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An Interdisciplinary Program is a course of study at Knox that bridges or falls outside the bounds of the established [[Academic Department|academic departments. This does not include non-departmental courses, which are a separate classification. There are fourteen interdisciplinary programs in all.

Interdisciplinary programs are headed by a program committee, consisting of interested faculty from several departments. Most of these faculty are officially (and often primarily) rooted in their department, but some are hired only for the interdisciplinary program and thus exist outside an official department placement. The effect this has, if any, on faculty organization is unclear.

Some programs, such as Sports Studies, do not offer a major or minor; however, most have some sort of degree program, although the breadth of offerings is smaller than the standard department and generally relies on many courses offered in the allied departments to bolster its own offerings.

Often there are restrictions on the double-counting of courses between departmental and related interdisciplinary majors.