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Jaime Spacco is the most recent addition to the CS faculty, joining the department in Fall 2010.

He became the faculty adviser to Sigma Nu in 2013.

He is currently in a contest with Larry Welch to see who can finish 10,001 cans of diet coke first.

Married to Helen Hoyt


"I don't care if you enslave Santa's elves... Do they have a union?... How big are elves? Why are they in the North Pole? (Pause) Are they descended from penguins?"

"But I love the SMC!" *strokes the wall fondly*

"*after long set-up involving variables-medieval peasants comparison* 'Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony...' (Excited pause) I've been waiting to do that all year."

"I just assume every college has tunnels."

"I'm going to use my laser pointer. All right, open wide! Who wants their retinas burned?"

" . This is a dot. Also known as a period!"

"So you don't have to do this, but I'm just gonna go ahead and do it anyway."

"Oh my god that was awesome. Oh my god. This is so cool! Wow. This is fantastic." *when his own program worked*

"Should you do this? No. You should never do this. Because it's completely ridiculous. It's literally like, so ridiculous. It's like the Sam Hart school of programming."

"And the conclusion is always I don't know what I'm doing."

"God I love talking. I need to shut up more."

"Spacco for ruling demigod"

"I’m not going to listen to democracy"

"I don't know let's ask the internet"

"Character encoding in Python makes me cry"

"Teaching you in the form of confusing questions that are tricky"

"A general hatred of all mankind"

"I can't argue with type theorists"

"You can’t start with a skyscraper you have to start with a Bear Grills A-frame in the woods"

"I need to inflict at least half of the pain that physics inflicts"

"What’s the IDE that all the kids are coding in these days"

"You’d have better luck getting a house on stilts insured than a fruit stand in a superhero city"

"If I were to invade the US I’d do it during the Superbowl"

"this is the best class ever its like constant abuse"

"why do you assume I know anything?!?!"

"I haven't thought that far ahead"

"sometimes I know stuff"

"I'm amazon’s bitch"

"I have a great collection of single color polos"

"It’s the end of the term, I’m tired too"

"Look you just need to buy into my cryptocurrency scam"

"I don't know my alphabet very well"

Reading Flunk Week Email 2020: "Show off your adorable animal companion" Jaime responds: "They are dead you bastards!"