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Lane Sunderland is a Political Science professor specializing in American political thought and Constitutional law. He is well-known for his writings on this subject. He is also known for being extremely well-connected in Washington D.C. and in the supreme court specifically, probably because of time he spent working with Chief Justice Warren Burger. He loves movies. Whenever you have a class with him, subtly record the movie references, and tell him on the last day of class. Modern Theorists winter term had something like 98 movie references. He also has a really nice house.

Lane Sunderland is also the Pre-Law adviser for Knox students who wish to attend Law School.


Instructs the famous American Constitutional Law courses (I and II). He specializes in political philosophy and also instructs the beginning part of American National Government (PS 101), Amercian Political Though (PS 245) Modern Theorists, and Great Theorists. He is also the Pre-Law adviser and consistently an administrative member of the Midwest Consortium of Law School advisers.

Professor Sunderland's classes generally follow a formula that involves spending the majority of a term on a specific text or texts (perhaps six or seven weeks), and then adding in material as will fit in the remaining time. For example in his Modern Political Theorists class, the majority of time is spent on Machiavelli, Locke, and Hobbes, and then one to three thinkers are assigned per class for the remainder of the term.

In class he is well-prepared, being completely familiar with all nuances of every text he uses. It is valid, for instance, to wonder if he could recite every Federalist Paper from memory.

Sometimes his wife sits in on his classes and it is really cute.