James Mountjoy

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Jim Mountjoy is an Associate Professor and chair of Biology, along with his wife, Jennifer Templeton. He is proudly Canadian, and tends to favor species with Canada in the name. Hhe claims to love all species, except really that just means birds. Has many lists of birds, including those he has eaten (example: roadkill owls, hummingbird). Has never been seen without a Diet Coke and his binocular harness, but it has been rumored that he drinks sparkling water at dinner and occasionally trades the binoculars for a ski mask in order to view woodcock in the prairie. Can identify what birds had for breakfast based on the pitch of their call. Favorite donut is Krispy Kreme. According to a long lost love letter, Jim's beard has been the same length for 30 years. He strongly believes it is not sustainable to come to a full stop at stop signs, but he will stop and swerve for birds.

Aliases: Jim "Bearded Mountain Man" Mountjoy Mij Captain Canada Jim-dad/Jim-slice Jimmy McJoy

Confirmed: not a sociopath. AKA, easily startled.