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In the spring of 2009, Kevin Morris and Erin Souza, history majors with focuses in British and American history respectively, decided to start a History Club. After meeting with Professor George Steckley to discuss the history of history clubs at Knox and the different goals and formats that such a club could have, the two sought club approval from Student Senate. The club was approved in April, 2009 and they held their first meeting on April 28, 2009.

Mission Statement[edit]

The History Club intends to enrich the student body of Knox and the community as a whole through fostering a sense of awareness of the area's unique historical background. In addition to local history, the study of national and international history will also be examined and pursued.


Elections are held in early April.

The officers for the 2009-2010 year were: <properties> President=Erin Souza Vice-President=Kevin Morris Secretary=Katy Sutcliffe and Katie Frank Treasurer=David Sievers Public Relations=Margaret Spiegel Faculty Adviser=Emre Sencer </properties>

The officers for the 2010-2011 year are: <properties> President=Kevin Morris Vice-President=Aaron Palmer Secretary= Treasurer=Sam Stacklin Public Relations= Faculty Adviser=Emre Sencer </properties>

The duties of the President are to preside over meetings and plan events. All other offices should assist in event planning.

The duties of the Vice President are to find articles for club members to read for meetings, email the article or a meeting reminder, and to preside over meetings in the president's absence.

The duties of Secretary are to record the main discussion points to be compiled on the History Club facebook group.[1]

The duties of Treasurer are to attend the necessary budget meetings, whether those are for all clubs or for specific requests made by history club, and to submit budget requests.

The duties of Public Relations are to book rooms with Cindy Wickliffe in the Campus Life Office, make and distribute posters for history club events, inform TKS of History Club events should news coverage be desired, and to get history club meetings and events added to the Knox Calendar. [2]

Past and Future Events[edit]

Fall term, 2009, History Club and Classics Club co-sponsored the Archaeology Symposium where Professor Danielle Fatkin, Professor Katie Adelsberger, Courtney Tichler, Abby Harms, and Sara Patterson talked about their experience at an archaeological dig in Dhiban, Jordan during the summer of 2009.<ref>[1]<ref>

Each term History Club hosts a trivia night. Teams of three compete against other teams to prove who knows more random history trivia and to win three fabulous random prizes to be distributed among your team members. The first trivia night was held February 23, 2010 in the Wilson House. The winning team divided amongst themselves the following prizes: a Galesburg sesquicentenial glass, Henry VIII paperweight, and a really cool beer stein. Prizes change each term.

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