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The Grievance Panel is the College judicial body that handles conflicts relating to sexual harassment, sexual assault, and discrimination.

If you would like to file a grievance, you should contact one of the three ex-officio members of the Panel: Cathy Walters, Heather Poppy or John Haslem.

Problems and Reforms[edit]

The Grievance Panel is notorious for its convoluted procedures and for widespread concerns about the treatment of complainants.

Grievance Panel reform has been a perennial back-burner issue in the administration. The most recent major attempt at reform was conducted by Student Senate in the form of an ad hoc committee chaired by Megan Gamble, who had done significant research into the Grievance Panel process. For her Gender and Women's Studies senior research, Megan wrote a research paper specifically concerning the formal processes of the Grievance Panel. Since her graduation, the issue again languished. After an extensive editing process, Megan Gamble has released her Grievance Panel Research report to the Knox community.

Beginning in Winter 2008 there has been some preliminary effort to reform the Board. President Taylor has reportedly asked Dean Breitborde to head a task force on the issue. A proposal has also been circulating to reconstitute the Grievance Panel on a model similar to that of the more successful Honor Board, which is itself undergoing substantial reform.

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