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Monmouth College is an undergraduate liberal arts college in the city of Monmouth, Illinois, founded in 1853. Monmouth and Knox have the sixth longest-running college football rivalry in the United States in part because they are geographically close to each other. Because of their similar size and design, similar kinds of students typically apply to both schools. However athletically inclined students tend to favor Monmouth, while substantially smarter students attend Knox. Monmouth has superior facilities and a student union. Many of the graduates of Monmouth tend to major in physical education and as such is the trend there beware because your future children will most likely have a Monmouth graduate leading games of dodgeball.

Turkey Bowl[edit]

The annual football game played between Knox and Monmouth. Home field advantage, like all games played between Midwest Conference teams, switches between Monmouth and Knox each year. In recent years, the two college presidents have made a friendly wager on the game. The losing school's chief official must donate several turkeys to the opposing city's food pantry. Students from both schools also donate canned goods.

According to the Knox Web site, Monmouth has won the Turkey Bowl every year since the 2001-2002 season.

Each year, t-shirts are sold to students before the Turkey Bowl. Usually, the t-shirts have some saying insulting to Monmouth students on them, including "Friends do not let friends go to Monmouth." Monmouth has its own t-shirts and sayings that are passed around during the turkey bowl, namely the phrase "KNuck fOX."

Jokes about Monmouth[edit]

Here's a list of jokes about Monmouth students commonly told by Knox students.

  • Q: What do a Knox student and a Monmouth student have in common? A: They both got accepted at Monmouth.
  • Q: What did the Monmouth alum say to the Knox alum? A: Do you want fries with that?
  • Q: How do you get a Monmouth alumnus off your front porch? A: Pay for the pizza.

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