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Interstate 80 (abbreviated I-80) is the second-longest Interstate Highway in the United States (after I-90). It connects downtown San Francisco, California to Teaneck, New Jersey, a suburb of New York City, just as the Lincoln Highway did in the years before the Interstate Highway System. The highway roughly traces some historically significant travel corridors, particularly in the western U.S. These include the Oregon Trail in Nebraska and westward, the California Trail in Nevada and California, and the Union Pacific Transcontinental Railroad from western Nebraska to San Francisco. It is one of the most heavily traveled trans-continental interstates

In Illinois, Interstate 80 runs from the Quad Cities east to south of Chicago. It is a main east-west route for traffic coming and going through Illinois, especially for cross-country truckers.

After crossing the Mississippi River near Rapids City, Illinois, Interstate 80 runs south for about 10 miles (16 km) to a junction with Interstate 74, which heads south to Galesburg. There is an interchange with Interstate 88 along this leg. At the I-74/I-80 junction, Interstate 80 continues east, while Interstate 74 continues west and south. Interstate 80 then roughly parallels U.S. 6 near such cities as Geneseo, Princeton, Peru, LaSalle (near which it intersects Interstate 39), Ottawa, Morris, and Joliet (west of which it has a junction with Interstate 55). Near Hazel Crest, it merges into the Tri-State Tollway, and remains part of the Tollway for about 5 miles (8 km) until it becomes the Kingery Expressway, a freeway that connects with the Borman Expressway in Indiana.