Chicago, Illinois

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It is a well known and undeniable fact that Chicago is the best city in America, possibly ever. It's basically the opposite of Portland which is potentially the worst city, ever.

Everyone says they are from Chicago. Actually, they are from Outside of Chicago - unless they are in fact from the city proper - that is, if they have a ZIP code beginning with 606. The exception to this are students who say they hail from West Chicago, which is a suburb with an unfortunate name.

Chicago does not actually comprise the entire state, though it likes to think so. Corrupt politics are a fact of life in Chicago, but those from Chicago do not think much of it.

Students such as Deana Rutherford, Angie Martin, Howard Friedman, Laura Weiss, Tiff Bradley, Mike Orr, and Bill Mayeroff are from Chicago proper. They all went to Whitney Young, a high school in the West Loop region of the city. Then there is Matt Holland who was also from Chicago, but he went to St. Ignatius College Prep with other students such as Dan Morgridge and Meg Huzinga. Edward Davis is also from Chicago proper, but he went to Francis W. Parker School, a private school smack in the middle of Lincoln Park. Faa-aancyyy!