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The Broadview is a 24-hour restaurant attached to the America's Best Value Inn on Main St. in Galesburg, Illinois.

You can get a lot of greasy food there, even if you're drunk. Millie, a waitress at the Broadview with the word "love" tattooed on her knuckles, often gives drunk students a hard time, yet is a delightful contribution to the local spectacle of the restaurant itself. There is also some karaoke going down if you're there at the right time.

The All You Can Eat Buffet on weekends is $5.50.

Student Experiences[edit]

  • Brian Camozzi once watched a knife fight outside the Broadview. He had to leave through a separate entrance.
  • Alex Enyart once saw some dude and his old lady get arrested while still seated in their booth.
  • Eli King and some other kids saw a man die at the Broadview. No joke. The guy had a heart attack, and after half an hour of watching the attempted resuscitation by paramedics, Kit Ryan could not finish her French fries.
  • Select members of the Conger 1 and Neal 1 2007-2008 halls once were privileged to overhear a conversation concerning a "baby's crack daddy" in the early hours of a weekend, Spring Term.
  • Leigh Ann Johnson was drunkenly accosted with the line "I like the way you're eating that sausage, miss." She was enjoying a plate of French toast at the time.