Hiram Huntington Kellogg

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Reverend Hiram Kellogg (1803-January 1, 1881) was a Congregationalist pastor originally from New York. He moved to Galesburg to be president of Knox College from 1838-1845. In keeping with the anti-slavery beliefs of Knox's founders, Kellogg was active in the Underground Railroad, as were many other faculty members and students. In June of 1843, he and Reverend Jonathan Blanchard attended the World Anti-Slavery Convention in London. While they were there, they discussed slavery around the world as well as prejudice in the United States and raised much-needed money for Knox on the side.

You may recognize his name from Kellogg Street, between Prairie Street and Seminary Street.

You may have seen Kellogg around campus! He is the Santa Claus-looking guy with the beard hanging in the Red Room.