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Kappas on Bid Day Winter 2008


Kappa Kappa Gamma was founded October 13, 1870, at Monmouth College, Illinois. The founding members of Kappa Kappa Gamma were Hannah Jeannette Boyd, Mary Moore Stewart (Nelson, Field), Anna Elizabeth Willits (Pattee), Mary Louise Bennett (Boyd), Martha Louisa Stevenson (Miller), Susan Burley Walker (Vincent). As collegiate at Monmouth College, they were determined to form a greek letter organization for women. Founders Minnie Stewart, Jeannette Boyd, and Louise Bennett first met around 1869-1870 in the Amateurs des Belles Lettres Hall, a literary society of which the women were active members when they first decided to form a new society[1]. They determined that nothing short of a Greek letter fraternity, equal to men’s fraternities, would satisfy them. Since chapel exercises were required for all students, the founding members announced the formation of the new group by wearing their golden key pins to the Chapel service on October, 13, 1870; hanging back so that they would have to sit in front after the other students were seated.


The membership badge is represented by the Golden Key.

The key was adopted as the sorority's symbol at its founding. The original keys were larger than the modern keys. The current badge is a one-inch gold key, sometimes jeweled. On the front of the key are the Greek letters ΚΚΓ (on the stem) and ΑΩΟ (on the ward). The badge is worn strictly as an emblem of membership and only by initiated members.

New members of Kappa Kappa Gamma wear a different badge, a Sigma within a Delta enameled on silver in the two colors of the Fraternity, dark blue and light blue. The new member pin is only worn during the new member period, after which it is returned to the chapter.

The owl is the official mascot of Kappa Kappa Gamma. The owl is the bird of wisdom as well as the bird of Minerva, the Goddess of Wisdom. As the official flower, the Iris, or fleur-de-lis, combines the fraternity's colors of dark blue and light blue.

The fraternity jewel is the sapphire. The colors of the Fraternity are light blue and dark blue, which have been described as those shades which in light and dark tones reproduce the “soft velvety blue approaching the cornflower in shade,” which is also a description of the sapphire, the Fraternity jewel. The sapphire is recognized as a symbol of truth, sincerity and constancy. The fraternity Coat-of-Arms combines all the elements of Kappa Kappa Gamma: the key, the Greek letters, the new-member pin, the fleur-de-lis, the owl and the two blues.

Mission statement[edit]

Kappa Kappa Gamma is an organization of women which seeks for every member throughout her life bonds of friendship, mutual support, opportunities for self growth, respect for intellectual development, and an understanding of and allegiance to positive ethical principles. (The mission statement was drafted and adopted by the 1984-1986 Fraternity Council.)


We, believing a closer union in the bonds of friendship to be for our mutual benefit, appreciating the advantages to be derived from a secret fraternity, and feeling that in union there is strength, hereby form ourselves into an association for the development of nobler qualities of the mind and finer feelings of the heart, and for mutual helpfulness in the attainment of individual and social excellence. (The Preamble remains much as it was written in 1892.)


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