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Main Street looking east from Cherry Street

Main Street is a street in Galesburg. It runs east-west, and marks the zero line on the north-south address axis.

The street runs from its western end at South Pickard Road (where it turns into State Highway 164) to its eastern end at State Street (County Road 9) in East Galesburg.

West of Broad Street it is called West Main Street, and east of Broad Street it is called East Main Street.


Main Street runs the entire length of Galesburg. The Public Square roundabout is at its intersection with Broad Street. Main Street has an intersection with Interstate 74 near its eastern end and with Highway 34 near its western end.

Destinations along Main in downtown Galesburg are numerous. Bars on the street include La Mesa and Big John’s Silver Dollar Saloon at West and Main, Billiards on Main at Prairie and Main, and Crappy’s just east of Seminary Street. Popular restaurants along Main include Joy Garden between Kellogg Street and Prairie Street and The Broadview attached to the America’s Best Value Inn on the Public Square. Other services include Dollar General, the UPS Store at Main and Seminary, the One Stop Smoker’s Shop between Kellogg and Seminary, and the America’s Best Value Inn on the Public Square, which is a popular hotel for Knox visitors. There are several antique shops on Main, most notably the Antique Mall between Kellogg and Seminary. Jalisco's and a combination Hy-Vee and Hy-Vee Wine and Spirits are located near the I-74 interchange.

Main Street in Contemporary Discourse[edit]

Main Street is good. Wall Street is bad. What happens on one has absolutely no relationship to the well-being of the other.