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John Lane '10 is from Smithfield, Illinois, which is just far enough from Knox to keep his mother from dropping by without warning.

Fast Facts[edit]

  • John Lane has too many fucking instruments. He also buys new ones all the time, and consequently never has any money. Once he bought a guitar and made Jon Wagner pay for it.
  • John is the past roommate of Andrew Hansen, Pier Debes, Quinn Palar, Andrew Rairdon, and Fayne Lawson.
  • John is the future roommate of Patrick Dooley at Jazz House.
  • John has one brother who, at age 13, is bitchier, smarter, and better read than John. He is fond of reminding john that of the two he has somewhat more musical talent.
  • John did a sloppy job of stealing this format from Sarah Colangelo.
  • John enjoys doing favors for people.
  • John used to have extravagantly long hair.