Gentlemen of Quality

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The newest Greek colony on campus, Gentlemen of Quality (GQ) formed Fall 2007. GQ received faculty approval to obtain a national affiliation as well as SLC approval to become the Official Interest Group of Psi Sigma Phi. The members consist of:

D'Angleo Smith, Maurice McDavid, Percy Bromby, Lavar Merell, Clayton Besong, Carlos Wolff, Nigam Gandhi, Yohan Chang, Tequan Wright, Marcos Moreno, Sean O'Keeffe, Donald Tchopya, Minh Do, Joe Suh, David Aken, and Jack Moore.

In the recent election, Yohan Chang, class of 2011, has been elected president in hopes to soon to be nationalized as chartered Psi Sigma Phi, multicultural fraternity. However, during his term GQ decided not to affiliate with a national and instead become a local fraternity. In addition, GQ initiated 5 new members (Sujeen A., Prajwal T., Luca P., Dillon K. and Avinab R.), received approval from the administration to become a local fraternity and Yohan Chang received the first award in the Greek Week Banquet as :Outstanding Greek President of the Year."

05/2011- Marcos Moreno has been elected president. As Nigam Gandhi, Tequan Wright and Yohan Chang graduate, they hope to see president Moreno lead GQ into future prosperity. asdadsdad