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Knox College Model United Nations (known as Model UN) is Knox's chapter of Model UN. For the most part, it goes to conferences in cities bigger than Galesburg and talks to people about political things, like space colonization, water rights and African development.

2012 - 2013 Executive Board[edit]

<properties> Secretary-General=Anna Meier Undersecretary-General=Minah Rathore Treasurer=Tarere Eyimina Secretary=Eva Marley </properties>

Previous Secretaries-General have included Audrey Todd, Paige Barnum, Marc Dreyfuss, Maurice Harris, Heather Ratterree, Brian Camozzi and Amelia Flood.


Model UN has previously attended conferences in St. Louis, Denver, Boston, The Capital and Montreal in the past two years. These conferences are mostly paid for out of the club budget, the Student Senate Discretionary Fund, and Xavier Romano's Slush Fund. One time AJ Ross was so incensed about the amount of money Model UN requested for a trip to Montreal in January 2006 that he walked out of Senate, came back, and ended up giving Maurice Harris a $10 bill to help pay for the trip.