Guitar Hero

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A ridiculously addictive and popular PS2 and XBox 360 game. Odds are, someone on campus is playing it right now.

It is the only way to procrastinate during Winter Term that doesn't involve getting intoxicated.


The game is played with a fake guitar with buttons on the neck; controllers can take the form of different models, including a red Gibson SG and white Explorer. While the current controllers only feature a rudimentary whammy bar, future models and games may come complete with a whah-whah pedal and other devices.

Musicianship debate[edit]

Some say playing Guitar Hero does not, in fact, make you a musician.

However, in order to make this assertion, you would have to clearly define the term instrument. Can a Playstation 2 not be an instrument? If the player of Guitar Hero does well, the song sound better. If the player is worse, the song is worse. This is not that different than any other instrument (other than the copyright infringement).