How to edit the wikifire

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Congratulations, you have found the Wikifire! You've read some articles, got excited, and want to edit one. Don't worry, anyone can edit an article, whether you have an account or not. This quick guide will walk you through the steps to editing a page while not logged into an account.

1) The edit button: At the top right of any given article are three tabs - "Read" "Edit" and "View History." Click the "Edit" tab.

2) Make changes: Once you've clicked the edit tab, the page will change into a text editor. Here, you can add, change, or delete text to your heart's content. For more information on formating, etc. visit the Help:Contents page. It's also useful to check out what your edits will look like using the "Show Preview" button at the bottom left of the page. The Preview page will appear above the text editor, and you're welcome to keep editing from there.

3) Saving: Super easy - click the "Save Page" button at the bottom left of the page.

4) The password: Okay, I lied, it's not SUPER easy. After clicking save, a question and a textbox to enter your answer will appear above the text editor, and your job is to fill in the blank from the question (Don't worry, anyone from Knox can get these). Don't forget that all answers must be in all lowercase letters.

5) Saving - for real this time: Once you've typed your answer into the box, click the "Save page" button again. Don't forget this step, or hit enter or anything like that - the page will not save.

6) Confirm that your edits are there, and bask in the glory of having contributed to the lauded archive of Knox history that is the Wikifire.