone? An act or anything? <----- ISN'T THAT A TV SHOW? THIS COULD BE HUGE! <---- http://www.nbc.com/the-voice/ <---That truck has been in Galesburg for a week... <=== Need Evidence! Perhaps auditions being held in Galesburg?<--- "2:37 PM White Loading Truck with the word VOICES just drove past tompkins." (April 27th, thewikifire.org)


3:56 a.m Above image is photoshopped, he has no shadow, also the arm looks off.<----CONFIRMED (I can tell by the pixels)

4:01 am: He is clearly hovering above the ground like a Flunk Fairy. I AM ALREADY DRUNK. IS ANYONE AWAKE????

4:03 am: seen around seymour... http://30.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_ly4m2qWEpw1qhy6c9o2_r1_500.gif

4:30 am: dude in founders says, "It's terrible to have to study on Flunk Day..." I don't know if he's flunkin with me...

5:07 am: At long last, a guy walked toward Seymour with a package and an awkward gait. Many cars drift the streets. We remain paperless and unstuffed. The yellow fog rubs its back upon the window panes. Our sore throats squeak in unison, "If I could talk, I said I would talk, but I wouldn't." Come on, Eileen.

5:35 am: No email. No activity. No Flunk. Today is gonna suck. <------ CONFIRMED!!

8:04 AM: LOL can't believe that anyone thought it would be today. Tuesday or Wednesday mofos :) <--- you dont know when it will be and neither do any of us. <----Also, you should not go to this school if you're going to be that big of a dick about when you think flunk day will be.

10:32 am: Guys. Flunk Day doesn't exist. It's never going to happen.


11:31 AM: Flunk day is more of a burden than something to look forward to now. Everyone has too much work to do and schedules are getting tighter. <---CONFIRMED. No longer even looking forward to it, just want it to be over with...

--Chriscoh4 21:28, 30 April 2012 (CDT)

May 1st FLUNK ALL THE THINGS!!![edit]

All the activities that are planned, for whenever the Flunking thing is, better be Flunking worth it.

FRESHMEN NEED TO STOP BITCHING ABOUT JOKES ON THE WIKIFIRE. This isn't supposed to be a legitimate source of information. One day, when you are a senior, you will understand.<---Probably not a senior.<---Confirmed

Follow me on this my young'ns: lights on in the mailroom--->only important if it is where the mail is STUFFED. How the hell are they supposed to see where to put our goodies otherwise? Lights on in the caf and in the backroom of the caf<--- ALWAYS ON

Before you post about something HUGE, take a look around when it's not HUGE and see what is ordinary to find out when it's extraordinary. Friggen noobs are killing me.

Haymarket Riot-themed flunk. <--I always think this says "Haymitch" #hungergames lolz

Another conspicuous day of events: Spanish Table, Photo Exhibit, Red Room, and a Family Planning Booth. The Chicago Knox Club Alumni Relations proclaims May first as Flunk Day

Well this is probably Flunk Day.

Dress rehearsal for main stage dance show. Not Flunk Day. <--As someone who's been in a Spring mainstage show, rehearsals have zero effect on Flunk Day. We had to show up my freshman year for rehearsal anyways. <- pretty sure "dancers" aren't on the list of people they plan flunk day around.<--they probably won't flunk with the show, since it's part of the installation, but I bet they don't give a flunk about rehearsals. <- the dance show doesn't matter (former planner here, alumni '07) <-- To calm the masses, as well as myself, about dance rehearsal. "If Flunk Day is Tuesday we will cancel our dress for that day. In its place we will do two runs on Wednesday. Call at 4pm with a go time of 4:30pm. We will then take an hour break and do another run at approx. 7:30pm."

This is what sucks. April 30 isn't going to be Flunk Day, then everyone will get riled up for today to be Flunk Day. This will be about the sixth time the campus and the wikifire page have gone insane trying to predict it. Then this will also not be Flunk Day, and we will have to wait until after the installation. Sucks. <----- THIS SUPER SUCKS!! CONFIRMED =/

it's today. this is gonna be bonkers.

Ugh. It should have been the 30th. <- UPVOTE <- CONFIRMED <--- When does the narwhal bacon?? <-- Please, don't. <- MIDNIGHT. thank god people understand...

Guise. May 1st is May Day.. MAYDAY. FINAL FLUNK. WORLD ENDING. It's all connected...

An official from the NCAA is visiting on this day. This has been planned for quite some time. I say, no flunk. Womp womp <--- He's not meeting with students. This doesn't really mean much.

if its not flunk day today, there might be riots



5:00 PM Saw Jil Gates in Seymour, asked her when FLUNK DAY was, she said yesterday. great sadness. <-- that's a little suspicious...because Flunk Day is ALWAYS tomorrow...ya know? <-- She says that every day.

5:59 PM CONFIRMING THE ABOVE: Saw Jil Gates walk into the Campus Life Office. Later saw a senior walk out of the Campus Life Office, even though the office is blacked out? what's going on? <- we all know what's going on here

6:57PM DOOMSDAY daa daaa daa deerr derr daa DOOMSDAY yeah bum head nods

7:00 pm presentation moved back due to HIGH FLUNK PROBABILITY!!!!

7:22 pm Craig Southern seen walking past old main towards the parking lot, constantly looking around. If you ask me that's peculiar. <-- Craig is always a little shady, let's be real. <---confirmed, always seems like hes up to something, also housing lottery time <-----He was leaving the campus life meeting!

This morning at work I saw Helumt rolling around at least 10 boxes of beef. FLUNK DAY.

There are events for Latino Pride week every day but Tuesday. Suspicious?

Why all this white space? Are there mysterious messages hidden here? <--- Confirmed



All of the caf workers seem to think it's tomorrow...anyone care to elaborate on this?<------ All of the caf workers seem to think it's tomorrow. <--- Love the caf workers to death but their guesses are no better than ours

I haven't any fucks left to give. <-- Confirmed. This could be sad and anti-climactic. <----- I have plenty of fucks left to give. DTF. <-- You mean "Down to Flunk?"

Ok everyone. Let's not lose the flunk spirit. I know it's hard, I wake every day down-trodden and upset that I was not awaken by a bunch of hooligans at 6am, but flunk day will come. We need to keep our spirits up. I have already begun to accept that Flunk day will not be until next week, but there is nothing wrong with that. We can't let this FLUNKING Union Board FLUNKING oppress us!!! This is a call to arms my brothers, meet me tomorrow with a beer in your hand at the Union Board office to protest this FLUNKING miserable situation. <---Too much effort neccessary, just keep hoping it is Flunk Day tommorrow, saves everyone some time.<---DO YOU HEAR THE PEOPLE FLUNK, SINGING THE SONG OF FLUNKY DRUNKS, IT IS THE MUSIC OF A PEOPLE WHO WILL ALWAYS FLUNK AGAIN, WHEN THE BEATING OF YOUR HEART ECHOES THE BEATING OF THE FRIARS THERE IS A LIFE ABOUT TO START WHEN THE FLUNK DAY COMES.<- WILL YOU HELP US STORM U B, WHO WILL SLEEP IN AND DRINK WITH ME? BEYOND THE BACARDI IS THERE A FLUNK YOU LONG TO SEE?<--Confirmed. WE WILL FLUNK AGAIN IN FREEDOM IN THE SHADOW OF OLD MAIN. WE WILL SLIP IN THE MUD PIT AS THE FRIARS START TO SING. NO FUCKS WILL BE GIVEN AND ALL KNOX WILL HAVE ITS REWARD!

9:20PM flunk day planners seen walking out of union board office with jil gates! Can anyone confirm? Also, where the flunk did the "May 1st" part of the page go?!!! <---Confirmed, well at least that she was with jack, i passed the two of them walking towards the apartments from seymour on my way from apartments to seymour<-----I'm on Union Board, we meet on Fridays from 8-9 and we were voting on Fall term events today so it went a little late; and I'm pretty sure Jack Walks with Jil home every monday <--- Did they go up a hill to fetch a pail of water? THIS COULD BE HUGE. <---CONFIRMED AS LONG AS THEY DON'T BREAK THEIR CROWNS

Shit. sucks.

10:00PM Kaitlyn Duling walks out of the front door of gingerbread house, makes a left towards Hamblin and meets someone, whose face is obscured in the shadows. They talk briefly, and then move on. This is a report from the Jazz House Roof. < CONFIRMED < freaking flunking snipers on the roof tops... spotting any suspicious flunktivity BRAVO for ALPHA over. <-- people stop and briefly talk to each other all the time B/C WE R A CUMUNITY HEAR @ KNOX! <-- FALSE! (to Kaitlyn leaving Gingerbread house) she has not been at Gingerbread house since before she went to dinner at 5---no she has been there.

10:03PM Union board meeting was just to do fall planning. Regina is now home and settling down to study. Getting ahead of the curve so she has flunk time?

Jacob Lewis has predicted that tomorrow will be flunk day. Jacob Lewis does not make mistakes.

One of my supervisors at the library mentioned that Flunk Day has been as late as May 13. I hereby commiserate with everyone else contributing to this page.

10:09PM Vince and Abe spotted walking into the Garden Center of Walmart. Mudpit?

10:46PM The Flunk Lord of Borzello reigning out of BFE, Indiana proclaims that in less than 2 hours to be the Day of Flunk.

A friend pointed out that there's a campus beautification thing Sunday. It'd be weird to pretty up the campus just for us to flunk it up, which would imply pre-installation Flunk. <-- Or they could just let us flunk it up after the instillation events are over. <--the installation events are not over until the 11th! <-- "One of my supervisors at the library mentioned that Flunk Day has been as late as May 13. I hereby commiserate with everyone else contributing to this page." Just saying. <-- thing on Sunday seems more of a volunteer opportunities rather than a specific campus beautification thing

I'm fairly certain this "Flunk Day" thing is just a myth. <----- I called Discovery and they're sending the Myth Busters tomorrow.<--CONFIRMED. They're going to blow stuff up and that's the super secret performance. <-- THAT'D BE AWESOME.

Parking lot next to yellows is closed off between 3 am and 9 am. Prime set up hours!!

Oh ye of little faith. Thou look upon the day of flunk with doubt, like a false idol. But I was sent by forces thou canst not fathom but within thy sleeping prayers. I stand in the face of injustice and ask my brothers and sisters in this kingdom of flunk we inhabit graciously, and I ask you for your faith. We must ask forgiveness for our hubris in denying the one great truth. We must stand together as believers despite the harsh crucibles that have perturbed us. I do not ask that Flunk day shall usurp this first of May. I know it shall. My soul knows it shall. Sacrifice your bitterness and do what is right, brothers and sisters. Our salvation shall come, and it shall be glorious.


-you guise. we need to be sneaky sneaky spies and get down to business and snoop the hotels, mailroom, caf, seniors, offices, etc! you know the drill! if it's not to tomorrow it's not tomorrow.

-11:30 Forrest went to bed before 12:00AM! It has definitely gotta be Flunk Day!!

-11:39 man at Hyvee in Galesburg spotted buying four 24 packs of water and Junior Mints. It has nothing to do with flunk day.

11:51 pm: The second toe on my left foot feels sore. Flunk day is tomorrow! ---

11:41 pm: The training room in the gym has a sign on the door that says it won't be open until 1pm tomorrow. Flunk time?!

11:46 pm: I'm addicted to cigarettes and therefore smoking. I fear lung cancer. <--- CONFIRMED <--- THIS COULD BE HUGE!!!! <--- TOBACCO

11:49 pm: I saw someone somewhere. Flunk day?

11:56PM: Jill Gates seen in campus life office... What???

11:59 PM Flunk Twitter with some HUGE developments. https://twitter.com/FlunkDay

12:03 am: The Student Life page on the college website is currently featuring a Flunk Day picture...<--lies. <--- O rly? http://www.knox.edu/student-life.html

12:05AM: Mailroom activity seen through the mailboxes. It appears as if someone is filling the mailboxes with something. <-- CONFIRMED. <--They can't be dumb enough to make this mistake again...<---Confirmed, they did it two years ago and everyone knew it was flunkday by 11, way too early, Jack is way too into this to make it that easy <--- Unless we've made them feel sorry enough for us! "Oh, we better just give them this..." <-- pics or video or it didn't happen <-- I guess you'll just have to trust the word of the students. Not everybody walks around with a videocamera 24/7 <--You SHOULD! It's Flunk Day season! You're always supposed to be ready with a camera. Noobs. <----I'd go down and film it but someone stole my camera out of the Rodge Lodge. Anyone feel like fessing up? It was in a Lugia gameboy case.

12:10 am Lots of activity at the Yellows. Knocking on doors. <-- sorry guys, we got a pizza.

12:20AM: Sitting and refreshing the wikifire page until it gives me new information

Planer updates? Anyone seen them?

12:49 AM: Flunk Day sees you when you are sleeping, it knows when you're awake, it knows if you've been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake. You better watch out, you better not lie, you better not doubt, I'm telling you why, El Dia de Flunk is coming to Knox.

1:03 AM- Seniors spotted walking towards cherry street area! Friars meeting???<-- Question is...how many seniors were there? <-- 3 groups of about 4 or 5 each.<--Sounds LEGIT!! THIS COULD BE HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <--Decided to check it out. they aren't at Cherry Street but they were headed that way. Where are the planners? Who was in the group?? <- I don't know a lot of seniors but about half of them were girls and half guys. one was tall, one was blonde, most wearing dark clothes. <-----CONFIRMED! I SAW THEM TOOOOOOOO

1:06am: Flunk Day better be tomorrow. My mixer for FD is going to spoil soon.

1:10 am Jack Moore spotted in his car, blaring the song "I get a good feeling" by tompkins apartments! THIS COULD BE HUGE!

1:12 am: Mysterious van spotted at Hyvee parking lot. Could this be our flunk performer? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEjPDS8Jp1E <-- LOL Seriously? < omg favorite movie scene of ALL TIME. Marry me

1:31 am: Regina was last seen watching Rupaul's drag race instead of doing her homework. Getting in a little drag action before the big flunk? YES. HUGE.

1:33 am: [[9]] taken at 1:33 am, but just got back from digging the mudpit to upload. Thoughts???

1:40 AM this is what I'm doing for the mystery musical performance

1:56 AM Student life page no longer showing flunk day picture? what does it mean? <-no idea, you can't explain that.


2:07 AM heard seniors talking about a scare <-confirmed, but my guess is the scare will turn into the real thing (it's happened before). either way I'll be dressed and ready outside tomorrow bright and early waking people up... <- Confirmed...welcome to my life (<3 two seniors not doing their homework)

2:15 AM A bunch of miller lite beer cans stacked outside of Seymour 2 door. Would take a picture but can't upload via phone. Someone go check it out! FLUNK IS CALLING!

2:58 AM Big ass fucking truck at the loading mother fucking docks of Seymour, my balls are tingling with flunk <-- I approve this message. <-- Picture? Can anyone confirm????? <--seems legit. Although, my balls are always tingling so I don't know. <-- I'm in SMC and I saw it too! CONFIRMED!<-It looked like the truck(Optimus Prime) out of Transformers!!! <--- http://i208.photobucket.com/albums/bb166/rescuetheturkey/Photoon2012-05-01at0259.jpg im sad cause it was just a garbage truck

3:00 AM If it isn't flunk day this time let's just make it Flunk Day what say KNOX????!!!!!!!!!! <-- I agree. It's flunk day. Period. End of story.

3:03 AM that's it, going on a FLUNK DAY MISSION (with my camera), will report findings upon my return. <-- Go Macgyver GOOO!!!

3:23 AM how I feel right now

3:45 AM Refreshing my http://mail.knox.edu page every 5 minutes -.-

4:00 AM Everything is quiet...too quiet, it must be flunk day.

3:11-4:08 am CHECK OUT ALL THE CAMPUS ACTIVITY!!! (including trips to ALL 3 big hotels in galesburg, only took pictures of 1 though) <--- So basically nothing is happening. Good work, and I guess its time to start on my homework due today...

5:18 AM pretty sure I just heard an air horn. that, or I'm hallucinating sounds from sleep deprivation. flunk is killing me :(


5:42 AM What time do the emails get sent out?

confirmation from a great source today is the day of flunk!!!! get prepared lady's and germs. were not goin to live to tomorrow <---------- Don't. Flunk with me.<05:53, 1 May 2012 (CDT)~ I'm not I swear over everything.

05:54 AM Confirmation to the above message! I'm in SMC and I just talked to a custodian and she says that it's FLUNK DAY!!! She also told me to go sleep :P

PREPARE THE BLOOD PIT? SENIORS ACROSS CAMPUS!!! IT's FLUNK DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Signing out!!*

Lame friars are lame. No one in the mud pit? <-- i was the first one in the mud pit and there were no freshmen in there before 7:00. friars are the shit, sorry if you missed out on flunk day while i had flunking fun.

May 2nd[edit]


Flunk Day!

Guys, this was the date of Flunk Day last year. They wouldn't do it on the exact same day twice in a row... or would they? <----CONFIRMED they would!

Another dress rehearsal for the dance show? Why yes! Not Flunk Day! <--- Stop acting like dancers rule Knox's campus. They don't care. <--- Watch out, we've got a badass over here. <--- Confirmed

May 4th[edit]

Today is National Hoagie Day, which means it is Flunk Day OBVIOUSLY

9:00am Jill's email says: "THE SUN WILL BURN LIKE NEVER BEFORE." The weather channel projects this to be in the 80s. Flunk Day? Maybe... <----FALSE. They don't know the weather predictions when they choose the date <-- No, but the email was sent yesterday, wasn't it? <---- I am laughing at how idiotic the person said false to this is, really use you're brain and think about chronology. Isn't this supposed to be a school for smart people? <-- *your<--ummm, pretty sure she's just trying to make an end-of-times reference while telling us to wear some flunking sunscreen.

A Call To Rise: Dance Ensemble Show happening at 7:30pm. Not Flunk Day. <--- Not true. Flunk Day has been on the same day as a dress rehearsal for a dance show in the past. There were plenty of trash cans available in case someone had to vomit<----- Not a dress rehearsal. AN ACTUAL SHOW! Lots of time and money has already gone into putting this show on and lots of people would be pissed if it happened this day. Not Flunk Day <-- Good point about the show. Perhaps not today! <-- Tech and Dress Rehearsals are fair game, but the actual show is not. It's an academic performance, and cannot be rescheduled.

May 5th[edit]

For the first time in Knox history, Flunk Day will be held on a Saturday. Teresa Amott's installation will begin with the usual speeches and fanfare, when suddenly Zombie Lincoln will parachute in with a ghetto blaster and declare, "THIS TRULY IS . . . THE FINAL FLUNK!" at which he will begin a playlist consisting of every Flunk-themed song remake ever made. The Final Flunk will continue through every day until the end of term. Everyone will get As. Teresa will not only be known as Knox's first lady president, but also Knox's dopest president. <-- CONFIRMED! The DOPEST!

May 7th[edit]

Today will be FLUNK DAY!

This is going to be the start of the first week with Teresa as our new president. What better way to celebrate with Flunk Day?? It will be her first Flunk day EVER and her first as the president!

If Flunk Day is any day this week, it's going to be WAY too late. Everyone will be so flunking drained from getting their hopes up that we'll all just be cranky and tired. <-- CONFIRMED. I'm doing my homework all day if it's this late, yo. <---It's been this late before! Flunk day was on May 8th in 2007, May 7th in 2001 and May 6th in 2009

My boss (one of the custodial workers) told me that Teresa doesn't want Flunk Day to be before her inauguration. It is a national event and she wants to keep the campus nice. . . <-- As much as I hope we don't have to wait that long, it makes the most sense. This is a big Knox event. Teresa is only the 19th president in 175 years and the first women to be president of Knox. All eyes will be on the campus and I doubt her and the other up and ups would want the campus looking like it just got hit by a natural disaster before the big day.

This whole week is installation week; all sorts of things planned to celebrate her installation. Little chance it will be this week <-- do you think these were planned when the date was picked? The website an emails just recently announced what is happening... Wouldn't it be funny if Flunk day Flunks with the presidents events! <---You're thinking of the previous week. All the installation stuff precedes the actual installation, which is on May 5th. <---- No, they're right. Installation week lasts until May 11th, with many many senior presentations and an honors banquet to show off our school to alums and trustees. Flunk is very unlikely to happen this week. http://www.knox.edu/knox-presidential-installation/schedule-of-events.html <--the 8th and 10th look pretty free. The playwrights' workshop was planned later than flunk, and is probably on the schedule because creative writing faculty shot down the "showcase" that was supposed to be that day, BECAUSE THEY WEREN'T GIVEN ENOUGH TIME

Installation week goes until May 9 and has been scheduled since forever. Whether or not specific events are planned for this day, there will be a ton of important people and alumni in town. Chances of Flunk Day being today? ZERO POINT ZERO ZERO PERCENT.

May 8th[edit]

What are these fake showcases? Will they wait until Teresa is officially our President to bring the flunk? <---yes! there is too much planning that goes into events like the installation to flunk it up with Flunk Day.

May 8th is the perfect Flunk Day.

May 9th[edit]

Once again, only meditation..is it too late for flunk? <---It is never too late for FLUNK. When will you people learn. Goddamn it!!! There is no hope for this world if you can't wrap your infant like brain around this!

Arnold Salgado wishes for this day to be flunk day! => so too does one Johnathan Powers! or it is at least his speculation of the final flunk...

Did anyone else get an email about a leadership dinner? isn't this how friars were notified years ago?? does this mean I am a friar??? <-- Yes. It means you are a friar. You're supposed to shave your head and show up with a white t-shirt for the event. If you don't shave your head, they won't let you be a friar.<---Last year friars were notified via text. This event is connected to the Honors Banquet which is May 9th. It in no way shape or form is obviously a friar thing. If anything, Jil Gates sent out the email to throw people off.<--- seems like the lady doth protest too much

May 10th[edit]

Another "showcase" or flunk?? <--Showcase CANCELED! THIS COULD BE HUGE!!<--COnfirmed. Does the obvious "CANCELLED" label instead of removal mean something?

Playwright's Workshop was added to the calendar, but if they waited that long to send it in, it won't FLUNKing matter!